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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a schematic structural view showing one
embodiment of the present invention. 1 ... tape recorder main body, 2 ... built-in microphone, 3 ...
cylindrical body, 11 ... operation section, 15 ... switch, 16 ииии Resistance.
layered with 2 built-in microphone, new brass for brass for II lit scope built in i phone a phone ?
? A speaker body K11l distribution directivity changing means which projects forward of the
microphone and changes its directivity is provided and sensitivity switching means for changing
the microphone sensitivity is provided and the directivity changing means and the sensitivity
switching means are simultaneously operated Establising Zeluistic section and putting it in 1
Built-in wage Tape rack with an ophthalmic phone. 12) Practical New Fund @ Billing Width 11 m
Built-in Miter 7 With On Tape Reedder K Ka, the tape recorder with built-in miter hood with
directivity changing means consisting of a cylinder. 3, Details of the idea IIA 1 kIIItl The thick
idea concerning the tape recorder with the built-in microphone, so that it can change the bell
sound sensitivity and the pointing nature of that miter w 7 ON so that it is for Marugame.
Recently portable Tape Retzer has built-in Maita ? C No. 2/2 Comparative 2 Humin is provided
so that it is intended to be used, and that Oi it ? Finger care Generally omnidirectional one is
used There. However, in the m directional miter Hummin there is noisy at the circumference 11
at 41, so it is clear that the number 61 is clear and the bell sound at 11 is clear. Bottle like the
present invention Hiroshi оO bottle The traditional disadvantage is the ninth one, with the omnidirectional microphone # only the specific sound is clear I [K can faithfully bell the bell and it is a
stone like 4, Let's explain about the example using a drawing. 1 It is a ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
? ? ? body, it is because it has the built-in Mai Talophone 2 fixed, while the built-in
microphone 2 is inside I! And the nine cylindrical body 3 is provided movably in the directions of
arrows A and B. The cylindrical body 3 is constantly biased in the direction of the arrow A by the
spring 4. The built-in microphone> 2 is attached to the main body 1, for example, by a support
column, and the cylindrical body aK has an elongated hole in which the upper support is
mentorably inserted, and a force K 11 l built-in miterafatan 2 is one animal- Even if it is
positioned inside body a, the barrel well is rotated in the arrow direction and the movement in
the direction B is rotated, so that 8 and 6 are the M11 K integral K11 lie 1 and nine pieces of the
cylindrical body 3. T is a manipulation lever which can be attached to the main body 1 so that its
center - can move freely - IIIIK - and one engagement piece 9 engaging with mortar 6 of cylinder
3 is formed at one end claw of # operation lever 7 1, and the slope 1 o is formed in the
engagement piece 9! ls On the other hand, since the operating part 11 is provided at the other
end of the operation reper so as to center out on the upper surface of the main body 1.
This control lever 7 is activated by a spring 131K constantly in the direction of the arrow C, and
in the body chorus it is stoleno (-13 is provided so that the movement is not carried out over a
certain position Because it is. 14 is a bell sound amplifier due to the output of the built-in
microphone a, and the serial envelope of the switch 16 and the resistor 16 is connected between
the connection point of the bell tone amplifier 14 and the - m Continued livestock visit, this
switch 18 is controlled to the central piece of the barrel 3 by the lid and the sea, the barrel 8 is
moved to the arrow 11 gang 4 It is sexually opened, it is numbered in the direction of arrow A
and it is designed to be closed at 9 o'clock. It may be structured as described above. In the state
shown in the figure, the cylindrical body 3 is moved in the direction of the arrow B against the
elastic force of the spring 4, and the cylindrical sO central piece 6 is engaged with the engaging
piece of the operating lever 1 9 to suppress the ninth diagonal W 1 Q and make the operating
lever T 1 gold K m opposite to the -H arrow C against the d 12 O I I force and the engaging piece
- The state in which the cylinder S is moved in the direction of the arrow B is held, and in the
state of the pinion, the outer end of the cylindrical body 30 becomes a spherical surface with
respect to the side surface of the main body 1 Like that. The built-in microphone 2 is practically
unobtrusive from the one in which the cylindrical body a is not provided. 1 Therefore, cylinder 1
1 13 is not related to our company's irophone 20 directionality at all. On the other hand, since
the switch 1 s is open, it is rounded, the built-in microphone 20 output is entered in the ett
recording amplifier 14, the microphone ship is a S Kang O feeling; ~ degree is 1 и 6, from the line
state to the operation 1611 When pushing, the operating lever T moves one gang opposite to the
arrow C against the elastic force of the spring 1 waterfall, and the urging engagement piece и is
opened for the first time to open the central piece 6 The cylinder a moves in the direction of the
arrow A in response to the elastic restoring force of the spring 40, and its movement is, for
example, the central piece 6. и On the side 11 of the main body 1 IlI slaughtered 1 Because of the
locking 1 on the wharf As indicated by the chain line, the built-in microphone 2 is housed in the
deep position of the cylinder 3 and it is in good condition. This rounding, the built-in microphone
2 comes from the top and bottom one AfK and the state where the screen is put against & i &
Even if that microphone 2 is omnidirectional, it is mechanically no omnidirectional microphone It
is unlikely that it is close to a unidirectivity with directivity in the horizontal direction - it
becomes a momentum. Meanwhile, the Eita 1 violence is closed by the central piece 6, the output
of the built-in Miteraroon 2 is divided by the resistance 1 и, and the miter sensitivity to the
recording amplifier 14 is attenuated and it is in the state of ?O By properly extending the value
of the resistor 16, it is possible for it to be wrecked due to a misery level error.
6 Therefore, within H - f Ikono Fuohon directive turtle - and so on and so on at the same time the
tone feeling Ill knee is reduced to 1 # Since the present invention is more self-weighted due to its
simplicity of construction so that it can change the pointing nature and sensitivity of the built-in
microphone - so Ill, L rounded up to identify 0II1.1 m For example, It is possible to cut off and
record clearly, but it is possible to record 1, a gaya, O-voice in Osamu Peng and a bell sound like
a certain sound in the right place umbrella 4 so effective.
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