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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIGS. 1 a, b to 4 a, b are diagrams showing a speaker
system using a conventional speaker enclosure, wherein FIGS. 1 a, 2 a, and 3 a and 4 a are front
views of the speaker system, respectively, FIG. 1, FIG. 2, FIG. 3, FIG. 4, the vertical sectional side
view, and FIGS. 5 a, FIG. 5 a is a front view of a speaker system, and FIG. 5 is a vertical sectional
side view showing the speaker system using the inventive speaker enclosure. A · · · · · speaker
enclosure, B · · · · speaker, 7 · · · · · soundboard, 12 · · · · resonance room. t σ (b) 4 Ar)
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a speaker
enclosure for an electric musical instrument used mainly for playing electric stringed
instruments such as an electric guitar and an electric pace. As well known, when playing electric
strings such as an electric guitar, the real sound signal generated by a sound source such as an
electric guitar is amplified by an amplifier, the amplified musical sound signal is supplied to the
speaker system, and the same Soby 1 system So that musical tones are generated. By the way, in
the speaker system used for playing such electric stringed instruments, the acoustic
characteristics, particularly the frequency characteristics, efficiency, etc. of the musical sounds
produced by the speakers (1), · 'streak V are influenced by the structure of the speaker enclosure
It is known that the speaker system using the conventional speaker enclosure used for the
performance of electric stringed instruments (Fig. 7 ((rotation), (b) to Fig. (A), (6) 7 (a) and 7 (b)
show the rear open type, the rear side open type, and the rear side open type, respectively. 2 (a),
Gaya) is a sealed type, Fig. 3 (a), <bl is a bass reflex ff-, 1 m 41 (a), (b) is a back lead type spider
corner " above Speaker enclosure, m such instruments are those that have been devised to obtain
a proper acoustic properties according to Aburaseme field drops like applications. However, the
above-mentioned conventional speaker enclosure is intended to improve the respective Tortoise
characteristics according to each model, but in any of the types, the power point mainly has
frequency characteristics Efficiency, etc. are put on improvement, after all electric guitar, electric
base etc etc. It is easy to generate 0 4 chord repetition instrument 0) It can express only the
sound which amplified the sound signal. That is, each of the above speaker entertainers is
extremely natural, but it can express only the sound which electrically processed the musical
sound generated by the electric stringed instrument, and it can be obtained by the act of the raw
guitar, the wood pace, etc. It was impossible to naturally express raw sounds that are not
electrically processed or nearby sounds. In consideration of the above circumstances, the present
invention has been made in view of the above circumstances, and it is an object of the present
invention to provide a method and apparatus for playing an original string without electrically
processing a sound generated from an instrument, such as a raw guitar, a wood base or the like
when playing an electric string instrument such as an electric guitar, A musical instrument to be
used as a sound, and a speaker enclosure for an electric musical instrument which is capable of
expressing a sound close to that of a musical instrument to be sounded. The speaker enclosure is
formed with a part in charge of a string of a string instrument resonating with a sound emitted
from a speaker .
Hereinafter, an embodiment of the present invention will be described with reference to FIG. 5
((rotation), (鴫). FIG. 5 (a), (-) is a diagram of a loudspeaker system using the speaker enclosure
according to the present invention, in which the reference sign A in FIG. 5 is a speech enclosure
as in the case of FIG. 1 to FIG. And B is a suibian sword. The spider cooker 4 is assembled in a
box shape so that the top plate 11 bottom plate 2, the left and right side plates 8, 4 and the back
plate 5 are opened in the front, and the inside of the box body assembled in this ring form Is
fixed to the middle plate 6 so as to divide it into two parts in the front and rear, and furthermore,
the sound board F is fixed so as to cover the front opening part of the same box body. Upon
assembly of the enclosure persons, the respective plates 1 to 7 are fixed to each other by
adhesion means using an adhesive, screw fastening means by wood screws, and the like. The
speaker B is dried and attached to the above-mentioned enclosure A by attaching the back board
5 or the signboard 7 to the speaker mounting hole 6 a formed in the center part of the middle
board 6 so as to face toward the moving plate F Each plate 1 to 6 except for the raising plate in
the above constitution is made of a thick wood board which is hard to resonate with sound wave
of the wt frequency 0 or 11 boardf is composed of a guitar, A wood board to be used for one
board of a stringed instrument such as a wood base (it is made of a wood board having
approximately the same kind and thickness of the ship wood). A circular hole S is formed at the
center part (front side of the speaker B) of this sound board F and a three-month shape one hole
9.9 is formed on both sides of the same hole 8, A bat bar 10.10 ... is fixed. Under such a
configuration, the enclosure A is partitioned into two by the middle plate 6, a chamber 11 sealed
in the rear of the middle plate 6 is formed, one hole 8, 9, 916 A chamber 1 m having an opening
is formed in the chamber 11. Therefore, the member forming the chamber 11 constitutes a socalled hermetic enclosure for the speaker B since the chamber 11 is sealed. And the room 1 m
constitutes a resonance chamber resonating with sound waves emitted from the speaker B
together with this sound board 7, since the sound board 7 is substantially the same as the sound
board of the string instrument. Next, the operation of the speaker system configured as described
above will be described. Now, for example, if this speaker system is used for performance of
electric guitar = (1%), the speaker B of this speaker system converts musical tone signals
generated by an electric guitar (not shown) to an amplifier (not shown) And is driven by the
amplified signal.
Temporary 11 rooms 1 in enclosure A! Is not formed, a signal obtained by electrically amplifying
the musical tone signal is merely generated from this loudspeaker system. However, in this
speaker system having the resonance chamber 12 in the enclosure A, the sound generated from
the speaker B causes the signboard 7 to vibrate, so that the one plate 7 and the resonance
chamber 12 resonate with the sound and the resonance sound Is externally sounded. Therefore,
if you design the acoustic characteristics of the resonance chamber X2 in front of the tube sheet
fan in the same way as the resonance chamber in the body of the raw guitar, the sound
generated from this speaker system is played by the electric guitar Despite the sound, it is a tone
that is close to the performance sound of the raw guitar. Thus, according to this loudspeaker
system, when this is used for performance of an electric string instrument, the performance
sound generated from this system is converted into a raw stringed instrument, that is, an
ordinary string Q ( 6) It can be made to be close to Bamboo sound of instrument. In the above
embodiment, the resonance chamber 13 of the enclosure A has the same resonance chamber 1!
A sound board is used only on the front face of the sound board, but the resonance room 12 may
be composed of other sound boards excluding the middle board 6. In addition, the type of the
portion for accommodating the speaker B is not limited to the sealed type as described in the
above embodiment, but may be various other types such as a rear open type, a bassless type, a
back pad type and the like. Also, the speaker system using the enclosure A according to the
present invention may be used not only when playing electric stringed instruments such as
electric guitars, electric basses, etc. but also in the performance of other electric musical
instruments. In such a usage method, it is possible to obtain a special performance sound
different from the conventional performance sound from the speaker system. As apparent from
the above description, according to the present invention, since the part responsible for the torso
of the string instrument resonating with the sound emitted from the speaker is formed in the
speaker enclosure, for example, the speaker system (7) using this enclosure Is used for the
performance of electric stringed instruments such as electric guitars and electric basses, it is
possible to obtain a performance sound close to a raw string instrument such as a raw guitar, a
wood base and the like.
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