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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a plan view showing an embodiment of a
forming net according to the present invention, FIG. 2 a rear view, and FIG. 3 is a sectional view
of a main part thereof. 1 ... Cabinet, 2 ... forming net, 3 ... speaker, 4a to 4e ... reinforcing rib, 5b
to 5d, ... Partial projection.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE DEVELOPMENT The present invention is directed to sound ""
"'such as radio receivers, tape recorders, etc. into a cabinet which has a forming net for J scams
// fi 41. "The aim is to focus on the mechanical strength of the forming net with a simple
configuration without deteriorating the acoustic effect of the upper eye 【1 forming net. BRIEF
DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. The drawing shows an embodiment of the present
invention, in which the cabinet 2 made of synthetic resin 1] is a cabinet, '1, - ,,' yp) '' - 'ffeT;
Xiflkefft 4 'B-3tdlie' 11 12 It is a speaker that is housed in the cabinet 1 and is opposed to the
forming net 2. The forming net 2 is formed so as to protrude in an arcuate cross section on the
outside of the cabinet 1 and is formed in a mesh pattern. On the inner surface of the forming net
2, reinforcing ribs 4 a, 4 b... 4c, 4d, 4e are integrally formed with the forming net 2 and the
cabinet 1, and in the center portion of the reinforcing ribs 4b, 4c, ad, there are formed in the
height direction (f partial protrusions 5b, 5c, As shown in FIG. In this way, the partial protrusion
sb. Reinforcing ribs 4a to 4e having reinforcing ribs 4a to 4e reinforcing the forming net 2
integral with the cabinet 1 can generate welds at the center of the forming net 1 at the time of
molding, the reinforcing ribs 4a to 4e weld It is possible to reinforce the mechanical weakness
caused by the molding net 2 and to deteriorate the sound extraction effect and the sound
spreading dispersion effect of the forming net 2 0 That is, in general, the forming net provided
integrally with the cabinet is 3 The central portion is mechanically weak so that a plurality of
reinforcing ribs parallel to each other are integrally provided on the inner surface of the forming
net to mechanically reinforce the forming net itself. However, due to the relation of one molding
die, Weld occurs in the center of the reinforcing rib, and there is a problem that the contracting
strength becomes weak due to the reinforcing ribs. Therefore, in order to further reinforce the
reinforcing rib, the thickness of the supplementary ribs themselves is increased or the height is
increased, but in the case of the bending person, there is a disadvantage of reducing the space of
the sound of the net , In the latter case there is a disadvantage of narrowing the sound diffusing
effect. However, if the partial protrusions are provided in the height direction at the central
portion of the reinforcement rib as described above, it is not necessary to narrow the sound
release space, but to strengthen the reinforcement rib without narrowing the diffusion range of
the father sound / / '7 '' ')' - can be done by the mold formation mold, x) b) '8 8. 7., middle (- q, J
Can do.
According to the present invention as in the case of →, to the forming net →! , A partial
protrusion in the height direction was set in the central part of the reinforced rib) / · · ·] 'so that
the sound reduction effect of the forming net and the diffusing effect of the sound were not
impaired, It is possible to increase the strength.
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