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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 shows a microphone according to one
embodiment of the present invention, FIG. 1 is a perspective view, FIG. 2 is an enlarged sectional
view of a part of FIG. 1, FIG. 4 is a perspective view of a transmission state. In the figure, 1 is a
microphone main body, 2 is a microphone housing, 2a is a half, 2b is another part, 4 is a display
part, and 5 is a power switch. ・
microphone, in which a transmittable state can be easily discriminated from an appearance.
Conventionally, the wireless microphone is quickly away from the amplifier, and it is often used
while performing walking etc, so it is impossible to perform the microphone transmission
operation on the amplifier side, so a send-off switch is provided in the microphone , The
transmission operation is performed on the side of the microphone. However, since this sender
switch is provided on one side of the microphone box and is formed to be small to such an extent
that the fingers are caught (1) From the appearance, it is important to distinguish the important
state of the switch, that is, the transmittable state, so that transmission may not be done when it
should be transmitted, or there is a risk of inconvenience that unnecessary voice is sent.
Therefore, the present invention provides a microphone which enables easy discrimination by
transmission operation = J function status by rough operation. Hereinafter, one embodiment of
the present invention will be explained one by one. In the figure, the microphone body is vibrated
to 11+, and in the case of a wireless Φ microphone, for example, it is normal that a microphone /
cartridge, a transformer, a transmitter and an electric bombardment pond are incorporated
inside. (21 is the microphone 1 armor and the bottom of the seventh country 2, namely - - - Soda
part (2a) and the grip part (2b), - 1 part 1 (2a) is a microphone salary cartridge inside I grasped
in the state of l \ 8! (2I)) r, and 7Y - / (, 3) 7Y - / (, 3) where the diverticious instrument, shipper, \ nodoanno, batteries, etc. were orally administered to the Kajimari section (2b) The former
capital (3 a) is projected from the opening and boiled in 21. On the outwardly facing surface of
the stay 4 portion (3a) of the yarn t31, a lower part of the table + 41 is provided by appropriately
color shifting, jagging irregularities appropriately, and the like, Opening part of the head part
(2a) is telescopically inserted 4 with an extension sliding l in 4JJv, and the head part (2a) has the
same compactness V as shown in Table 7J <part t4i Built-in superstition superstitute power
switch (51 or more) is configured to be censored in Koinobu town. Moreover, the likelihood part
1 of the capsule holding part (2b) of the microphone scotch (2) is located at the position V, 1
piece of the ice piece 1 notch t6, and the seventh operation piece (I) a) More than / yarn (3J 's
front bowl part (3a), · the one with the arrow sliding off δ, its iN excavation tapping switch t 6 +
- on n is crowded.
+:? ■ - like taking-off V microphone Eri T21 head part (2a) 'tm holding part (doing twist in
two ways) VOZI, when power switch t5i is turned on, Fault between the capital (2a) and the fair
land (2b) f The foreshore one table subfield i41 was rendered and the power switch i51 was
turned on, gp it became ready to send Available swords / It is confirmed that it looks more
outward, 'Also, by sliding one of the head (2a)' s longest arm (32) sliding of the operating piece
(6a) of the transmitter turning switch (6) becomes possible and slides So that the switch +61 is
turned on and voice transmission is performed. After the transmission is completed, the
operation piece (68) of the sender switch (6) is slid backward to discontinue transmission and
then the head portion (2a) of the microphone casing (2) is contracted and slid to switch the
power switch (5) is turned off and it becomes a transmission impossible state. In this case, if the
operating piece (6a) of the sender switch (6) is in the projecting state, even if the head part (2a)
is contracted and slid, the operating piece (6a) is engaged with the edge of the head part It is
pushed back and slid back together with the pushed head part (2a) so that both switches (51 and
+ 61 tl - can turn off simultaneously. In this example, although the microphone 1 unit (the head
portion (2a) of the microphone 21 is slidably formed, the grip portion (2b) may be slidable, in
which case the power switch (5) (2b) *, the sender switch (6) may be provided on either side of
the head part (2JI), gripper its' (2b). Further, a display portion (4 may be provided by forming a
colored surface, a concavo-convex shape or the like on the outer circumference at the tip 1 part
(3a) of the chassis (3) and fitting a 41 and 9 tubular body thereon and further providing a
microphone box (2+ , The end portions of the head portion (2a) and the grip portion (2b) are
formed so as to be fitted to each other when contracting and sliding, and are displayed on the
side of the edge portion positioned inside the fitting portion Portion +41 may be formed.
Although the above-described embodiments are mainly applied to a wireless microphone, it is a
matter of course that the present invention can be applied to a corded hand microphone. As
described above, according to the present invention, by extending and sliding a half of the
microphone box divided into two below the F, the power switch is turned on and the transmitter
becomes ready to transmit. In this state, the opposing edges Since it can be immediately
confirmed from the external appearance by the display part exposed over the entire
circumference between the parts, it is possible to reliably carry out transmission and to prevent
forgetting to turn off the power supply when not in use, and after confirming the transmission
port Since there is no possibility that unnecessary sound will be transmitted as it will be done,
and even if it also serves as a power switch and a sender switch, if you slide one part of the
microphone housing one line elapses, In this case as well, in this case too, transmission is done
after confirming the transmittable state as described above (7, in any case X * can be prevented
from transmitting unnecessary speech in the pond, Furthermore It is easy to make and easy to
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