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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIGS. 1 (a) and 1 (b) are a front view and a sectional
view showing one embodiment of the present invention, FIGS. 2 (a) and 2 (b) are a front view and
a sectional view of a center grill used in the embodiment , FIGS. 3 (a) and 3 (b) are a front view
and a cross-sectional view, respectively, of the high-frequency sound and medium-coaxial type
composite speaker used in the embodiment. 1: Bass speaker, 2: Equipment grille of sound quality
function, 3: Connector, 4: Resonance prevention rubber seat, 5: Female thread for mounting the
speaker, 6: Male screw for installation.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE DEVELOPMENT The present invention relates to an
improvement ζ 1 for enabling arbitrary deposition of a bass, middle layer, silent sound, middle
and high frequency speaker, etc., for a speaker grill, especially for each sound quality student. '- /
,, 7) 22? 7 Musical sources that are in the market have become tendencies of miscellaneous
tendencies as time goes by. Especially for folding like this folding fold, this speaker with its own
function is essential for reproducing it, but considering the conditions such as physical condition
1 for example for i4 or installation in a narrow room , Installation may become impossible to
impossible. However, when using a conventional speaker frame grille, the speaker was integrated
into the grill in the structure of the speaker - the production process. Moreover, even if we
pursued each sound hh ability, it was caroéed so that each Bh speaker could be attached to one
baffle board, and each type of speaker was formed as SISRAM in the tightening of cattle
production . For this reason, the control i, ['l! Every time I put the speaker on the grill according
to the conditions, j; o knows that this book · I wanted to make it to improve the shortcomings of
the Kakey · conventional technology, 0), fishing (Refer to the example shown on the side of Fig. ;
Λ 113), in which l is a speaker for Lu Lu, 2 is an instrumental grill according to the sound
quality function related to the proposed boil - 2, resonance and stop rubber seat is 3 resonance, 5
is speaker mounting by sound quality function 717 for use, 6 for mounting male thread, 7 for
bass speaker · edge + 8 for bass loudspeaker · center cap, 9 for high-performance equipment
mounting grill mounting part. 10 is a punched hole for the middle 8, 11 is a hole for installing
the speaker for the puncture machine, 12 fins over the entire treble, and a loudspeaker of the
type 1. For example, the bass instep speaker I is attached to the fitting 9 of the framing grill 2
according to the sound quality function, and the edges 7 of the baseboard speaker 2 are mounted
on the edge 7 And the speaker / center cap 8 for the renting sound. On the upper paddy side of
the grille 2, do not have a vibration function by making a mid-sound puncture hole for 10 and
use the bass ... speaker l as the basic speaker as described above. In order to make the middle
sound come out with this hole 10 1, in the grill 2 2 P Cosuta 3, the anti-shrinking rubber seat 4,
the speaker aisle with sound quality function added, the 5 Noise output, the sound quality
function 3 speaker mounting hole 11 in 3-each 8 quality function Speakers lit up with a structure
that is condoned separately, the installation is easy to take with tax 6 with screws 6 and its
electrical connection is not made by connector 3 sell.
Also, if necessary, the super-treble full-surface Hirodie type speaker 12 is as shown (two birds
can finish, the creel of the wood chip plan is described as -L 7) The speakers are basically bass
speakers, which can be used as a specialist for low 8, as well as when using only basic speakers
due to the sound field of Nakauchi to use B quality Functional It is possible to mount only the
centering ring 13 as shown in FIG. 2, which has no structure, with a male hose in the center. As
shown in Fig. 3, a combination of the natreater 14 and the same two-way loudspeaker 16 which
is one from the mid range, loudspeaker 15 combined with a water-like pine tree type skimmer
system in history - 4-; It is easy to do 1, Jl, il, l ζ l According to this proposal as apparent from
the point of view, it is easy to arrange the speech 4-power by sound quality so as to match the
physical afternoon By doing so you can effectively utilize the narrow space, so you can get
enough quality effects for car, ship and house use as well.
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