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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a view showing an appearance of one
embodiment of the present invention, FIG. 2 is a view showing a state in which the cover of the
same embodiment is removed, FIG. Figures 4a and 4b are partial enlarged views of Figure 3,
Figures 5a, 5b and 5c show the sensor holder used in combination with the unit case shown in
Figure 3, FIG. 100 ииии Transmitter / receiver unit, 101 и и и и punching metal, 107 ... cover mounting
hole, 108 ... unit mounting hole, 121 ... Bearing portion, 123 ... spring wire, 124 ... sensor holder,
201 ... cover, 203 ... chassis. ???
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a supersonic he
alarm, and more particularly to a sending and receiving 1 d instrument support apparatus. b ___
___ ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0 , When there is a moving object, it knocks
out by the left rival of the station counter number between sending ??? and reflecting ?ba by
Doi Buller effect. Set it apart by a distance of separation from Rinku Rinku and reception - and vi
? C CI 'A rectangle (l L J ? /). Depending on how the sensing pattern is set, this distance is
fixedly determined and transmitted and received (g unit should be set integrally with ? и, и и и
sending, acceptance which should be directed in the same direction) I hope to have it.
Consequently, it is only necessary to have a device capable of appropriately selecting the
distance of the dodecabiggle darkness, and also capable of integrally supporting the transmission
and the receiver. However, in the past, such support mu has been offered. SUMMARY OF THE
INVENTION Accordingly, it is an object of the present invention to provide a device which
integrally supports transmission and receivers at proper intervals and superiority. In order to
attain this object, the present invention constitutes a device comprising ? units which store and
hold the transmission and reception 1d units, respectively, and a connecting body composed of a
chassis for mounting these units and a cover thereof. DESCRIPTION OF THE PREFERRED
EMBODIMENTS An embodiment of the present invention will be described below with reference
to the accompanying drawings. FIG. 1 shows the overall appearance of a first embodiment of the
present invention. In FIG. 1, (2) shows the overall appearance of the present invention, reference
numeral 100 is a transmission and receiver storage unit. And are joined at a predetermined
interval by a connecting portion WO. The storage knee seat 100 is composed of a portion
exposed outside both ends of the connecting portion 200 and a portion hidden by the connecting
portion 200 RVC. A transmission / reception electric sound number converter (hereinafter simply
referred to as a sensor, not shown) is housed in the exposed part, and circuit elements and the
like are stored in the concealed part. In the pleasing part, 10 / is a punching metal covering the
front of the sensor, 10 is a fin which regulates the ultrasonic wave input / output direction of the
transceiver, 103 is an operation blJ for changing the direction of the sensor, IO ? It is a screw to
fix the orientation. Also, ioz is a light emitting element provided so that it can not be seen directly
from the outside in order to confirm the operation of the circuit elements of the concealed part at
the time of maintenance inspection. On the other hand, the connecting portion 200 is composed
of a cover 20 / and a chassis (not shown), the bottom surface of the unit 100 is supported by the
chassis, and a part of the upper portion is laid by the cover Wt. W Cover is a screw to fix cover
2Di to two knee /) 100.
(3), FIG. 1 shows a part of the state in which the cover 201 is removed from the embodiment of
FIG. 1. / It is a covering part by the cover of the unit ioo, and the cover mounting hole 101 is
provided on the top surface of the unit ioo, and the variable resistance for the leg seat / (# I 10
and the terminal plate /// It is provided and included. The variable resistance is used for
adjusting the sensing time, that is, for adjusting the sensitivity so that it will be sensed only when
the object is moving in the dark and the dark, and the sensitivity adjustment. Wiring drawn out
from the terminal board /// is output from the wiring hole of the chassis 203 to the outside, and
is connected to a monitoring board in a separate room. 3 (g) to 3 (d) show the structure of the
case of the unit 100, where ? is a plan view, FIG. 6 (6) is a longitudinal sectional view taken
along the line j - A in Fig. (C) is a bottom view, and Fig. (D) is the same figure (B - BMiJfC cross
section of C - 1). First, the cover mounting hole 107 of the unima- ble 100 is to be loaded with
the screw 2oJ of Fig. 1 and is used to fix the unit 100 and the cover 207. Fig. Further, the unit
mounting hole / DI is used for directly applying the unit 100 to a ceiling or the like via a chassis
and is a hole penetrating through the chassis 203 from the top face to the bottom face of the (da)
A unit 100 The indicated bayonet mounting screws are loaded. This is a structure adopted to
prevent instability of installation due to deflection of the chassis when the chassis is attached to
the ceiling etc. when attaching the case of the unit to the chassis. Next, the sensor supporting
structure of the exposed part is configured to transmit and receive ultrasonic waves by the
ultrasonic wave entrance or the punching metal part of the exposed part. Use a cage that mounts
the pick sensor at the center of the rotating shaft and supports both ends of the rotating shaft
with love love. Use k so that the direction of orientation of the sensor can be changed by a
predetermined angular range within one plane. This angle is a maximum of 1 because the
mounting surface of the transmitting and receiving set is a flat surface such as a ceiling, and it is
divided into ?, and the sensor position with respect to one punching metal part and the sensor
for the other punching metal part Since the position and the position are made separate, it
suffices to cover the range of vtf. This structure will become clearer by explaining together with
reference to Fig. (The 4 'prisoners (a, Cb) show the holding structure by the spring wire for
pressing down the rotation axis of the sensor retainer, and the spring wire l: 13 indicated by the
imaginary line was also imagined Loosen the screw so that it can be pressed with the head of
screw l j!
We have a recess in the top of the boss for. 3 (?), Cb), and (C) show the structure of the sensor
holder, i 3 o shown by the imaginary line is a sensor and has a cylindrical shape. Then, in order
to hold this sensor iao, the appropriate number of ribs in the cylinder l 'a' '' '' j '' X'l :: l / i '' and
the other end That height is different 3! Noodle ?tv,: Ej, that is, it is tapered so as to be able to
cope with the size of the sensor to some extent. When the sensor /, 30 is inserted from the sea
bream at one end of the tubular body 12, the charging depth varies depending on the diameter.
Also, if you reduce the height of the ribs, you can also install a huge 9 sensor. Cylindrical body
reputation a is integrally formed with rotation (/ / 2'ib) wrapping between the direction
orthogonal to the axial direction of this cylindrical body l. The rotation axis /, Ish is cross-shaped
in transverse cross section except for the portion in contact with the bearing, and
countermeasures against deformation during plastic forming are applied. ???? (4) An
operation section l evaluation C having a driver hole at one end of the additive rotation axis / 21
b is provided. This operation unit l C is used to rotate the rotation axis l (b) by a plus or minus
driver. In addition, it can be said that if the driver hole also serves as an indicator of the
orientation of the sensor. This cage is several layers on one of the two bearings m /, 2 / provided
in the unit case of FIG. 3. In other words, the bearing m 1 ai is formed in a U shape with a part
opened, and the rotation shaft 1 Jh of the senna holder is inserted into the bearing mt l and it is
determined by the number 8 opening It is elastically pressed. Therefore, it is configured to seem
to duck and superior (7) with a certain resistance. As described above, since the pair of sensor
units are coupled by the chain ki section composed of the chassis and the cover as described
above, it is possible to easily configure the transmitter and receiver set simply by using the
connecting section of the desired length . In addition, the sensor unit can sometimes simply
change the direction of sensor pointing and superiority, and work (7) for installation of one
sensor unit is extremely simple.
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