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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIGS. 1 (a) and (b) to FIG. 6 are a front and rear
perspective view, a disassembled perspective view and a standard code showing the basic
structure of a cassette tape recorder with a radio receiver to which the present invention is
applied A perspective view showing a usage form in which only the set main body is made
portable, a perspective view showing an extension form showing only the set main body, a
perspective view showing the extension cord, and a perspective view showing a usage form
adopted as an installation type using the extension cord , FIG. 7 is a rear view showing a use state
using a standard code, and FIGS. 8 a and 8 b are a cutaway rear view of a main part showing one
embodiment of the speaker box connecting device according to the present invention and its
engagement 9 (a) to 9 (f) are rear views showing different usage forms of the same embodiment,
and FIG. 1 - 0 is a partial detailed view of a locking tool according to another embodiment . 81 ...
connection cord, 81 at 81 b ... connector, 81 c ... code & 82 a, · · · Speaker box.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE DEVELOPMENT This invention is intended to make it possible
to separate or assemble a set body and a speaker box and also to be portable or installed type.
For example, a stereo system "# -, / 3, = 3 'Apjka The present invention relates to a connecting
device for speaker material suitable for Zoocassette; Recently, a cassette tape recorder (so-called
radio cassette) with a so-called radio receiver incorporating a cassette tail recorder and a radio
receiver integrally is rapidly spreading. In addition, in this case, if the portable simple type of rate
is getting tired of it, it is in a similar way that it is possible to realize a high power and high
power. Then, in the case of achieving high firing and high output, what is next demanded is to
separate the set body and the speaker box separately from each other and to assemble them
freely and to make them portable or installed in a form It is user-friendly and can perform many
functions. In other words, this means that it is desired that a user can try a subjective arrange
depending on the place of use and purpose, it is necessary for something that makes it easy to do
it . For this reason K sets organic equilibrium of each part of the set, and it is necessary to
prepare accessories suitable for the purpose. As an example, considering the connection between
the set body and the speakers, the K that satisfies the above-mentioned requirement is easy and
reliable to arrange the position of the boxes freely to the set body in relation to the set body .
Also, it is essential that the connection cord is kept in an obstructive manner in a state where the
set main body and the speaker box are connected, and the appearance is kept well without
looking unsightly. SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION The present invention has been made in view
of the above-described circumstances, and it is an object of the present invention to provide a
speaker box which is easy to arrange with respect to the set main body freely and which is
reliable and which is capable of maintaining a good appearance It is aimed at providing speakerto-speaker connection devices. Hereinafter, an embodiment of the present invention will be
described in detail with reference to one aspect. Fig. 1 (a) t (b) shows the basic configuration of
the embodiment described by this C, where 11 is the set main body of a radio cassette tape
recorder. A cassette tape recorder section 111 and a radio receiver section 112 are provided on
this set main body. As shown in FIG. 1 (c), on the front panel of the cassette tape recorder 5111,
a cassette tape storing section 12 (not shown) and a plurality of operating elements 13 for
setting the cassette tape in a predetermined operating state or in a stopped state For example.
The front panel of the radio receiver section 112 is provided with a dial display section 14, a
channel selection operator 15, and the like. In the figure, 16 to 19 are bass, wavy sound, balance,
respectively. 21 is a stereo-wide switching operator, 22 is a stereo-monaural switching operator,
23 is a power-on switch, 24 is a head horn Jack, 25 is a counter, 26 is a VU and a synchronous
rail meter. Also, as shown in Fig. 1 (b) K, on
the back / mother of the set body JJ, battery
compartment s21. A fist provided with a connection terminal 29 for input / output plug JJI and
FM external antenna with an external device, and further 1 fist mounted on the upper surface of
the set main body 11 + pair of speaker cars 30, In a direction indicated by an arrow in the figure
with respect to the upper corners 36 and J7 of the set main body 11 by means of the hinge
34.35 provided at the corner portions 32 and 33 of the set main body 11, (Portable type or
installation type) can be used. And the speaker? The set 30.31 and the set main body 11 are
connected by the standard connection cord JJI, 39 at the corresponding upper or lower part on
the rear side thereof. Also, the second set of the speaker deck 30.31 At a corner portion 40.41, a
portable handle 42 is detachably provided. Furthermore, at the third corner 43
44 of the
speaker end J #, 31, the lanowo cassette tape record is recorded as shown in FIG. 31 set with
main unit 11 fC When carrying out # # gloomy etc, - speaker? Tsukuba 30.31 detachably
provided a connection support tool 45 for connecting so as to prevent each other's K wobbling
fc. FIG. 2 shows the set body 11. The speaker box 30 31, the connection cords 38, 39, the handle
42 and the connection support tool 45. Then, the above radio program cassette tape recorder is
removed from the state of FIG. 1 by removing the handle 42 t 1 - and by placing the speaker box
30. 31 on both sides of the set main body 11, as shown in FIG. 3, as an installation type It can
also be used. Also, as shown in Fig. 4, it is made detachable even with respect to the upper corner
portions sa, syK of the handle 42-set main body L, and the shoes set body L "is used as a portable
cassette tie knob on its own You can also do.
Furthermore, if you use an extension type connection cord 46.41 gold as shown in KS Fifth
Factor, you can use it as an installation formula that separates the set body L "and the speaker
box 30.31 as shown in 1 s 6 figure . By the way, in the case of using the standard type
connection hood 38.39, as shown in FIG. 7, since only the usage form shown in FIG. 1 and FIG. 3
described above can be used, The free placement of the speaker boxes 3θ, 31 is restricted and
one of them is not easy to do. In addition, when the extension type connection cord 46.47 is
simply used, the free arrangement of the loudspeaker for the set main ego is not restricted to
such a degree that the standard type connection cord 88.39 is used, It alone is not easy for the
appearance because the connection code 46.41 tends to be disturbing in the midway and it
becomes obstructive in appearance. The connecting device for the speaker box according to the
present invention uses the connecting cord 81 corresponding to the extension cord 41. 47 in FIG.
5 as shown in FIG. 8E (a) Form K 11 I bend 9 The set body L in which the middle speed of the
cord 1 is transversely juxtaposed to each other and the corresponding parts of the speaker
materials so, JJ (only 31 hooks are shown in the figure) The locking members 82 m and 82 b
that are detachably detachable are used. In other words, in this case, the mutual engagement
cords J each have a pair of U-shaped cord portions (provided that they are elastically shoulder
but can be easily restored straight unless a locking force is applied) 81 c The connectors 81 L
and 81 b are used to electrically connect the corresponding set parts of the set main body and
the loudspeaker breakdown 30. 31 which are juxtaposed as described above. As shown in detail
in (b) of the same drawing, the locking members 1 j 2 a, 82 b are set such that one end of the set
main body 11 is locked by the screw 83 m to the speaker locks 30, 31. The other end is given a
jib biasing force which is lifted up to the position of the other end of the cord JJ, but by holding
the middle of the cord JJ in the recess in the middle and being pushed into the position of the
solid line in the drawing, it corresponds to the other end And is held in a position where it is
pushed in. As a result, the middle of the locking tool 82 m, 82 b cord 1 is retained in a state of
temporarily locking with respect to the set main body or the speaker get 30. 31, but the inclined
portion 85 a of the other end tip portion If it gives a force to make it upward, it releases the
temporary fixation and returns to the position indicated by the broken line in the figure.
In this way, the engaging members 82a, Jljb which makes the connection cord 81 temporarily
detachably detachable as described above are engaged or disengaged as necessary! jD, Speaker
Tex. 30.31 can be placed in a free position any way, with its connector 8i *, 81b connected with a
single cord to the book sail J In addition, in this case, the locking devices 82 m, 82 b are allowed
to remain in the engaged state in this case, and at the same time one of the locking devices 82 m,
82 b is in a locked state at all times, so the connecting cord 81 is midway in the middle It is
possible to hold the appearance of the body properly without hindering it from becoming an
obstacle. FIGS. 9 (a) to 9 (f) show some forms that can be used for the connection device of such
a speaker box, and the use state (amb diagram) of FIGS. 1 and 3 and In the use state of Fig. 6 (8
fig., Except for this case only the exceptionally which fastener 82a. 8211 is also in a state of
detachment, since it is in a state extended to the maximum extension cov V so that it is not a
problem), as well as being able to freely take different usage states (a -) etc. , Its utility is
enormous. In addition, the engaging members 82 m, 82 b also have the protective effect of the
connecting cords themselves in the engaged state. It is to be noted that the present invention is
not limited only to the embodiment described above and shown in the drawings, and it is possible
to deform the food within the scope not deviating from the gist of the present invention. For
example, the shape of the engaging member 8: l *, 82 b may be anything as long as it can make
the connecting cord 81 temporarily detachable in a temporary manner, so that as shown in
1011, it simply has elasticity in the lateral direction It is also possible to have two clasps 82 &
'which have been made, and its shape is not limited in any way. As described above in detail,
according to the present invention, it is possible to easily and reliably arrange the speaker I / O
with respect to the set main body, and it is preferable that the appearance with a good
appearance without being disturbed by sagging in the middle It is possible to provide a
connection device of extremely satisfactory spokespeed.
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