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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 shows an embodiment of the present invention,
in which FIG. 1 is a baffle plate, a speaker, a part of a vertical cross-sectional side view, and FIG. 2
is a perspective view in which a baffle plate and a box are separated , FIG. 3 is a view similar to
FIG. 2 of the conventional speaker unit, and FIG. 4 is a longitudinal sectional side view of a
disassembled state for explaining the conventional assembly of the baffle plate and the speaker.
In the drawings, reference numeral 10 denotes a speaker unit, 11 a baffle plate, 13 a speaker
frame portion, 20 a speaker cone, 27 a magnet, and 30 a box.
an improvement of the Poi speaker unit. In detail, in the smallest speaker unit, form a speaker
frame in part with the baffle plate of the speaker's wax's crest, and then spakachac-7,
Madanenotto temple is formed to form a speaker Speaker installation on the baffle board 1 'L
Make sure to eliminate chestnuts, speaker unit' ten 'regarding simplicity of structure, cost
reduction, and sound quality same, <-, j- / Jt. For, I □. The 3 ruin is a perspective view of faux pas
which removed the last baffle of a compact storage type speaker unit, 4 V to the baffle plate of
the speaker in the large speaker unit kf female beaker unit) N け ば one mosquito Is carried out
as shown in Fig. That is, Po J11 in front of wooden]] · · · Set 1 hole 2 in Noful Shin 1 and
extinguish the outer circumference looking part 4a of the speaker frame 4 of the speaker 3 from
this side of the troops, and predict it in this part 4a The screw 5 is matched to the stopper hole
provided, and the speaker frame 4 is solid-layered around the surface of the take-in hole 2. -T
and then · L · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · losing to the last opening of 1 Nohuru Hosokkusu b and
stopping the four corners of the baffle 1 with the screws 7 to form the closed type speaker unit 4
·. The spirited car unit of Ken Rice in the above has a necessity to fasten the first speaker like a
shadow baffle, and there is also public safety that this at least four stops are done at least. For
this reason, the installation work of the speaker is dml, the case of the small speaker unit for the
load is small, the 4 - '7 - beaker is also small, and the portion of the margin of the outer periphery
of the frame is baffled Troublesome to coarse layers on board, cinnamon hand-made chestnut on
the opposite side is required. As mentioned above, there are times when the speaker installation
and retrofitting are troublesome, it is troublesome, this eventually affects the cost, and
improvement of this is desired. In addition to the above, baffle & all speakers are prepared with
511K, so the number of parts increases, there is a possibility that screw stopper may loosen if it
is used for 9 flights due to repetition of vibration of the speaker, screw stopper also It will be
done strongly, surely, it will be done ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ 0 In addition, father and breadfish
above, pamphlet board tossed beaker frame is a separate member 09, since baffle boards also
come with limited materials of choice, it is a military employment hiring that tries to equalize the
sound quality of small speaker units It is OK. In view of the above-mentioned problems of this tea
@ c small vault speaker unit, it is something that made it unnoticed to resolve this effectively.
In a small town of 100 Beijing, we built a speaker frame integrally with the pamphlets of both
speaker boxes at the small Speaker - 3 - 1 + 1 round to H □ knit, to which a speaker cone, McNet
Temple Assemble and vocalize the speaker unit to form a speaker and offer it busy. The purpose
of the +4 beam to fly is to integrate the two-piece baffle plate and the speaker frame, so install 'vt
* ha' on the baffle of the speaker frame and turn it into a baffle plate and a speaker Assembling
of Gis beaker unit We will provide a speaker unit for cost reduction as same as above for MIDDLE
NO., Same for mass production, s + J reduction for component points, structure hearing, history.
In addition, the objective of the 2 m target is to form the baffle plate and the speaker frame τ rhiniformly and to optimally set up the wrapping of the enclosure by integrating the speaker and
the baffle plate together Kaita, speaker of small speaker unit Speaker that contributes to the
same - Provide Yunotakeke. Following the owner's preferred-actual picture 91 follow-up mouth
4--; , -2 (will be described in detail). Fig. 1 is a longitudinal sectional side view of a main part of a
speaker unit which is cumbersome in this book, and Fig. 2 is a perspective view of a bowl wie and
a lid 14 with a speaker poker removed ○ Speaker unit 10u Speaker box 30 and speaker - km
The barking baffle wisdom 11 is V, and the pair of both sides gradually constitute a whistle
closed speaker unit. The baffle wishes 11 are molded by press molded parts of steel sheets or die
castes 114 of light alloy, or by injection molding of plastics etc. 〇 The main body 12 of the
baffle wig 11 is formed in a flat plate relief, and the center upper side (The back side resembles
1) ", the funnel method speaker frame part 13 is integrally formed. This speaker frame part 13 is
retracted like a shoulder-like shape from the end face of the main body 12 in a shoulder-like
fashion, a slit 14 is radially formed in the frame part 13 a number of times before, and in the
upper 7 part Is a mounting hole IS / J: r. On the inner periphery of the frame part 13, a recessed
step part 111 i is annularly provided, and a cone moth forming a low-work plate with a ring-like
shape, a concavity provided on the outer circumference part of a so-called speaker cone 0 J)
Apply the product s22 to the outside of the roll engine 21, turn it into the presser link 23 step 16
from the outside, pivot the outer mausoleum of the speaker cone 20, and funnel shaped co-720
In 11 · part in the cage with 7 takiyanopu 24 to take a frame part 13 inside the t 4 L 15, center
pole 25 t 1 from the inside and the voice coil 26, ring ruff McNet 27 ThaK from the outer side
and fix it, the speaker idk Form.
Father Body of the baffle & 11 above 12 J) Open ll, -, s 17 is integrally formed under the speaker
27, the vibration of the front side of the speaker 28 and the formation of the line are discharged
to the outside from here and the inside of the speaker's box Prevent sound from resonance. The
surrounding projecting piece 18 projecting to the table m 1) 1 of the opening portion 17 is also
formed integrally with the main body 12. Above the I く loudspeaker -28 skeleton you can sink
together In the four corners of the main body 12 of the front baffle wig 11, the mounting holes
19 - are formed, and at the four corners on the front of the westward hook 30, take 6 - □ -! ;
How many parts 31 are formed, the baffle plate 11 is dedicated to the song before opening of the
box 3U, and the baffle plate 11 is combined with the hoses 30 circumference by using the screw
32 to form the speaker unit 10. According to the main article to be clarified above, the baffle
plate and the speaker frame group are integrally molded, and the spike corn, the canon, the
center ball, the magnet, etc. are coarsely layered on this frame portion integrally, Since it made it
to be a cake structure, installation of the speaker to the temporary pamphlet temporary, the
speaker Kuranamaru baffle board is added only by rough layer in the box, the same as the
assembly workability of the speaker unit, mass production It contributes to the cost reduction of
this by wrapping it with outside magnitude which contributes to. Also, since the speaker was
integrated with the baffle plate, it required poor connection of baffle board and loudspeaker,
poor in urban scores of F] 11W, coupled with Hasoful temporary and speaker, coarse layer defect
and its inspection Blue sweets and the like also disappeared, there was no public safety
separately installing the speaker frame, in this regard also to reduce the number of parts 7 -. In
addition, it is obtained in a homogeneous and good speaker Uniso llr 藺 fl ow, one tune, because
it only cools to the speaker which is obtained by using the temporary baffle with the temporary
baffle, and the obtained speaker e = baffle itchakura box. Furthermore, since the speaker frame
and the pan-full machine are integrally molded from the same material, both are molded from the
same material, and are selected appropriately by combining with the speaker frame without
limiting to the baffle alloy material table, and the sound quality It is also possible to obtain an
excellent small speaker unit, and the speaker and the pamphlet plate are united in terms of
appearance, favorable outward appearance is obtained, and the chapter 1 life is simplified.
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