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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 shows an embodiment of a speaker cabinet
according to the present invention, FIG. 1 shows a rear slope, FIG. 2 shows a sectional view along
the line 1 - FIG. 4 is an oblique view of the screw bearing. 10 ... first cabinet, 11 ... baffle plate, 12
... speaker unit, 13 side plate, 13a ... kite ridge, 13b ... through hole, 20 ... second cabinet , 21 ...
back plate, 22 ... side plate, 22a ... concave groove, 23 ... top plate, 24 ... screw receiver, 24a ...
female screw hole, 25 ... through hole, 26 ... Butterfly screw.
The present invention relates to a speaker cabinet, and more particularly to a stationary speaker
cabinet for a car stereo which can select an internal volume and which is restricted by an
installation place and installation environment in%. The speaker cabinet has a function to prevent
the sound coming from the rear side from interfering with the sound coming from the front
direction of the speaker, and the sealed type cabinet has a structure in which the sound coming
out from the rear face of the speaker is completely blocked is there. Such a speaker cabinet · j · r ·
g gig? · In 1 - l Toto, setting the volume inside the cabinet is one of the most important factors in
designing the speaker cabinet, since it is difficult to determine the lowest resonance frequency
that can be regenerated. That is, since the volume determination of the speaker cabinet is
determined so as to be able to reproduce relatively faithfully both at the time of maximum
volume reproduction and at the time of minimum volume reproduction, depending on the
reproduction volume, it can not be said that he is enjoying the best reproduction sound.
Therefore, this invention differs depending on the size of the playback volume, furthermore,
installation location I! It is intended to be able to set the cabinet capacity appropriate for the
speaker cabinet. The cabinet is divided into two cabinets, one cabinet is fjk mounted in the other
cabinet, and the internal volume of the speaker cabinet can be changed by changing the warpage
fitting amount . Hereinafter, one embodiment of the present invention will be explained in a
direction obviously attached. 1, the reference symbol io denotes a first cabinet, the front surface
of the first cabinet 10 is a baffle plate //, and a spin coke 2-knit / co is attached, and this baffle
plate / 1 The four sides are surrounded by the side plate 13, the large plate / I, and the bottom
plate 15, and the surface to be chested with the baffle plate // is an opening mirror. A guide
protrusion / Ja protrudes inward in two lines above and below the gIll of the side plate 13, and a
through hole / Jb penetrates through the kite protrusion / Ja. Reference numeral J denotes a
second cabinet which can be densely fitted in the first cabinet 10 and is surrounded by the am
plate 1 around the back plate J 1 and the large plate J 1 bottom plate J. The opposite side of the
back plate 21 is open It is a face. A concave groove-a into which the guide protrusion / Ja can be
recessed is formed in the side plate n, and a screw receiver having a female screw hole Jla
formed in the inner side of the side plate 2 which is fitted in the concave groove 22 a is fixed, A
plurality of through holes Δ are obtained at a constant pitch which is the same as the through
hole / Jb 9.
The female screw hole J'a is bored at a position where it can be overlapped with the through hole
j. Further, on the upper surface of the top plate force, there are provided graduations of the
fitting child with respect to the first cabinet 10, in other words, the minimum playback
circumference IIjL number corresponding to the cabinet volume, the lowest resonance frequency,
a speaker In order to join the first cabinet 10 and the second cavi nets a), a butterfly thread is
screwed into the female screw hole Jlarc of the screw receiver J from the through hole / Jb. Next,
volume adjustment by the speaker cabinet of the present invention will be described. First, set
the volume of the internal space by selecting the fitting amount of the screw thread 1 t loosening and disconnecting, and the second cabinet) 1 for the first cabinet l. For example, in a
case where there are many opportunities to listen to the reproduced sound with a relatively large
front lid, the cabinet volume is increased so as to lower the minimum resonance frequency, in
other words, the second cabinet 3 is moved in the direction of pulling out the second cabinet 3, It
is easy to fix both cabinets. Also, when changing the cabinet volume in relation to installation
place etc., do the same. First. Second cabinet 10. In the case of xr binding only with gland screws,
if sufficient friction is obtained between them, only frictional coupling may be used, and the
number of through holes Δ and the pitch are determined in relation to 0 volume 'f volume . In
addition, when used for the speaker cabinet "tti * t-4 =" type car stereo speaker cabinet of the
present invention, it is easy to change the cabinet volume according to the upgrading of the
speaker unit, it corresponds to several types of speaker units I can do it. As apparent from the
above explanation fC, since the speaker cabinet of the present invention is configured so that the
volume change in the cabinet can be performed by adjusting the fitting device of the first cabinet
and the second cabinet, the volume of the cabinet suitable for the volume, It can be set to the
cabinet volume appropriate for the installation location.
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