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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. FIG. 1 shows a headphone, FIG. 1 is a partially
cutaway view showing an embodiment of the present invention, FIGS. 2 and 3 are plan views
showing modified examples of the reflector, FIG. 4 is a plan view showing a conventional product
FIG. 1 ... horn, 2 ... headband, 3 ... sponge, 4 ... reflector, 5 ... ... metal plate, 6 · · · · · Strip, strip ...
Detailed Description of the Invention Headphone is mounted with a horn ·, l) which is a type of
speaker at the end of a headband (2) which is inverted U-shaped, and is used by placing the horn
(1) on the ear. The inner surface of the horn (1) is fitted with a sponge (3) so that a comfortable
wearing feeling is obtained, but it causes a headache so that it can be said that it is not used
centered. The reason for this is believed to be that the sounds emitted from both horns ill and ili
come into play and so-called standing waves (stationary waves) are generated. The present
invention has been devised to solve the above-mentioned drawbacks, and as shown in the
drawing, the reflector (4) is attached to the inner surface of the horn jl). In this way, the sound
emitted from the horn f1) is irregularly reflected, it can be comfortably used, and the realistic
effect can be enhanced. As shown in FIG. 1, the reflector (4) may be a metal plate (5) having a
large number of small holes, and as shown in FIG. 2, a band made of copper or the like (61 is
twisted, It may be formed into a spiral shape, or it may be formed from a strip piece (7) made of
metal or the like as shown in FIG. 3. As shown in FIG. 3, the strips (7) do not necessarily need to
be aligned and incorporated in the form of a base plate. Although only one reflector (4) may be
used, it is more effective to install in a layered manner as shown in FIG. In forming this layer, it is
better to keep the small holes, the strips (6), and the strips (7) of the metal plate (5) (4) are more
effective (2) i Kin 'if it is sandwiched with sponge (3) rather than closely adhering to each other.
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