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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a side sectional view showing a conventional
speaker device, and FIG. 2 is a side sectional view showing one embodiment of the speaker
device according to the present invention. 21 ... front cabinet, 22 ... back cabinet, 23 ... cabinet
body, 24 ... speaker section, 25 ... receiving circuit section , 26 ... protrusion, 27 ... concave part,
28 ... yoke, 29 ... mountain-permanent magnet, 30 ... ... voice coil, 31 ... ... ... protrusion, 32 ...
damper, 33 ... paper cone, 34 ... ... dust cap, 35 ... lead wire, 36, 37 · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·
· Reception circuit,
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE PROBLEM The present invention relates to a speaker device D,
4! To the ninth in which the frame of the speaker is integrally formed in the cabinet of the
acoustic equipment. As is well known, the conventional speaker device has a configuration shown
in FIG. 1, q-1 skewer f. That is, a substantially conical metal frame 2 is welded to the open end
portion of the substantially pot-shaped yoke 1, and a sound hole 21 is formed in the portion
having the inside of the teno. A permanent magnet 3 is provided at the center of the inner wall of
the bottom of the yoke 1. A circular square-shaped coil 4 surrounds the permanent magnet 3 so
as to freely move in a direction indicated by an arrow AXB in the drawing, and a cone 5 and a
danno 4- 6. The upper open end of the above-described discordant coil 4 in the drawing is closed
with a dust cap 2, and a lead wire (only one shown) 8 from the disc coil 4 is connected via a
connecting portion between the voice coil 4 and the cone 5 It crawls over the cone 5 and is
connected to the tap 9 provided in the coat eye catcher 5. , Kaori In addition, this! Sofa 9 does
not have vibration resistant wire 0 0 1? "O end is connected, and the other end of vibration
resistant wire 0 with and was attached to frame 2! And is connected to the terminal 11. And, the
coil which the electric signal is supplied to the connection terminal 11 from the outside, the - Is
coil 4 vibrates in the direction of arrow B, B according to the electric signal, and the vibration is
transmitted to the cone 5 to generate an acoustic signal It is 4. A plurality of attachment holes 12
for attaching the conventional speaker device shown in FIG. 1 to the cabinet or the speaker via
screws is formed in the vicinity of the outermost peripheral portion of the frame 2 There. In the
figure, reference numeral 13 is an arrow paper to prevent rattle between the frame 2 and the
cabinet or the spy car deck when the cabinet or the speaker attaches to the conventional speaker
device as described above . However, in the conventional speaker device as described above, it is
necessary to perform a press process for forming the frame 2 into a predetermined shape, a
plating process, a welding process of the yoke 1 and the frame 2, etc., and it is difficult to
manufacture it there were. It was also difficult to weld the yoke 1 and the frame 2 so that the
permanent magnet 3 was located at the center of the frame 2. In addition, the lead wire 8 of the
lace coil 4 was disposed outside the metallic frame 2 A connection terminal 11 for insulation for
taking out and a screw etc. for attaching the frame 2 to the cabinet and the speaker gates are
required, and the number of parts is large and the constitution is complicated. SUMMARY OF
THE INVENTION The present invention has been made in view of the above circumstances, and it
is an object of the present invention to simplify the configuration by integrally forming the
magnetic circuit attachment portion / dan 4 and the support portion and the cone support
portion at a predetermined position in the cabinet It is an object of the present invention to
provide a very good speaker device which is easy to manufacture.
which the present invention is applied to a radio receiver will be described in detail with
reference to the drawings. In FIG. 2, reference numeral 21 denotes a front cabinet of a
substantially box-shaped radio receiver opened at one end, which is made of an insulating
member such as plastic, for example, and the above-mentioned opened portion is closed with a
pack cabinet 22 The cabinet main body 11 is completed. In the inside of this cabinet main body,
on the left side in the figure, a saucer portion 24 is provided, and on the right side in the
drawing, a receiving circuit portion 26 is provided. First, the speaker section zafc will be
described. On the inner wall of the front cabinet 21 forming the front nonvoles 211 of the front
cabinet 21, a projecting section 26, which is a substantially-shaped magnetic circuit attachment
section to be described later, is formed In a recessed portion 27 formed by the protruding
portion 26 and the inner wall of the front face nosepiece 211, a substantially pot-shaped eye 28
is press-fitted and fixed, for example, so that its bottom face outer wall abuts on the front / the
inner wall of the #nell 211 , And a cylindrical permanent magnet 29 having magnetic poles as
shown is provided at the center portion of the inner wall of the bottom surface of the yoke 28 so
that a magnetic circuit is formed and the magnetic field from the magnetic circuit is applied to
the permanent magnet 29 And an ice coil 30 having a cylindrical shape is provided surrounding
the side surface. One end of the pitch coil 30 is connected to the disc coil 24 and the other end is
connected to the inner wall of the frontal .DELTA.nell 211 so as to surround the open end of the
protrusion 26 and the side surface of the mosquito projection 26 And is freely movable in the
directions indicated by arrows "C" and "D" in the drawing by a corrugated dan Δ = 32 connected
to the protrusion 31, which is a ring-shaped cone supporting portion formed, and a paper cone
33 having a substantially cap- It is supported by. That is, it serves as a frame for supporting the
protrusion 26.31 and the front / funnel 211, the yoke 28, the dis-coil 30, the dan) 4 - 32, the
paper cone 33 and the like at predetermined positions. Further, the upper open end of the abovementioned discordant coil 3θ in the drawing is closed by a dust cap 34, and the lead wire (only
one shown) 35 from the coil coil 30 is disposed between the dis-coil 30 and the paper cone 33
Creeps on the rear surface of the paper cone 33 via the connecting portion, and after fixing at
one end thereof at the connecting portion between the projecting portion 31 and the paper cone
35, it is connected to the output end of a receiving circuit portion LL described later. Here,
similar connections are made for other lead wires (not shown). A plurality of sound wave holes
36 and 31 are formed in the front / mother cell 211 and the pack cabinet 22 corresponding to
the paper coin 733.
Next, the receiving circuit portion L "is provided with a receiving circuit portion for receiving a
high frequency signal received from an antenna (not shown), high frequency amplifying the
received high frequency signal to a random frequency, detecting it, and amplifying it with a low
frequency on the printed wiring board 39 It is what is being done. Then, the ninth low frequency
signal outputted from the reception circuit section L "is transmitted via the lead wire 35? Is
supplied to the coil Coil 30, and due to the interaction between the magnetic field generated by
the disc coil soK and the magnetic field of the permanent magnet 29, the coil 30 vibrates in the
directions indicated by the arrows C and D in accordance with the low frequency signal. For this
reason, the paper cone 33 also vibrates in response to the vibration, and a front letter signal
corresponding to the low frequency signal is generated. Therefore, according to the configuration
of the above embodiment, the protrusion 26.31 is formed integrally with the front nominal 211
of the front cabinet 21 formed of an insulating member such as glass chic, and the front tunnel
211 and The protrusion 26.31 should be given the role of 7 ram so that it is unnecessary to
perform the pressing process, the plating process and the welding process with the frame and
the yoke as in the conventional 7-frame - The connecting terminal 11 shown in FIG. 1 and the
screws for attaching the frame to the cabinet and the speaker box are unnecessary, the number
of parts is small, the constitution is simplified, easy to manufacture, and it is advantageous also
for a good performance. The idea is not to be obstructed by Queen's example. It is a matter of
course that the present invention can be widely applied to acoustic equipment using a speaker
such as a tape recorder or a television disaster machine, instead of a stick applied to a radio
receiver. Further, in the above-described embodiment, the protruding portion 26 serves as both
the magnetic circuit attaching portion and the Dunn's mother-supporting portion. However, these
may be provided separately, and the dan / gauge is further supported by the yoke You may do
so. In addition to this, the present invention can be implemented with various modifications
without departing from the gist thereof. Therefore, according to the present invention, as
described above in detail, since the magnetic circuit attaching portion / dan / thousandsupporting portion and the cone supporting portion are integrally formed at the predetermined
position in the cabinet, the manufacturing part It is easy to provide an extremely good speaker
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