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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a sectional view showing an example of a
conventional speaker cabinet, FIG. 2 is a sectional view showing one embodiment of the present
invention, and FIG. 3 is a cross- FIG. 4 is a cross-sectional view showing another embodiment of
the present invention. 11 ... speaker box, 12 ... speaker, 13 ... cleat, 14 ... reinforcing member, 15
... connecting member 0
cabinet 1 'c strike used for regeneration and restructuring of the present invention, and
reinforcement assaulted to t + f -. Generally speaking Keiichi Ichitada ... speaker cabinet to be
installed all speakers has a relationship between regeneration characteristics and calender. If you
want to talk to the thumb of the loudspeakers, or if you resonate and produce a tremor, you will
become familiar with the reproduction characteristics. However, vA of the speaker cabinet fk To
avoid complementary, if you use the buried material of the 4L team (+ - used, loose - / / 3Q - '5,
the cost is extremely expensive and the assembling is also high You need skill #. For this
purpose, reinforcement is carried out by installing in the speaker box 1 as shown in FIG. 1 in the
figure 1. Note that 3 is a speaker housed inside the speaker box 1. If such a reinforcement @ 2 is
provided, if you attach seed 2 f to the antinode portion of the vibration due to the resonance of
the d speaker box, this part becomes a node of vibration and doubles the frequency It resonates,
and it may be attenuated by th to resonance energy h. The idea is to dedicate a good speaker
cabinet which can obtain good regeneration characteristics by efficiently attenuating resonance
energy with a sociable configuration, which is cold in view of the book dCo Case 1 Is set to 1
white 5. Below we will make one practice 1 of the present invention 2nd; add to octopus # IIf +
'We will increase it finely in terms of reference. 11 ig in 1 q In a speaker box assembled into a
rectangular parallelepiped by a plate of a proper thickness, it penetrates into the baffle & of the
front of this speaker box 1 and it is attached to the speaker 2. And, 13 is attached with a corner
material provided at a corner of the speaker box IJ, that is, a cleat, by an adhesive axle 1, a screw.
Then, as shown in FIG. 8, as shown in FIG. 8, 14 is attached to the both ends' II: attached to the%
- cleat 13 and held, and the central part is attached to the speaker box 11 at plural points via the
red part member 15 It is a connected valve material, that is, a reinforcing member. In this way,
since cleats 13 are totally picked up and the nine partly loudspeaker box 11 has corner corners,
it does not change at the time of the loudspeaker's vibration V +, and it becomes a node of
trembling like a sound box. Therefore, by connecting the reinforcing member 14 elevated to the
upper d picrate 13 to the neck / minute which is displaced by the vibration of the speaker 2 of
the speaker box 11, by the elasticity of the upper me4m member 14 itself, fIIl: the total
displacement of the speaker box 11 It can be elastically prevented.
Then moxibustion can efficiently absorb and decay the envelope energy of the speaker HOX 11
caused by shaking of the speaker 12 and can harmful shake vJ to kill all of them and obtain good
reproduction characteristics. It is to be noted that the present invention is not limited to the
above-mentioned e1.1 and, for example, as shown in side view Q, the interior wall of the speaker
box 11 But they may be connected. Further, a plurality of pairs of reinforcing members 14 and
connecting members 15 as described above may be provided so that the displacement of the wall
surface of the chamber of the speaker box 11 is blocked nibbally. As described above in detail,
according to the present invention, the cleavage dented at the corners of the speaker box, the
four strong member life held, and the loudspeaker's vibration INI'I of the speaker box stretchably
connected , So as to prevent the tendon "shift from valveingly. Therefore, it is only possible to
prevent deterioration of elongation characteristics due to men of speaker box, provide 41 new
resonance, provide stereotype speaker cabinet with structure with low cost and low cost Can do.
4, Brief explanation of the surface m1 Fig. Μ Acid deposition surface diagram showing an
example of a conventional speaker cabinet, Fig. 2 a broken curved diagram showing one
embodiment of the present invention, 8 th r 1 r '! , P brown which accepts the main part of the
above embodiment [Threshold, 41121 is a cross sectional view showing another embodiment of
the present invention. No · · · spikerts, 12 · · · spiker, 13 · · · cleat, 14 · · · reinforcing member, 15 · ·
· connected @ V. Birth attendant agent Senshi Suzue Takehiko Fang 1 121 age 2 w A 1134 2 '3 r
+ jJt 1 person Sansui Electric Co., Ltd. 77 votes ek 2 proceeder Takehiko Suzue 3 rd FjAO 5 age 4
Figure 2 ij 342 憔; · - - □ +,:,, B, , Sanshin Denki Co., Ltd. n __ e% '2 bicycles, Takeshi Inuzawa 5,
catalog of attached documents (1) power of attorney (2) statement of one (3) drawing (1)
duplicate (4) duplicate of application 6 Proposer other than the above, utility model registration
applicant, agent agent Address Minato-ku, Tokyo Toranomon 1 - chome 2615 No. 17 Mori
Building; -1 full name (5743) patent attorney Takeo Miki Address 1/1 (6881) Patent attorney
Jun Tsuboi. 1 heel, z / 3 "-"
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