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Specification "ta @ o Name Speaker enclosure Detailed description of the present invention The
present invention is breast to a speaker enclosure. - Recent progress of acoustic equipment #
There is something else but there is a sound outlet Speaker KIMi, although various attempts are
being done, in the end it is usually done more than that of the listener's preference k that is
usually done. @ Sui, which decides the sound quality of the car #Il of the characteristics of the
speaker alone, the shape of the listening room, material etc. # Although there are elements, the
influence of the enclosure attached speaker tMR is owing to the large ore 4. Especially, it is
determined by the EndPage: 1 for the characteristics of the bass range EndPage: 1 'There is
another importance in F7. By the way, the method of the closure is roughly divided into the
sealing method, the pass rare method, the back road horn method There are three methods, each
having their own advantages and disadvantages. In an existing enclosure or a self - made
secondary closure, one of the above schemes was designed to be drafted, so it was otherwise
difficult to remodel it to another method. ◎ The system itself Even if you do not change it, the
opening direction * 1 change in the bass reflex scheme etc, fj [varies, but if you can not change
the conventional one i have a drawback ⃝ misfire '# 4 is the speaker's snow quality t- By making
the type and constants of the enclosure to which the carp can also be pressurized variable, it is
possible to provide an enclosure that can be changed and adjusted so that the listener's
preference or sound quality is best according to the type IIK of MICROSOFT (2), an upper stage
passrest opening s (3) and a lower stage bass reflex opening 1411 (3) are provided on the front
face of a box shaped enclosure main body tl) -111 K respectively · In the rear part of the main
body (1), there is provided a rear load plate (5) which opens into the main body fl) and the other
opens into the main body (acoustic passage so that it will be delayed outside υ, υ upper side)
(Sled opening fillte · The upper SL - pivot on the upper panel 173 on the upper part of the abovementioned Samsung bass reflex opening (8) is pivotally attached and the opening 18 can be
opened and closed freely · The same panel + 7J In addition to forming the opening till 181, IKlh
opening and closing side opening legs -193 in the opening 187 freely openable · The upper part
panel (7) of the upper panel (7) Lower panel 11) fj 11 m freely joinable, opening and closing the
vks bass reflex aperture plate I in the opening in the main body 113 of the rear 5 c 1 - tentative
(5) above Fitted freely, in disaster 'above Bath Opening the upper bass reflex aperture plate USt openably and closably to the opening 5 (6) and opening the upper bass reflex opening 16 (16) to
the body (υ internal speaker mount lill load board lI 4 to be a rent town dry) It is related to the
characteristic sports shoe enclosure 0 in the figure.
(2) is the grip of the upper panel ()), QI is the grip of the lower panel α wins, α force is the rear
bass reflex opening agu opening and closing screw, trout is the fixing bolt of the lower panel U,
cod is 5 upper panel 1) Constant voltage when tS * is set, Ijl # i Insertion hole of the same bolt,
am # i horn auxiliary table, (2) is the fixing plate of the upper load plate Q 4, @ body seam (1)
bottom Bottom duct for exclusive sub tone # 1 i speakers, vJ # 'i speaker stand, @ is a rail, - is a
wheel, - and @ is a 龜 分 fractional prevention wall, - is provided at the back of a speaker mount It
is duct for sub tone 4. In the island 3 figure (ichi) is the open pile -! IJli 19312) Plywood affixed
to the long side, prevents sticky tILt in the cross section circle oclυ is the fixing bolt, (top) is the
upper panel 173 Kml drilled bit, Nine tail 41111 middle (first solstice), which is a paddin that
prevents the occurrence of abnormal sound when the area flushing door (9) is closed, pushed the
upper panel t7J open xtg * * 11 11 screwing To be KJ! il Nut that is set, ① is a padkin @ il 5 In
the figure - is the fixing bolt uk The nut installed at the Km so that the screw is engaged, the
collar is a bumper that prevents damage at the time of stuffed things It is a board which prevents
the vibration of the opening plate when opening the rear bus rare opening U in the figure in the
figure # I 6. ⑦ In the figure @ indicates the grip of the upper load plate trout Ogatv 4C t t is the
novel section showing the structure of the present invention, the single point iron and the arrow
indicate the variable part 0 or less, each method has arrived I will explain the misfortune. Close
the opening panel lR111IIIl door 191, close the opening panel lR111IIIl door 191, install the
lower panel anI, open the rear bus V7 open ttat - close, upper bus reflex opening plate ut Closing
is closed all the openings - iii as a sealed enclosure! River ___ B, Pack load road horn system>
EndPage: 2 Open the upper pass rail opening plate - as shown in the wall and U UaO - upper 5 c
1 - Do plate a 4 t - insert and fix and close the same opening plate + II Keep face g Feng Doi (9)
closed. Upper panel + 7) is pushed inward and fixed at four tooth angles, an acoustic maze is
formed between the middle load plate III and the upper so-board 114 connected at the lower
rear of the upper panel (7) Form and can be used as an enclosure of type 7F pack load road horn
O At this time, as the rear pass rare opening plate utmwm like Km whale, the sound like from the
back of the speaker (SP) depending on whether it opens to the mountain like the linen mouth fat
Melting, Reverse Communicating 4iiIjLt-Ii11m!
I can do, improve the characteristics 0 cabinet, top panel + 71 corners [1 - can be improved
similarly, you can choose the most favorable sound quality is 9 dry 0 Note - In this method, the
lower panel aSt * is removed so that it can be used as s + 2 Doyer trout on this underlying panel
al 0 <0. Bass-reflex system> The bass-reflex system is a system that effectively utilizes the sound
coming from the back of the speaker cone, providing an opening in one of the main body + 1),
inverting the phase of the sound coming from the back, In order to strengthen and strengthen it
Oh O In this method, rounding not using upper load plate a 4, opening -! One place is five places
of the upper stage I (Nell (7), opening area adjustment door (9j, lower installation (Nell 0 υ, rear
part) (Sleep opening plate (2), upper path rare opening plate -) - at least 1 t We will set up a
mining company 11, further upper panel (71 in 1iItta family (in this example 5IR) K adjusted, set
up 9 open horizon tatami door (a few gm in the field (41 - in this example) By doing so many
different combinations, 11K luxury of sound quality is possible O Of these, let's do some
examples. (G - 1) iris L 2 Opening the opening surface m II mto) and letting the other closed, we
can see the change in sound quality by the part where the seventh opens, also its 11 km K wide
This opening Fixed area slimming 5 t 9 J threading # 1 l 1 1 Eye thing all for use ~ It has come to
stop at an appropriate opening degree. If you fix the top panel (7) more than 5 points in the same
way as shown in (0-2) Atsushi 13), it is different from the above 0-1 case 9 . (C - a) As shown in
Figure 14, lower panel It sediment 9 Removed Mountain lower bass reflex opening 1111 I (4 Jt Opened one ⃝ (0 - a 3 w 4 L 5, rear bass reflex aperture plate - Opened from the bottom duct
and leads Ii 1 mlftm, in this case it is guided from the duct Qs installed at the back of the speaker
mount - as shown in (O - S) all 16aii, the top As a result of opening the bass reflex aperture plate
fll '(14 squared for each sound s # i, 14 tons from the back of the speaker, and the distance tV in
this way, the speaker characteristics used etc. It is possible to obtain the optimum sound quality
by flickering 1111 ◎ In this way, according to the present invention, the following effects are
(1) Each system of the speaker enclosure can be freely selected, and it can be changed to another
type JK6 without changing it. (11) By the bus rare system vc in (41) 41, opening and closing of
valley opening drunkenness You can freely set the combination according to the characteristics
of the speaker and the listener 's taste, in addition to the case of (jl) above, plus 1i KIIIII of the
upper panel Yo 9% It is also possible to adjust the tone of the sound quality by adjusting the
opening degree of the sO area tagging door ◎ 4, Brief explanation of the surface EndPage: 3 コ
コ 1 図 社 Company IL compilation 2 is its side view, mis is the opening plane lateral leg!
Interruption ifl # l view showing part of 1 ljs, ll 4 shows the upper panel part jliliiifRlm, ll 5 shows the lower panel mounting cliff 5 Void · · Sixth: part of the rear path rare aperture plate
Interrupted WJ new view, compiled 7 __ is the upper load plate mounting form l! lt - a single
view, the figure 8 shows the variable part of the misfire wing ta Bin noble section - 1 side! - ~
compilation door diagram respectively implementation of the present invention sIItn'ctII1iftIllalJ
terror h. UJL υ: Box type enclosure 1 main body I 2) Opening part for attaching the varnish (3):
upper path rare opening drunk (4): lower path rare mouth part + 5): 9 part load plate 15 + 6):
upper passage 7 7 opening 1 crab Upper panel (8J: Open a + 91 = Open row horizontal # 1! l
Door al: Lower panel 1 2 Rear pass rail opening plate U 2 Upper bus rare opening plate a 4
Second south-door plate Patent applicant entered i Tzu man burial man Yu Shu Take (other 1)
EndPage: 4 Figure 3 4 Figure 6 Figure 6 EndPage: 5 8E Figure 9 3 EndPage: 6 Figure 1 Figure 11
Figure 11 Electricity 35 Figure 12 J3 Figure 13 33 EndPage: 7 Figure 14 The 15th Garden
EndPage: 8
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