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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a half sectional view showing a conventional
speaker, FIG. 2 is a sectional view of essential parts of another conventional speaker, and FIG. 3
shows one embodiment of the speaker of the present invention FIG. 4 is a cross-sectional view
and a bottom view of a main part of a baffle plate used for the same speaker, FIG. 5 is a crosssectional view of a main part of another baffle plate, and FIG. 6 is a main part of still another
example Sectional view at the time of assembly. 15 · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·
· · · · magnetic circuit, 16 · · · · center pole, 17 · · · plate, 19 ... top plate, 20 ... stepped hole, 21 ...
edge fixing ring, 22 ... ... dome-like diaphragm, 23 ... ... Magnetic gap 24 24 Voice coil 25 Baffle
plate 26 Engagement portion 27 Engagement protrusion 28 ... through hole, 29 ... rivet.
to a speaker which is innovated by mounting a baffle plate on the upper surface of a magnetic
circuit and attempts to provide an inexpensive one by facilitating coupling of the baffle plate to
the magnetic circuit . As a conventional loudspeaker of this type, II # has been made like + l "" '2
shown in Fig. That is, the dome-shaped diaphragm 7 is attached to the upper part of the
magnetic circuit 6 formed by assembling the ring-shaped magnet 3 and the ring-shaped upper
plate 4 on the plate 2 having the center pole 1 via the edge fixing ring 6 A voice coil 9 fitted in
the magnetic gap 8 of the magnetic circuit 6 is connected to the lower surface of the domeshaped diaphragm 7, and on the upper surface of this magnetic circuit 5, a baffle plate 10 for
pressing the edge fixing ring 6 is fixed to the screw 11 As shown in FIG. According to the
configuration in which the baffle plate 1 o is coupled to the magnetic circuit 6 by using the screw
11, the coupling becomes strong, but it takes time and labor to assemble, which is also
disadvantageous in terms of cost. The upper plate 4 of the magnetic circuit 6 and the baffle plate
10 are pressed into the hole 14 of the upper plate 4 by press-fitting the adhesive 12 and the
projecting piece 13 provided on the baffle plate 10 as shown in the second bad, Although some
were made, although this would be advantageous from a cost perspective, there was a problem
with the bond strength and it was poor in reliability. 3 The present invention is intended to
eliminate the above-mentioned conventional drawbacks. Hereinafter, embodiments of the present
invention will be described with reference to FIGS. 3 to 6. First, as shown in Fig. 3,
Implementation at 4 A and B 1FlJFl One explanation is that the magnetic circuit 16 is a magnetic
circuit, and this magnetic circuit 16 has a magnet 18 of the ring method on the plate 17 which
marks the center pole 16, Similarly, a ring-shaped upper plate 19 is re-arranged and is bonded
by an adhesive. In addition, the upper plate 19 is provided with stepped holes 2 o protruding
upward at several places. A dome-shaped diaphragm 22 is mounted on this air circuit 16 via an
edge announcer ring 21, and a voice coil 24 which vst is placed in the magnetic gap 23 of the
magnetic circuit 16 is attached to this dome-shaped diaphragm 220 Are combined. Further, a
baffle plate 25 is coupled to the upper surface of the magnetic circuit 16, and the erran fixing
ring 21 is pressed by the magnetic circuit 16 by the baffle plate 26 to be quadrupled. On the
lower surface of this baffle plate 26, several hollow locking protrusions 27 having a holding
portion 26 at the lower end are provided in three systems as shown in FIGS. 4A and 4B, The
piece 27 is pressed into the upper plate 190 step dope L2 __, and the engagement hβ 26 is
engaged with the stepped part of the stepped hole 2 o so as to refine it.
Fig. 6 is almost the same as the one shown in Figs. 4A and 4H, and in Figs. 4A and 4H, the
engaging protruding piece 27 (7) 4 hole 28 penetrates to the upper face of the bakufuru plate 26
The candy in FIG. 6 is an example in which the penetration hole 28 of the engagement projecting
piece 27 and the recess of the baffle plate 26 are provided. In addition, in the case shown in FIG.
6, the holding portion 26 i of the engaging protruding piece 27 is bulged and press-fitted into the
stepped hole 2 o, and then the rivet 29 is press-fitted into the through hole 28 of the engaging
protruding piece 27 And the bond between them is more strongly V. As mentioned above, since
the speaker of this thought is constructed, it is easy to carry out magnetic coupling and baffle
board connection on a day-to-day basis, and its coupling strength is also greatly stabilized to be
6, making it cheap in terms of cost It has advantages τ such that it can be removed further and
repair becomes easy, and it has great practical value.
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