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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a sectional view of an embodiment of the
present invention. 1 ... box, 2 ... speaker, 3 ... ... U-shaped tube, 4 ... ... water.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE PROBLEM This invention relates to a speaker box aimed at
improving the sound quality of the area with the low middle. In order to improve the pressure
change due to the vibration of the conventional speaker, it is wished to put a communicating hole
ta inside and outside the speaker box. However, if the communication hole is provided, there is a
n that loses the sound quality of the low 15 middle sound, the speaker The same vibration as the
other varnish hooks /) Hanging the diaphragm on the box bark% considered, but because
sensitivity sensitivity is too high or low Medium Improvement of quality has not been considered
insufficient yet. 20 cities (1) σ, ≠ 7 yes Z K This K is a box wall KU shape fusion circulation 1
place and filled the liquid into the 0 character tube, so air pressure is adjusted with
comparatively low sensitivity and the conventional The problem was improved. In other words,
when explaining the present invention with reference to the embodiment, one side 1i / a Hesu
beaker a of the dense 5 closed box / is set, and the O shape pipe 3 is penetrated through the
other inside 11 lf lb so as to penetrate inside the U-shaped pipe 3 It is filled with paddy. When
the diaphragm of the speaker is ma in the implementation dog, the atmospheric pressure inside
the box changes, and the table 1 Xi 4 Iatlb of the water in the U shape f 3 goes up and down by a
minute height to adjust the atmospheric pressure. In this case, the air pressure v4 inside the box
caused by the diaphragm is adjusted (since it is adjusted relatively slowly, it has the effect of
improving the virginity of the world. The volume of the 15 speaker box and the diameter of the
0-shaped pipe seems to be deeply related to the improvement of the sound quality. For example,
a cone speaker with a caliber Jlcm is set in the speaker box of height / 10 facilities, depth 401, @
901, lfL A small number of coins and one 4 o'clock of oblate 4 o'clock, a height of 20 compliant
(ko) 430 national water was put in, and a number of lots wearing a friend place, sound quality
was acknowledged. Although it is thought that the larger the specific gravity is, the better it will
be to obtain a good result, but there are five characteristics that the liquid to be used is easy to
use with water or low friction, and there is no problem even in the case of leakage friend.
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