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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is an exploded oblique view of a conventional
device, FIG. 2 is an assembled view showing a state in which a deep-bottomed speaker is attached
to a conventional device, and FIG. 3 is a cross- FIG. 4 is an exploded perspective view of parts
used in the apparatus according to the present invention, and FIG. 5 is a sectional view showing a
state in which a speaker is attached using the apparatus according to the present invention. 12 ...
bracket body, 13 ... drip-proof cover, 17 ... vacant space, 20 ... speaker.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a speaker
mounting apparatus suitable for mounting, for example, a car stereo or the like. In cars, houses
and buildings of buildings, such as automobiles, electric trains, etc. 2 There are cases where
stereo music etc. are enjoyed by installing speakers using indoor walls 4 In such cases, For
example, when installing a car stereo speaker in a car, a drip-proof cover 5 made of synthetic
resin for keeping the speaker from leakage from rain, car washing etc., and a bracket formed of a
steel plate for attaching the speaker 3 separately (1) 1> 73? In addition, a mounting hole 2 is
formed in advance in the mounting surface 1 such as a door lining in the vehicle, and the
mounting hole 2 is formed in advance, and as shown in FIG. 1, the front surface and the rear
surface of the mounting surface 1 facing the + j hole 2 The bracket 3 and the drip-proof cover 5
are fixed to the position, but in this case, in order to prevent the diaphragm etc. of the speaker 4
from being damaged by water, hold the drip-proof cover 5 Then, from the JII side through the
mounting hole 2, it is caught in the rear side of the mounting amount 1 and the drip-proof cover
5 is held on the back side. In the method 5, the forward direction of the mounting surface 1
around the mounting hole 2 and He was holding one bracket 3 and a fusible cover 5 in the back.
Then, afterwards, the coat 5a for setting the set δ - 7 'ζ is connected to the terminal (not
shown) of the -C spive 14 by connecting the bracket 3 in advance, and the speaker 4 is
connected to the eyes IIIM + of the brush flasher 3 Attaching it was done by mounting a metal
cover 6 for protecting the front VC of the speaker 4 on the hook. However, in the conventional
speaker mounting apparatus, the bracket 3 and the anti-7-cover 5 are separately formed, and in
order to install the speaker, the drip-proof cover 5 is held by hand and the platen (2) Since it was
not necessary to mount the tray 3, it was complicated and bad workability due to the installation
work being troubled, which was accompanied by the drawback. In addition, in the case of adding
a so-called deep-bottomed speaker to the bracket 3, as shown in FIG. 2 (a), since the rear portion
of the speaker 4 is in contact with the glass 7 and the back wall 8 in the vehicle, (B), a method
has been adopted in which the spacer 9 having a large thickness is interposed between the
mounting surface 1 and the bracket 3 to accommodate the speaker 4, but in such a structure, the
number of parts increases and a series , The weight of the whole device is increased and the
mounting cylinder of the speakers such as the mounting [[111 v) becomes extremely difficult, so
that the disadvantage of harmfulness of living quality and driving operability inside the vehicle
There was. Kusan This invention aims to provide a speaker mounting device which aims at the
same as above for the operation of attaching a speaker to a 2-way attachment, with the top + etreworking.
DESCRIPTION OF THE PREFERRED EMBODIMENTS The wholesaler is integrally formed of a
synthetic resin by a bracket according to the present invention, and this platen) 10 has a front
end (3) surface for mounting a speaker A ring-shaped bracket body 12 serving as a seat surface
and a back portion as a mounting tiu of the wall body 11, and a drip-proof cover 13 protruding
on the back of the bracket body 12 and molded integrally with the bracket body school 71. てい
る。 On the front end face of the bracket main body 12, there are formed a recessed groove 14
for receiving the frame end edge of the speaker, a buried screw of the number of screws for
screwing the speaker through the frame at an inward position close to the recessed groove 14 15
and a plurality of through holes 16 for inserting screws for mounting Q on the bracket main
body 12 Thh wall salmon 11 are formed at appropriate intervals and the major part of the inner
r σ position is surrounded by the back portion of the speaker 41 The glue cavity 17 formed by
the gusset is formed and the glue cover i3a has a shape that seven semicircular cones are half cut
and the base is integrally sitting on the back extension of the bracket body And a notch 19
having a notch 19 formed by crowning the base portion at both ends of the connecting portion
18 like a taper. Through the creation of the bamboo shooter 9 on the one-piece 11. In addition,
in the figure, the appearance is a speaker for attaching the trimmer WK, 21 and the opening
provided in the wall (4) body 11 for attaching the upper Flakeshetto River, 22 a through hole
provided close to the opening 21, Is a wiring cord set in advance, and 24 is an anchoring grill
attached to the front of the speaker barrel. In installing the speaker mounting device according to
the present invention constructed as described above, as shown in FIG. 4, an opening 21 and a
through hole 22 are formed in advance in the wall body 11 and a wiring cord 23 is set and
placed, the bracket 10 is inserted into the opening 21 with the drip-proof cover 13 facing the
opening 211111, and the screw portion is inserted into the through hole 16 and the through
hole n of the plug main body 12 A bracket securing bracket 10 is attached by a nut 26. In this
case, the bracket according to the present invention! ! ! Since the bracket main body school and
the drip-proof cover 13 are integrated, it becomes from the front direction of the wall body 11
one speaker for the bracket, III K installation town of the crill 24, and the installation work can
be performed well in the procedure it can. Also, when installing the bracket river, because the
notch 19 or 6 is cut out at the base of the drip-proof cover 13, holding the bracket, LQ at the
position of the opening 21 by inserting the finger into this notch 19 ), And it is possible to easily
tighten the fastening work with the screw 2 b and the nut 26.
After installing the brackets 10, connect the pre-set distribution cords to a speaker-damaged
terminal (not shown) and place the end of the next spoon ty in the groove 14 of the bracket body
12 After holding the VC philosophy in the void 17 of the ratio of the bracket body ratio, the
bracket body 12 is embedded in the bracket body 12 through the through hole formed in the end
portion of the screw 27 spoon V- Insert it in the screw 15 and tighten it. Next, if the grill 24 is
attached to the next A 11 surface of the speaker, a series of spikes attachment work ends. In the
case of installing a single shoe, it is preferable that the height n of the norance of the bracket
body 12 in contact with the wall body 11 (744 shown in FIG. Others, 28 is a speaker damaged
frame, the instrument is the yoke, the added VJ diaphragm, 31 is the voice coil, 32. The tank, 37 I
is the roulette, the word is the permanent magnet 〇 In addition, in the implementation 9 b
executed *: Jjf, using the screw and nut zb as a mechanism for supporting the bracket river on
the wall body 11 (6) It is not limited to this example, both strong [III-attached tapes or warming
agents may be applied to the wall body 11, and brackets may be applied to the wall body 11] 10
+ 'L-shoes As a mechanism for holding and holding the next, Although it is usable, it is not limited
to this, for example, it is a part of the speaker's success, for example, a frame for keeping the end
of the frame bracketed into a 7-range for holding (1, Can also be held. In the history, in this
embodiment the bracket body 12 and the drip-proof cover 13 are integrally molded (7, however,
for example, those in which these are separately produced by side-by-side, and are integrally
connected by adhesion and welding means also to the advisor of the present invention Of course
it is raining. As described above, according to the present invention, a drip-proof cover that
surrounds a cavity for accommodating the speaker and a mechanism for holding the speaker and
a main body for bracket and a top half of the one end opening j of the cavity. - Integral molding,
it is possible to eliminate the conflict of tradition that had traditionally had these individually
tramplished from vc yv, as they are installed all at once, aiming at the direction of this tub
structure There is an effect that can be. (7) In addition, since the bracket body and the drip-proof
cover are unitarily molded to form a single part, it is possible to reduce the parts point t and
reduce the manufacturing footprint at the same time to improve productivity And this kind # L
can be provided cheaply. In addition, by integrally molding the bracket main body and the tide
cover, there is an effect such that the clamping strength of the device can be reinforced.
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