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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a front view of the present invention, FIG. 2 is
a sectional view taken along the line AA in FIG. 1, FIG. 3 is a front view of G I) / l / Sectional view
showing a state where a dustproof net is adhered FIG. 5 is a side view showing a relationship
between a net and a mold of a conventional dustproof net. In the figure, the bamboo sword 1 is a
dustproof net of the present invention, 2 is a nylon resin net, 3 is a paper formwork, 4 is a grill, 8
is a double-sided adhesive tape and 9 is a protective paper.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE DEVELOPMENT Regarding antifriction, in detail, it is concerned with improving the anti-sales wear tii that is attached to the ingrille inner world. From the opening of the fli kee hepznodo tzJ 1 cage grill) Outer ridge 朕 ___
___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0 Net or paste 9 layers can be knelied · Such a net is extremely thin,
and when applying yttry · wrinkled · v 1 ψ axis · · · put it on a flat It is not easy to put 71.
(q−1z? 21! Conventionally, this garment has used molded on the periphery with a
formwork, but · In this form a double-sided scroll tape is used, sticking the net to one side of this
tape, Keep the other ifiμ keep - paper in the form of a layer of paper beforehand, paste the net to
the grill, lay it on the layer 6 and then peel off the whole iPI paper and paste it. However, keep it!
11! ll 1 lk peeled off lamination paste 4 workers l) Since the tape sticks to the fingertips or
the like and it is difficult to braze it and the sticking layer utilizes the stickiness of the tape, the
tape peels off later Also easy to leach, from the adhesive part of the net and the formwork during
the preservation period, leaking to other parts of the viscous or net "(other net a □! ___ ___ ___
___ 2 7 ___ ___ 2 ___ ___ ___ 2 ___ ___ 2 ___ ___ ___ ___ 0 "Since it will be made by fli, the part
inside the formwork is obsolete and this tape is 1% 111] I, so it will be one trailing pillar. · As
mentioned above, a Kin 's faults accompanied it. The present invention solves the drawback of 7
ζ, 3 Forming adhesive tape that was conventionally used? Instead of 1-jf, we cut a piece of
inexpensive paper formwork made of polyester into a piece of nylon tarpauli net, and then
weighedly made heating and electricity method, and we donated an adhesive when sticking it to t
grill抛 Frame Uv Other side, if grasped by gravure Q inside 龜 龜 龜 龜 龜 龜 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 仮 仮 仮 仮 仮 仮 仮 を を を を を を を を を を を を を It is extremely easy for
cotton-made vegetables by sticking kan · oyk trunk, and it sticks and sticks because it is an
adhesive layer, even if it is kept as a book, it does not adhere to other nets , The paperwork of a
single frame of paper, the timidity of the residual savings of the mold is extremely female - it
becomes mellow and refreshing compared with I + - 11 ti. The% value of the present invention is
a milestone in the nylon and chest circumference piece l - of the front net, 1 lill + of the person
who is politically treated with fluffiness and thickness of 7 t / It is for anti - net that we tried to
make contact with the inner grille of the steel grille using the other layered explosion.
(1) shows the whole anti-it · thin, nylon side thin net of thin menstruation, 100 + 1 31 made of
polyester processed Ik && frame, 14) sound 4 writing grill, + 5.1.16 +, (7) is the grille (4)
opening with the hole drilled, mold type; 3) is the appropriate size according to the size of the
grill (4) The mold is pulled out and fried, the one side of the ring (3) is attached to the one side of
the net (2) by a suitable means such as heat fusion bonding, such a tacky layer is different from
the cohesive layer - 9 · glaze layer tapes It is unknown that the viscous liquid 4 will leach into the
one side of the nonchrome. Consequently, it is possible to prevent the protection net 1 111 from
being TLQ-kept and to prevent mutual grinding of the protective cover 1. Protective net of the
above structure) illi grill 4) to stick to the inside of the stile, Bond Yutaka 'one, the other side of
the M frame (3' / to the grill (4) Also apply to the inner side vulgarity · pressure paint dryness ■
Both ministries 1a + · (4 (Pressure is applied, this mold shield is ho Yokonokori - [vomiting
cleverness. In both cases, both conventional shoulder tapes + 91 used in the past were sticking to
the concavity in the inside of the 9, kept + 4 nuisance (4) which was kept secret under the teeth (8) river fLvC layer Because it is a mermaid which it is difficult to cook with a layer of eggs made
of straw rice straw - and is easy to peel off. This consideration is based on the conventional%
(compared to IJ, it is extremely easy to work with the grill and the antistatic layer 5, it is easy to
peel off after adhesion, storage Middle East Dustproof Net Mutually viscous It is economical
without dishonoring, etc. 4, Fist of explanation of the drawings (Fig. 1) The main mouth of the
present invention is shown in FIG. 1, FIG. 2 is a view of A-Alllr in FIG. 1 and FIG. 3 is a grid stop
(5) Cross-sectional view showing state of handling shielding nods with μ grill and anti-shielding
Fig. 5 is a 1 ll 1 view showing the conventional net of direct sales net and mold and form q) llI @ ·
gkt -. In the figure, the energizing +11 is the authentic sweet potato starch nets), +21 is the nylon
1M fat table net, (3) is the paper formwork, (4) the grill, (8) the double glazed layer tape,
Indicates paper. Applicant Kukei Kuaki Only agent Agent Kawasaki 礒 Base ■ & a, JII 1 g! 113 A / 1 night 3 nights t 1350 r 814 11 511 I 443 Ji 0 Ru o RP '2000. C __ ___ C ___ Q ___ 0 ___ B
'--- ",, 4 ___ ___ SKJ, 1 ___ I ___ b ___ God 160. - Curtain L 4 t ", i,
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