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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is an exploded perspective view of a main part of
a lecture stand provided with a speaker showing one embodiment of the present invention, FIG. 2
is a side view also, and FIG. 3 is a perspective view of a frame body is there. In the figure,
reference numeral 1 denotes a main body, 2 a microphone, 3 a pump, 4 a recess, 5, 6 a speaker
box, 7 a frame, 8 a cell.
Lecture Room 2 Utility Model Scope of Claim (In a lecture hall equipped with a microphone, a
multiplier, a speaker, etc.! jk # Place the required concave part for mounting the speaker at the III
surface 111 c of the platform main body, disposing a frame body for 11 k line squat fitting the
same day and detachably attaching the separately formed speaker box Lecture platform 0
characterized in that η frame is formed into a shape matching with one surface portion of the
podium body, lecture table described in Clause 511 of Utility Model Claim II & Claim. (5) Forming
the compartment inside the framework for accommodating the speaker box t - Demolding
practical warehousing proposal scope of brushing IEIJJ 扛 @ 2 lecture hall of the century Town 0
(4) Position Kuramine registered at the lower side of the concavity and located on the eleven
faces 5 ll in the main body of the podium, with a loudspeaker box with a bird's elevation angle tII
changed to 10 frozen Register - Request S ① A chessboard lecturer 01, a detailed explanation of
the idea of
the present invention The present invention is to make a structure of a good lecture
stand with a speaker inside the main body There is conventionally the acoustic effect is greatly
influenced by the various conditions such as the structure of the space of 28 places of the venue
to be installed, the number of 0 audiences and so on, for the lecture hall equipped with this
loudspeaker. Therefore, in some cases, external speakers have to be installed completely
separately, which is very troublesome in combination with the state of the venue. DETAILED
DESCRIPTION OF THE PREFERRED EMBODIMENTS The present invention is directed to
improving this, and the present invention will be described based on an embodiment shown in
FIGS. 1 to 5 below. (IJtl! In the main body of the podium (1), the podium stand (1) has a
shape of a front portion in a trapezoidal shape, for example, and a wheel is provided on the paper
portion so as to be freely movable, while a microphone ), Amplification @ (3) etc. are arranged,
and by cutting in #i horizontally long direction at a required part of part m, concave 5 (4) for
attaching the speaker tML 0 is formed 0 And this I ! l In Zheng (4) K, a frame (7) having a shape
matching with that of # 11i part is fitted and furthermore the open frame 2 - \ and the body (7) K
accommodates the speaker box The speaker box (S) separately formed on the right and left sides
for forming the compartment (111 K *) for forming a compartment (8) for accommodating the
speaker box (0) for detachably attaching the speaker box (6) for internal arrangement which is
located on the side of the main body 111fi side on the lower side of the recess 5 (4) as necessary
and which is pivotally attached at its lower end S so as to freely change the elevating motion ),
And the speaker box (6) and the speaker box (5) are arbitrarily adjusted for attachment so as to
obtain the required acoustic effect. The present invention devises the construction as described
above By doing so, it is more convenient to use only the loud sound from the lecture hall,
mounting the speaker box in the recess At the same time, [it is possible to fully demonstrate the
machine In by merely fitting the frame t to the eleven face part, from the state of the venue, it is
not possible to use only the loud sound from the lecture center as the center If it is sufficient, you
can fill in the speaker box from the concave part and order it as the external speaker by placing
the speaker tK in the venue in order.
And, in any use state of this speaker box, even if it is -5 - V ', 111 -), we will arrange the frame
part so that it can fit in the concave part. 3 From the viewpoint of K, Since the body is shaped like
a part of the screen part of the lecture hall, it is possible to form a part of the lecture stand as it
is, so that it is possible to form a part of the lecture stand for the audience who is positioned in
face to face with the lecture hall Even so, it can be used without disturbing the design aesthetic
sense of the lecture itself. Brief explanation for 4 WA direction "FIG. 3 is an exploded perspective
view of the ice showing a speaker with a speaker showing one embodiment of the present
invention, FIG. 2 is a similar view of the figure, and FIG. 3 is a perspective view of the frame body.
(5) j (6) is the speaker, (7) the frame, (8) is the speaker, (8) is the speaker, Compartment. Utility
model Climb out of orders People's stock corporation General 4 - Figure 1 7 '7' 7 '' 415 'Figure 3
Figure 2 - Figure 74 ------' 2 E 3 3 - 5 '- 618 , 117 '; 903 Utility model registration applicant 欅
company company general
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