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Title of the description invention
Automotive speaker
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to piezoelectric
driven automotive speakers. The object of the present invention is to provide a loudspeaker for
automobile. Another object of the present invention is to provide an inexpensive speaker by
simplifying the configuration. As a music appreciation device, stereo is generally used for indoor
viewing. In recent years, however, car stereos constructed in a car as a moving appreciation
device are widely spread. Dynamically driven speakers have been widely used as speakers which
are one of the important components among them. FIG. 1 shows the most general sectional view
of a conventional automotive speaker. In FIG. 1, reference numeral 1 denotes a cone which is a
vibrating portion, 2 a permanent magnet, 3 a yoke, 4 a pole piece and 5 a coil joined to the cone
1 - . 6 is a reinforcing plate and 7 is a speaker box. FIG. 2 shows a state in which the above
speaker is handled in a car. In FIG. 2, the speaker 8 is hooked up by the rear side plate 10 of the
rear seat 9, and by using the space of the trunk room 11 as a large capacity speaker praise, he
raises one fidelity It is usual to have. Conventional car stereo speakers as in this example have
the following disadvantages. 1, trunk EndPage: In order to perform good music playback, a large
volume space such as one room is required, so the location is restricted by location \ location. ·
The method of disassembling the Z speaker is relatively difficult, such as puncturing the board
and screwing it. & Due to the electrokinetic drive type, the number of parts is large, due to the
complicated structure; the strike is high. 4. Since the space to be the speaker box and the trunk
room can not be completely blocked, the characteristics deteriorate due to dust. Etc. The present
invention provides a loudspeaker for automobiles which eliminates all the above-mentioned
disadvantages. 1 One or a plurality of piezoelectric bodies laminated on a non-piezoelectric plate
such as the same metal plate in a bimorph structure As shown in FIG. This sounding body will be
described with reference to FIG. 3 (A), reference numeral 12 denotes a non-piezoelectric plate,
and the metal plate 115 is a piezoelectric plate, which vibrates in area according to an input
signal. FIG. 5 CB) is an enlarged sectional view taken along line x - x 'of FIG. 3 (A). In FIG. 3 (B '),
S14 and S15 are the upper and lower electrodes applied to the piezoelectric material 13, and the
lower electrode is bonded to the metal plate 12 with the conductive mounting agent 16 to form a
bimorph structure There. Electrode i4.
When an audio signal is input between -15, the piezoelectric plate 13 attempts to vibrate in the
direction of the principal surface, but since it has a bimorph structure with the metal plate 12,
surface layer curvature vibrations are generated . FIG. 4 shows an embodiment in which the
sounding body is configured as an automobile speaker as shown in FIG. 4. In FIG. 4 (A), a
vibratable plate 18 is provided at the rear portion of the rear seat 17 to join the one sounding
body 19 so as to join these plates to the diaphragm 1. That is, it can be used as a speaker · An
enlarged sectional view of a part of a speaker recessed by a broken line in Fig. 4 (B) is shown. 4,
CB), the sounding body 19 composed of the piezoelectric plate 20 joined to the metal plate 21 is
joined to the vibratable plate 18. As a joining method, it is possible to use electroadhesive agent,
metal brazing material, welding and the like. As a material of the piezoelectric plate, barium
titanate, PUT, ZsO thin film or the like is suitable. An advantage of the present invention which
constitutes a piezoelectric driven speaker in an automobile is 1-! There are no restrictions on
installation because there is no light weight and thin shape, and not only the rear part of the seat
but also the ceiling 1 dashboard board, doors, etc. by joining these plates to the diaphragm, that
is, the speaker You can do. Besides, it only needs to be joined by handling) It is very easy because
it does not require machining. In addition, the S configuration is simple, the number of parts is
very small, it is inexpensive, and the reliability is high against impact 1 dust and the like. 5 and 6
show application examples of the sounding body for further improving the performance of the
automatic tingle speaker according to the present invention. Figure 5 is an example of a
sounding body that improves sound pressure frequency characteristics. In FIG. 5, a plurality of
piezoelectric plates 23 to 25 having different sizes are joined to the metal plate 22. When an
audio signal is input to the piezoelectric plates 23 to 25, the piezoelectric plate tries to vibrate
the area in the direction of the principal plane, but since it has a bimorph configuration with the
metal plate 22, a one-layer strut vibration is generated By doing so, various resonance
frequencies are generated, and when combined with each higher order vibration, excellent sound
pressure frequency characteristics are obtained. FIG. 6 shows an embodiment of a sounding body
in which the metal plate is an acoustic inductance transducer in order to further improve the
electro-acoustic conversion efficiency. In FIG. 6, reference numeral 12 denotes an acoustic
impedance converter formed of a star-shaped metal plate having four arms. Reference numeral
27 denotes a piezoelectric plate, and reference numerals 28 to 31 denote arms, which are
located near the tip of the piezoelectric plate 27 in the vicinity of the piezoelectric plate 27 and
are thinned by fc. In this case, the surface layer bending vibration generated by the bimorph
structure of the piezoelectric plate 27 and the acoustic impedance converter 26 on the joining
surface of the piezoelectric plate is transmitted to the four arms, the acoustic impedance is
lowered, It is possible to efficiently transmit the vibration energy and further improve the electroacoustic conversion efficiency, by matching with the low acoustic impedance of the diaphragm
(not shown) to be joined.
EndPage: More than 2, metal plates were mainly described as non-piezoelectric bodies, but
plastic plates, wood boards, glass plates, etc. can be used in addition to. In addition, a similar
sounding body can be realized by using a piezoelectric body displaced in opposite phase instead
of a non-piezoelectric body.
BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF DRAWINGS. FIG. 1 is a sectional view of a conventional speaker. FIG. 2
shows an embodiment in which a conventional speaker is mounted on an automobile. FIG. 5 is a
sounding body used in the present invention. FIG. 4 shows an embodiment of the automobile
speaker according to the present invention. FIG. 5 shows an application example of a sounding
body used for a car speaker according to the present invention. FIG. 6 shows an application
example of a sounding body of an automobile speaker according to the present invention. 1 ...
working cone 2 ... permanent magnet 3 ... external magnetic path 4 ... internal magnetic path 5 ...
... coil 6 ... ..Strengthening board 7 ..... Speaker box 8 ... Speaker 9 ... Regional seat 10 ... plate 11 ...
trunk room 12 ... non-piezoelectric plate 13 Piezoelectric plate 14 ... Electrode 15 ... Electrode 16
... Conductive adhesive. 17 ridge seat 18 plate 19 sound plate 20 piezoelectric plate 21 metal
plate 22 metal plate 23 piezoelectric plate 24 piezoelectric body Plate 25 ... Piezoelectric plate
26 ... Acoustic impedance transducer 27 ... Piezoelectric plate 28 ... arm 29 ... arm 30 ... arm 31; ...
arm or more EndPage: 3
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