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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a sectional view showing a conventional sound
producing device, and FIG. 2 is a sectional view showing one embodiment of the sound producing
device of the present invention. 16 ... Center pole, 17 ... plate, 18 ... AC signal coil, 19 ... DC
magnetic field magnet, 2o ... bending frame, 21 ... diaphragm, 22 ... protruding piece, 23 ... inside
case case, 24 ... curved terminal, 25 ... curved terminal plate, 26 ... notch, 27 · · · · Through hole,
29 · · curved printed circuit board.
sound producing apparatus using an electromagnetic type electroacoustic transducer used for
warning for electronic equipment, and its object is to reduce the size and reduce the cost It is
trying to measure. 1. Inside-b Completion 32, the conventional sound producing device was
configured as shown in FIG. 1. That is, a magnetic circuit 6 in which an alternating-current signal
coil 3 and a ring-shaped direct-current magnetic field magnet 4 are arranged on a plate 2 having
a center pole 1 is housed in a frame e, and the above magnetic A diaphragm 7 made of a
magnetic material is disposed at a fixed interval from the circuit 6 and an inner case 9 provided
with a projecting piece 8 by cutting and raising is placed on the upper surface of the frame 6 and
the projecting piece 8 of the inner case 9 A spacer 10 is disposed so as to be supported, a
terminal board 12 having a terminal 11 is arranged on the lower surface of the frame 6, and an
outer case 14 having a sound generating hole 13 on the upper surface thereof is covered over
the whole . According to the sound generating device of this configuration, the sound obtained by
the diaphragm 7 is divided into the cavity B 1 spacer 10 formed by the case 9 in the cavity A 1
formed by the diaphragm 7 and the inner case 9, the cavity 14 formed by the spacer 10, the
outer case 14 The sound is emitted into the atmosphere through the cabinet C which is formed
by. このキャビテ3、−。 B, A, B, and C are provided to resonate and increase the sound
pressure when sound passes through, and are damped by the passage of the sound through a
narrow gap, which has a flat characteristic to some extent. Characteristically, although it is
satisfactory as mentioned above, spacers 1 and so on are required to provide the cavities ASB
and C, and as a result, the sounding device is increased in height in the height direction. In
particular, as a sound production apparatus comprising this electromagnetic type electroacoustic
transducer, it is often incorporated into a very small vibrator such as a wrist watch, a pocket
watch and a pocket bell and often used, so that it is thought from such use The increase in size in
the height direction was a major obstacle to the miniaturization and thinning of the electronic
equipment. The present invention eliminates the above-mentioned conventional drawbacks.
the present invention will be described with reference to FIG. The shimmer 15 is a magnetic
circuit constituted by concentrically arranging an AC signal coil 18 and a DC magnetic field ring
shaped magnet 19 on a plate 17 having a center ball 16. This magnetic circuit 16 And is
incorporated in a cylindrical frame 20 formed of an insulator or the like.
At the upper end of the frame 2 o, a diaphragm 21 constituted by coupling a thin elastic plate
with a ferromagnetic plate such as iron is disposed at a certain distance from the upper surface
of the magnetic circuit 16. Also, on the upper surface of the frame 20, an inner case 23 provided
on the upper surface so as to protrude upward a few projecting pieces 22 by cutting and raising
is placed. Further, a terminal plate 26 having a terminal 24 is arranged on the lower surface of
the frame 20, several notches 26 are formed on the lower peripheral surface of the frame 20,
and a center hole 27 is provided at the center of the terminal plate 26 Has been done. Then, the
outer case 28 is covered on such a constitution. The outer case 28 is formed so as to be opened
at the bottom, and the open end of the bottom surface is bent so as to follow the lower surface of
the terminal plate 26 so as to form a whole body. > 7 and constitutes an electromagnetic type
electroacoustic transducer. Further, the sound producing device according to the present
invention is configured by incorporating a printed board 29 on the lower surface of the
electromagnetic type electroacoustic transducer. The printed circuit board 29 is used for forming
an electronic circuit of an electronic device, for example, an electronic wristwatch, and the
terminal plate 25 is arranged to be slightly floated from the printed board 29 by the head portion
30 of the terminal 24. With such a configuration, the cavity 21 a and the inner case 23 form the
cavity a 1 inner case 23 and the outer case 28, so that the cavity b 1 outer surface of the outer
case 28, the frame 20 and the like by the cavity C 1 plate 17 and the terminal plate 26 constitute
a cavity A cavity e is formed by the d1 terminal plate 26 and the printed circuit board 29, and
the sound generated by the diaphragm 21 is radiated into the atmosphere through the cavities
41kc, d, e as indicated by the arrow. In this way, since there are many cavities which increase the
sound pressure by resonance, a large sound can be obtained. Also, the sound is damped in a
fairly thin space or between gaps, which passes through the gap, and it can be made to some
extent flat characteristics. Moreover, since the printed circuit board 29 which is always required
is used as a substitute for the conventional spacer, the height as the sound generating device can
be markedly reduced, and as a warning for an electronic wrist watch, a pocket watch, a pager,
etc. It is remarkably advantageous in using it. As described above, since the sounding device of
the present invention is constructed, it is possible to form many cavities with a small number of
components, greatly contributing to the improvement of the sound pressure, and furthermore, by
reducing the height, It has advantages such as remarkable contribution to miniaturization and
thinning of electronic equipment as well as reduction of cost and improvement of workability in
assembly, which is practically valuable is there.
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