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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIGS. 1 and 2 are sectional views showing an example
of a conventional speaker system, FIG. 3 is a sectional view showing one embodiment of the
present invention, FIGS. 4 a and 4 b are cross- Sectional views showing essential parts of the
present invention, and FIGS. 5 a and 5 b are front views showing another embodiment of the
present invention. 1 ... speaker cabinet, 3 ... ... screw, 4 ... speaker unit, 5 ... slit, 11 ... baffle plate,
101 ... Elastic filler. FIG. 2 FIG. 3
system VCu-fL which has a simple structure and can obtain good effectiveness. Generally, in the
speaker system, the speaker unit is attached to the buckle plate on the front face of the speaker
cabinet. However, when this cone of the speaker unit is vibrated and the sound wave is radiated
into the air, at the same time, the baffle plate of the speaker cabinet Also propagate through the
above shooting. And such a cabinet 's impression - 1 · political impairment markedly deteriorates
the reproduction characteristics of the whole speaker system, and it becomes harmful for high
fidelity playback. Conventionally, in order to prevent vibration of such a speaker cabinet, as
shown in FIG. 1, for example, a patchin 2 is inserted through a baffle plate 11 on the front face of
a speaker cabinet 1 (a speaker unit 14 is attached with a wood screw 3 or the like at -7 That is
done. However, as the weight of the speaker unit 4 becomes heavier recently, it is necessary to
tighten the wooden screw 3 and it is often that the vibration damping effect can not be obtained
sufficiently in the paddy 2 - therefore, as shown in VC 1, for example Considering that it is
considered that a plurality of slits 5 are formed in a P shape on the outer periphery f of the part
where the speaker unit 4 of the baffle plate 1) is mounted, in consideration of the circumstances
of the present 1F meter It is a patent characterized by providing a speaker system which can
prevent the vibration of the speaker unit from propagating to the speaker cabinet with a simple
structure, and can obtain good reproduction characteristics by the flight. One implementation of
the present invention Example 'f The same reference numerals are given to the same parts as in
FIG. 2, and detailed description will be made with reference to the side sectional view shown in
FIG. 3. Reference numeral 101 in the drawing is an elastic filler such as silicone rubber filled in
the slit 5 having a shape of 5ffi on the baffle plate 1. As shown in, for example, FIG. 4 (ta +), the
elastic filler 10 may be filled in the bottomed slit 5 which is formed in the baffle plate 12, or may
be filled with a baffle plate 12 may be filled with the slits 5 that are communicated with the front
and back surfaces of the slits 12. With such a configuration, the vibratory structure propagating
from the speaker unit 4 to the baffle plate 1 fills the above-mentioned elastic filling material 10. ,
It is attenuated smoothly by the merit 5, and it is C Δ -1 that it degrades the deterioration of the
characteristic due to the shooting of the baffle plate by the 71, and the speaker box is scissors for
the specific frequency In the case of exhibiting the resonance, it is possible to eliminate the
resonance easily by adjusting the filling amount of the elastic filler J / l 1.
As shown in FIG. 5 (a), a plurality of concentric circles may be provided around the speaker unit
4, or a plurality of slits 5 may be provided as shown in FIG. 5 (buckle plate 1 as shown in bl [ All
of [Ji'iK may be provided as VCL. Further, the depth 1 of the slit 5, the interval, etc. are the
acoustic characteristics vcl (such as the size and plate thickness of the speaker key vignette 1), of
course, it is possible to adjust so as to obtain a favorable effect. We installed speaker units such
as the back plate, club board and top board of the speaker box, and to prevent the shooting
motion from propagating from the center part to the outer peripheral part also on the f7 side,
The slit may be filled with an elastic filler. Particularly, the part mounted with parts such as the
network of Mata speaker Ponoks which can be made effective to directly receive the back
pressure like the sound FF of the speaker box back panel d speaker unit is easy to shoot strongly
It is also effective to provide a slit on the outer periphery of the part and to fill the resilient
<elastic filler. A plurality of concentric circles may be provided around the speaker unit 4, or the
entire surface V of FIG. 5 (baffle plate 1 as shown in bl) may be provided. Also, it is a matter of
course that the depth of one slit 5 and the interval of slits 5 are adjusted so that a good effect can
be obtained by adding + E to the acoustic characteristics such as the size and plate thickness of
the spiker crab untitled. As described in detail above, according to the present invention, the
speaker unit of the buckle plate is attached (slit is formed on the outer circumference, and since
this slit is filled with the elastic filler, it propagates from the speaker unit-h) to the speaker
cabinet By damping vibrations, it is possible to provide a good speaker / stem with good
reproducibility t 4) izt face cicada fireflies explanation 11 J 2 nd to 1 1 coming speaker / A cross
section showing an example of a stem. In the 3rd 1st section, the sectioned section showing one
embodiment of the present invention, No. 4! lai, (b) section E for cross-sectional view of each
subject of the present invention, · Fifth (b): fal, (bl: each) · Front view showing ψ stabilization of
Italy of the present invention . 1スピーカキャビネット。 3ネジや4スピーカユニット。 5スリ
ツト。 11 buckle plate, 101 elastic filler. Applicant Agent Agent Patent Attorney Suzue Takehiko
Punishment 1 rIA 111 Conflict 2 Figure 1 'II! IQ 24227 Q "Iriyama ·, (5 虱 company 31 IU 011
aged 411 (a) (b) 1115 + 01 // - t, 1 - '4227, / i ^ Applicant SANYO Electric Industry Co., Ltd. Park
5 Fig. 01 ■ (b) θ01 ■ F 川, Applicant Sansui Denki Co., Ltd. 5, Catalog of attached documents
(1) Power of attorney (2) Specification 1 (3) Drawings 1 (4) Duplicate of request application 1 6
Proposer other than the above, utility model registration applicant, agent agent Address Minatoku, Tokyo Toranomon 1 - chome 26 - 5 No. 17 Mori Building Name (5743) Attorney Mr. Takeo
Miki Address Names of the same place (6881) Attorneys Atsushi Tsuboi □ 'げ - 73 (/ 12tt
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