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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a side longitudinal sectional view of an
orientable variable speaker cabinet according to the present invention, and FIG. 2 is a sectional
enlarged cross-sectional view taken along the line 1 - 2 of FIG. 1 of the same cabinet. B shows
mutual mutual relations ? 1 иииии Cabinet main body 2 и и и и и opening, 3 и и и и и speaker, 4 и и и и и и
baffle plate, 6 иииии Hinge, 8 и и и и и и и и и и arc slide plate, 9 и и и и и stop hole.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to an orientable
variable speaker cabinet VC. Conventional speaker cabinet consists of a speaker in parallel with a
buckle board fixed to the front of the cabinet main body, so for a speaker that is directional and
desires full range or coaxial, listening position is set to a right angle I did not cast a cabinet as an
arrangement (1) r3-1 ? ? │ 3. If such a cabinet is arranged, the layout of gtl 'ya will be bad as
the two or more multiple 1?I become oblique with respect to the rectangular indoor space, so
Berthing Bosch / Yon V ( Vertical directionality is not good with respect to that. Therefore, this
thought; 1- on either the floor or the outer upper, without setting the main body of the cabinet
oblique, the speaker's directivity of the speaker can be satisfied with respect to the listening
position Sendai variable speaker cabinet Illustrated below is the detailed description of FIG. 1 n +
showing one implementation ? 11 of consent. In the 'lf *:', the baffle plate 4 (rJ, the lower 1 jlll Q
& 4 'which secures the speaker 3 inside is fixed to the front curved opening 2 of the cabinet main
body 1 at the lower side wall 5 of the cabinet main body 1 and the hinge 6 at the hinge 6) Shaft
swingably mounted '2! At the same time, on the upper end 1 or ILLll- of the cabinet main body J,
the club (Ji) @ 7 yen (Ii'f (sliding along the hypothetical circle around the hinge 6 above) (2) One
end of the arcuate slide plate 8 having a curvature is provided, a double play stopper hole 9 is
provided in the arcuate slide plate 8 in the longitudinal direction at an appropriate interval, The
latch means 10 as shown in Fig. 2 constitutes the 14L side machine 7 in the form of a latch o 4 i + eye for the eye contact with and withdrawal. In the clamp 2 IA 1 B, the hooking means 10 is
screwed into the cabinet body 11 cap wall 7 and the tip of the screw 12 which is tapped and tied
together? , As indicated by A, it is jogged so as to be settled in stopping 9f of the arcuate slide
plate 8 and to be appointed, and B (B is a stopper hole 9 as shown in FIG. We will provide it. The
disposal means 10 is not limited to the above-described configuration, and other known means
for hooking the hook may also be devised without departing from the technical idea of
present invention. In the above configuration, the pamphlet plate 4 swings around the hinge 6 as
a swing fulcrum, so that the directivity of the directional speaker 3 changes. After loosening the
screw 12 in the locking means 1 (ljc to release the engagement gold with the stopper hole 9, as
described above, the baffle board 4 is f, the towing operation is carried out, so it swings in an
appropriate direction Screw-2?
By tightening (3), the buckle plate 4 is locked in the adjusted direction by engaging with the
corresponding stopper 59. The above example is the direction of the speaker? It is the case that
it can be adjusted in the vertical direction, but the baffle wisen 4 's club 1 is covered on the left
or right side of the cabinet main body 1' M! It is also intended to install with the W7 heirin and to
make it possible to adjust the orientation direction of the speaker in the left and right lateral
direction also encompass the inconceivable method. As explained above, according to the speaker
cabinet of the present invention, since the direction of the speaker can be freely changed with
respect to the cabinet main body 1r, it is possible to set the cabinet main body in a state
satisfying with the layout of the shop, Jim Young was able to satisfy the directivity of the speaker
regardless of the installation state of the cabinet main body such as the samurai, therefore the
floor and the shelf, or the cabinet main body such as the vertical placement, the horizontal place
etc confronting all coaxially with Me JL speaker There is an effect that can be heard by the state
of ?.
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