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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a front view showing a conventional speaker
device, FIG. 2 is a sectional view thereof, FIG. 3 is a front view showing one embodiment of the
speaker device of the present invention, Sectional view, and FIG. 5 is a side view of a plug used in
the same device. 6 · · · · · speaker cabinet, 1 · song · speaker for high tone, 8 · · · · speaker for bass,
9 · 10 · · · · duct, 11 · · · · stopper.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE PROBLEM The present invention relates to a speaker device
capable of changing low frequency characteristics according to an installation place or a sound
field to be listened. As a conventional speaker device, FIG. And was configured as shown in FIG. 2.
-Ta Wachi, a speaker for high-pitched sound 2 and a speaker for low-pitched sound 3 were
attached to the front of the speaker cabinet 1 and a duct 4 was provided at the lower part. The
speaker device with such a configuration is installed on the floor surface 5 or it is used, or the
low-circulation / / Pachines 2 wave emitted from the Tarito 4 is reflected on the floor surface 6,
When the material of this floor surface 6 is a thick carpet or the whole room is dead (the
reverberation time is short, in the case of the sound absorbing gauze it is unlikely to disturb the
sound quality, rather it is possible to listen with sufficient low frequency, In many cases, the floor
surface 6 is hard, and when the whole room is live (long reverberation time), the bass becomes a
boomy (bass like a bass), which is also called a typical dead design time It may be remarkably
deteriorated as compared with the characteristic in an anechoic room to be used, and therefore
there is a problem in practical use because it is necessary to use a high table. The present
invention eliminates the above-mentioned conventional drawbacks. DESCRIPTION OF THE
PREFERRED EMBODIMENTS Embodiments of the present invention will now be described with
reference to FIGS. 3 to 6. 6 is a loudspeaker cabinet constituted by wood and metal, on the front
face of this speaker cabinet 6, together with the high tone loudspeaker 7, the bass loudspeaker 8
and the upper and lower ducks) 9.10 is selected as "-1 ° - It is being bowed. 11 is a stopper
made of rubber which closes the duct 9, 1o when it is inserted into the duct) 9.10, 7, 3; 3. As a
speaker, it is also possible to use a three-way system incorporating a mid-sound speaker. With
such a configuration, when the floor surface 12 is like a thick carpet or the entire room is dead,
the upper duct 9 is closed with the plug 11 and the lower duct 1 o is used, and the floor surface
12 Is hard and the whole room is live, by using the upper duct 9 by closing the lower duct 10
with the plug 11, in both cases the bass becomes a boomy and hears an unpleasant reproduction
sound Do not let it go. As described above, since the speaker device of the present invention is
constructed, it is possible to select upper and lower ducts according to the installation location
and the listening sound field, so that it is possible to always listen to satisfactory sound quality
with satisfactory low frequency range . It is simple and inexpensive to construct. 1% It is not
necessary to set up another installation base, simply select the duct and close it with a plug. It is
easy to work and space efficient 2, it is practical It is of great value.
ど) 4
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