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Specification l Name of invention
Stand for speaker cabinet
3, Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to a stand for installing a
speaker cabinet. In Japan's V #, there are many sliding doors, sliding doors or plate bands that
penetrate the bass, and if there is a shoji, a sliding door or a floor plate behind, behind, or below
the speaker cabinet, among the sounds emitted from the speaker cabinet, the bass Does not
reach the listening position located in front of the speaker cabinet because it escapes through the
sliding door, the sliding door or the floor board and the bass characteristic of the speaker cabinet
is not fully demonstrated. An object of the present invention is to provide a stand for a speaker
cabinet which can fully exhibit bass characteristics of a speaker cabinet in view of the autumn
situation described above. Embodiments of the present invention will now be described. In the
stand of this example, as shown in Fig. 1, it consists of the cabinet fitting part 11) and the
reflecting part (7), both of which are high density and high hardness, but with lath twill
reinforced cement boards with screws and adhesive Joined to make a black paint finish. As
shown in Fig. 1 and Fig. 2, the cabinet fitting portion 11 'is joined to the back plate (2) and the
bottom plate (31rL @ a) of the rectangular plate and the left and right A side plate (6) of a
triangular plate lodge is joined to each corner portion of each side end portion, and the bottom
plate (3) is penetrated by a circular bark sound hole l 4) f which is long in the left and right
direction at the center portion of the bottom plate (3) 3) with a small circular hole (5) penetrating
the back plate f21 side. "Reflector (7), Figures 1 and 21! As shown in +1, the back plate (8) in the
form of a rectangular plate and two side machines 041, no 1 mouth shape are kept in contact
with each other and the left and right side plates α Q, the rear side of the upper end of the
scream and the front side Long EndPage: Nuclear of one rectangular plate + 11 I, l! 3 t ", and the
rectangular openings 04 formed by the sound hole (4) of the bottom plate are overlapped
between the cabinets (the inner rail 03, Q + before and after the bottom draw-out (2) of the
fitting portion is 1 bridge) Then, it passes over the lower cutout portion at the front side end of
both side face plates α G, Q (j) to the crosspiece αS 1 of the rectangular plate, and the space
between the lower side crosspiece 09 and the above-mentioned front side crosspiece 110 located
right above this crosspiece , A rectangular opening 96 is formed and the lower end edge of the
opening Q6 on the front surface and the rear end edge of the opening 04 on the upper surface
are passed to the reflecting plate surface gold # of the rectangular plate, Both the left and right
side end faces of the board αη are joined to the board face of each side board 00, and the board
of the cabinet fitting portion of the embroidery I 's line 01 in 9 above! a small circle electric hole
O 2 through which the r @ hole C 5 is polymerized, and a small round w 1111 hole 9 is formed
through the back plate 8. When using the entire stand of this example, place a reflective part (c)
on the floor of the room and place 'f-jabinet fitting part tl' on the reflecting part (7) as shown in
Fig. 1 , The sound hole 4 of the cabinet fitting portion) and the WSS hole (51 'respectively have
upward opening f 141.
In the cabinet fitting part (1), the sweeper cabinet is completely fitted and the cord of the speaker
cabinet 0 sand is inserted into the cage fitting part (1) as indicated by the chain line in Fig. 1 or 2
It connects to the power source through the wire holes (5), ·, + 911, and the ei boarder listens to
the sound which is located in front of the speaker cabinet (t) and comes out from the speaker
cabinet. Then, of the sounds coming out of the speaker cabinet (solstice), it is rare that the bass is
hard to hear, and you can enjoy the sound of good quality. The reason for this is as follows. (1)
Since there are high density and high cement walls + 21, r61 behind the speaker cabinet tm and
on both sides of the speaker cabinet tm, the bass going from the speaker cabinet α その to the
emotional one goes as it is It is rare that it escapes, and a part of the bass reflected and reflected
by the cement wall 121, (6) is directed forward (2) the speaker cabinet (the lower bass going
downward on the lower side of 1 second is forwarded Reflecting reflection mechanisms (4), (14,
Q'll, Hateful 9, speaker cabinet 0 barrel from the bottom of the barrel to the bottom are passed
through as they are and are hardly escaped and the sound hole I 4 ) And the upper opening 041,
the reflection plate 07 made of high density and high hardness), and it goes forward through the
front opening 06. Therefore, when using the example Nutando gold, the speaker cabinet Stand
sound characteristics is sufficiently Kai揮 is the-present embodiment, although illustrated in FIG.
1 and the first drawing is as described above, which is then Engineering physician be modified as
illustrated. Instead of being composed of two pieces (1) cabinet fitting part 11) and reflecting
part (7), we wear it on the large plate of the cabinet fitting part with the sound hole and the
bottom plate full reflection part and integrate the number of tanks. (2) Instead of using glass
feeding reinforced seament as material, use asbestos cement or ordinary cementra. When the
stand of the present invention is fitted into the cabinet fitting portion of the speaker cabinet 1
and used, the cement # of high density and high hardness is also arranged at the back and both
sides of the speaker cabinet Therefore, it is rare that the bass going backward or sideward from
the speaker cabinet passes through as it is and it is stretched by the cement wall and partly
headed forward. tた。 Since the reflector for reflecting the low sound toward the front 5 is
arranged so as to be directed downward on the lower side of the speaker cabinet. The bass that
goes downward from the speaker cabinet is extremely less likely to escape as it is through K as it
is, and it is reflected by the cement reflection plate and goes forward.
Therefore, the bass characteristic of the speaker cabinet can be sufficiently exhibited.
BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a perspective view showing a cabinet fitting
portion and a reflecting portion of a stand for a speaker cabinet according to an embodiment of
the present invention in a scratched manner, and FIG. 2 shows a center FIG. 1: Cabinet fitting
part 2: back plate 3: bottom plate 4: sound hole 6: side tFj 7: reflecting portion 14: opening 16:
opening 17: reflector Patent applicant Tokai Concrete Industry Co., Ltd. Ikeda Shiba Co., Ltd.
Attorney Attorney Mizuho Minoru Attorney Mizuno Katsura 6 - EndPage: 2 Figure 1 Illustration 2
Figure 1 - 1 EndPage: 3
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