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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a sectional view showing a conventional
reverberation adding device, FIG. 2 is a sectional view showing one embodiment of the
reverberation adding device of the present invention, and FIG. 3 shows another embodiment
Sectional view of the main part 01 ... electroacoustic transducer, 2 ... diaphragm, 10 ... spring.
reverberation adding device which transmits the excitation generated from the electroacoustic
transducer to a spring and utilizes the distributed resonance of the spring to obtain a
reverberation effect, The spring was directly coupled to obtain stable characteristics 1 t 6) f 6, 6
as a conventional reverberation adding device; 1, in FIG. 1, the yarn was constituted as indicated
by 3 "-2 . In FIG. 1, an example of a binaural hearing device is shown, in which a direct sound and
an indirect sound are synthesized by sound waves. The diaphragm 2 of the electroacoustic
transducer 1 accommodated in the cylindrical body 17 radiates sound waves from the front side
4 and the rear side of the diaphragm 2 due to the amplitude motion of the voice coil 3. A sound
wave radiated to the rear side 5 passes through the sound engine sound path 6 provided in the
electroacoustic transducer 1 and further divided into two sound paths 7 and 8 provided on the
peripheral wall of the cylindrical body 17. Also, sound wave shooting radiated to the front side 4
of the diaphragm 2, transmitted to the grief 9, and transmitted to the spring 1 o coupled to the
motion film 9 as mechanical shooting. At this time, several resonance phenomena occur with
respect to the frequency of the vibration transmitted from the spring 1 diaphragm 9. Spring 10's
resonance 'transmitted through 1 lead 11! , - + Mail to twelve. It is a reverberation component
with the resonance phenomenon that was sent from Spring 10 as a whole, and the sound wave
generated from Victorian 12 is also one with reverberation childhood . The reverberation sound
waves generated from the motion picture film 12: 1) It is radiated to the room IA, 14 At this time,
the respective reverberation sound waves of 3 are in opposite phases (having a phase difference
of 180 °) As synthesized with the direct sound transmitted from the sound path 7.8 directly to
the outside of the device through the sound pipe 15.16, it has the effect of transmitting to the
human osan, and enlarging the auditory sound image out of the head . However, with such a
configuration, since the sound wave radiated to the front face of the imaging plate 2 passes
through the vacant chamber 4 and is transmitted to the diaphragm 9 to vibrate the spring 1 o,
the vacant chamber 4 and the vibration a 9 , So that transmission loss occurs, and also in the
coupling between the spring 1 o and the diaphragm 9, the joining position is difficult to fix and
there is inconvenience in terms of workability. The present invention relates to the reverberation
compensation responsibility which solves such a problem and gives a good reverberation effect,
and it shows a sectional view of FIG. 2 f and explains it. The reverberation addition of the same
purpose as in Fig. 2 and Fig. 1 (sound wave synthesis of direct sound and indirect sound and
giving the effect of enlarging the sound velocity at the head of the binaural hearing device), the
eleventh Explain by placing the same numbers in the same places as those in the figure.
4 As shown in Fig. 2, the improved part has a structure in which the empty room 4 and the
excitation / enlargement 9 in Fig. 1 are omitted, and the sensitive plate 2 and the spring 10 are
directly connected. Therefore, due to the direct connection between the sensitive plate 2 and the
spring 1074, the amount of loss is extremely small and effective mechanical transmission is "Ti
=". Another advantage is that since the flat outer end of the spring 10 is fitted to the inner
diameter of the rising edge of the dome-shaped i = plate 3, the joining position is stabilized and a
good working song can be assembled The number of parts is also reduced, which is excellent in
terms of cost. As described above, FIG. 2 solves the disadvantages of FIG. 1, but has the
configuration shown in FIG. 3 as the ground implementation sequence. This also has the same
effect as in FIG. 2. Structurally, the dome part of the diaphragm 2 protrudes nm - BIc, and the
inner diameter of the spring 1Q is adjusted to the rising outside diameter of the sensitive plate 2
so as to be inserted and contacted. As a result, as shown in FIG. 2 It is the same as shown. As
described above, since the electro-acoustic transducer and the electro-acoustic transducersensitive plate and the spring are directly connected at the dome part, the rising part of ·, which
generates the reverberation effect of the present invention, vibration of the shooting plate of the
electro- A sound wave having a reverberation effect is obtained by the diaphragm provided at the
other end of the spring, and also the coupling of the diaphragm and the spring can be easily and
reliably performed, and the workability of assembly is remarkable Same as above, productivity
same as above (C is lower than C, advantages such as squeeze are obtained, practical song rewind
is large.
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