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?? A thin 111 Name of the invention
Juice # Isolated cup
3. DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a cabinet for a
juice soup, such as a speaker cabinet, a record player housing, a case of a cassette recorder with
a portable pull radio, and the like. Conventionally, plastics are mainly used for ridges such as
compact simple speaker systems, record players, and portable radio, but in the case of plastics or
fibrous reinforced plastics for one day, molding Easiness, weight saving 1 Although it can be
done, on the other hand, it is easy to resonate because it is a long life, and it receives shadows q1
also from outside vibration! It was because there was no problem with sufficiently large value in
internal loss. 1 Speaker cabinet for HiFi and record player housing were trying to increase
unpleasant resonance by increasing the internal loss by using wood based crown. However, there
was a problem that it took time and labor to assemble and process the wooden material scene.
Fri. The age of none is also used for car stereos and small hi - fi stereos. In this gold cryogenic
casing, the internal loss was small as with plastics, which was a problem. To this problem,
Speaker cabinet and Player Hounk that crowded with 141+ mixed with graphite powder mixed
with plastics have been proposed by Contendent Mingists and others. The + A family, which is a
mixture of this plastics and the graphite powder, has a light layer and a high series of notes and a
high internal loss. However, this material has problems in custom temperature resistance, for
indoor use! 41J Although it is suitable for a carpet, there is a possibility of deformation in the
case that it became a high-temperature key in the direct sunlight of Shofu like a car stereo. The
present invention was accomplished in such a conventional way, and it is highly customized in
the high elasticity, barrier loss in @ ? and further resistant to ?l! It is aimed to provide 1d for
excellent sound equipment even for special orders. The present invention will be described in
detail VC below. A feature of the present invention is that polypropylene taste or a mixture of
polypropylene and polymethyl methacrylate, synthetic ff, l (+ kz, nitrile butadiene rubber (NBR),
butyl rubber (IIR), styrene 1 made of kneaded material of mixed family mixed with rubber thread
material such as Zumenoen rubber (SBR) and one-piece graphite powder is in one equipment
casing. Further, the present invention is characterized by rhinoceroses for it # equipment which
is formed by the above-mentioned crochette and further has quartz for i-piece black being
oriented along the circumference.
When discussing heat resistance 8: at a temperature at which the modulus of elasticity decreases
by half, it is about 25 ░ C cylinder from polypropylene and polymethyl methacrylate (PMMM) is
islands at about 10 ░ C compared to vinyl chloride resin. Therefore, these synthetic side fats
improve shochu PP 48: from the molding material based on vinyl chloride resin. The softness of
the rubber material contributes to the improvement of internal loss. The flaky graphite powder
contributes to the improvement of the elastic modulus which can not be expected with tIIIII
monomelic, and in particular, when the distribution is aligned in one direction, the resilience rate
improves to the fingernail. ; и It is better for the powdery graphite powder to have a grain size of
about 20 ?m or less, special vc 5 ?m P), the one on the bottom is suitable. The compounding
ratio of cabbage graphite powder to overturning can be expected to be improved by graphite
powder if the graphite EndPage: 2 powder is in the range of 10 to 90 wt%, pitting oil is 90 to 10
wt%, and the molding note It does not dim and does not cause a weakening of the t element of
coloring well, but especially when the graphite powder is 50 to 75 wt% and the resin is 50 to 25
wt%, the improvement of the special student is remarkable. PMM is generally widely used as a
processing aid for vinyl chloride resin, but blending with polypropylene is arbitrarily decided and
can be changed according to the shape and custom order of the target molding / snout. The
rubber type material is overflowed as needed in the range of 2 to 50 wt% with respect to the
resin, and when it is added by about 10 wt%, the elastic modulus E decreases by about 2 u% to
the internal loss - A double improvement is seen. For manufacturing without evaluation, first
prepare polypropylene I4i body or mixed milk material of polypropylene and polymethyl
methacrylate, and bti thin material 1 added with rubber system 'family if necessary, if necessary
And graphite powder 2 are mixed and kneaded or kneaded by a kneader or roll as shown in
Figure 1 while heating at 190 to 210 ░ C of the softening and high fusion temperature of VC 1
rock material, . This crochet wire material 14 - 3 is used as it is for forming the material d 1, and
is used for forming a caliper of a speaker cabinet, a player housing and a radio station booth by
an appropriate molding method such as piercing crown and press molding . For example, if
compression molding is taken as a crown, as shown in FIG. 2, the shrill 3 is placed in a mold 4
corresponding to the desired shape yc of the casing, then 4 ? 5 is placed on the mold 4 and
heated Pressure is applied to allow the material 3 to flow to every corner of the mold 4, 5 j, and
then cool the mold 4.5. Next, mold 4.5 is opened and F molded product 6 is taken out from
- Drunkenness 3 Figures a, b, o show the speaker cabinet T1 player housing 8.2 inches casino
case 9 molded with overhead ml. The upper iCC blending material is a name in the case where
the elastic $ E is oriented because the graphite powder 2 is not distributed in one direction in the
copper 11i and the group 1 j j or high inside 1 The loss is unchanged and it is used for forming
sound "# equipment i" if it has sufficient sinking characteristics for Shimo 11J. In order to
improve the modulus of elasticity of the crosstie wire material 3, it is repeated many times with a
roll [f is fused and formed into a sheet as shown in FIG. 4. As a result of sheet rolling, the
graphite powder 2 is oriented along the m curves of the sheet 4it 10, and the elasticity 4 is made
2 to 3 times that in the unoriented state. This sheet material 10 is unnecessarily conscious of one
sheet or overlapped sheets as shown in Fig. 45 ? U Under ripening heat, molding, pressing and
molding, rus 1) Forming gas such as Kosugi By the way, it will be shaped into a desired sound
part (rice for tableware 1). 1 Ease of use of one speaker cabinet% 5 PJS figure. 11] on the plate
11a1 & 11'b with the necessity of showing the thickness. By separately shaping the side plate
110, the bottom & 11 d and assembling it, the roots of the thickness are sandwiched by 1 Nolo
heat press molding, so that j 1 ? relief as shown in FIG. 3 & The simultaneous - dedicated sword
clause is suitable. Also, for the fi body 's railway hakge / g' s society, as shown in Fig. 3, 1 + 5 C
sheeting falling on a cedar is pressed and simultaneous single vc culmination is done, or FIG. 7 As
necessary to obtain the necessary sheet material 10 by the nucleus layer by using the obtained
plate material 12, this is obtained by the h method so as to pierce necessary holes 11 & 12 kl for
tcKk talk incorporation EndPage: 3 . Furthermore, when the body is a radio cassette case, it is
suitable to obtain by pressing in a shape as shown in Fig. 3 oiC. Celebrate it based on U under О
following the Mr. Akira. Example 1 Polypropylene iooit part Flaky graphite powder 200 б Dusk &
? u 2 ? Polypropylene 100 N Kaoru flake graphite dentate 300 ? (real IM 3) Polypropylene
aoatst Lymethyl methacrylate 20 Scaly graphite Powder 250 "[Example 4] Polypropylene 100
'IjL site Flake graphite powder tree 2 o O" II R 10 // [Example 5] Polypropylene 80 Mlan
polymethyl methacrylate 20 s - Flaky graphite powder 250 # II R 10 # [Comparative Example]
Vinyl Resin ioo Caustic Particle Graphite Powder * 2001 Stearin Leading Lead 5 DOP 10 # Each
powder is kneaded in a kneader at 190-210 ░ C under hll I heat at 4 kg / It's blue.
In order to obtain the orientation of graphite in a pitcher, I sandwiched a sheet with a ten H
pieced wire on the roller many times. 9 of these materials' # Note to the next person. EndPage: 4
Next, we used the materials of the Nikkei municipal examples to mold various ice-Jtab islands. In
other words, a speaker cabinet, a player housing, and a radio cassette case were manufactured by
press molding for the abutment platform on which the graphite powder was not oriented and the
lift platform on which the graphite powder was arranged. Each Futama dump obtained above (In
a cabinet of several cases, since the composition of the main ingredient is Manufacturing Fatigue
and Graphite Powder, the dense ass is small and it has 6 sites and the inner __ 1 curse loss is In
graphite powder KYOKYO Kfi regretted and added with rubber thread material, it was big by its
softening [Note. In addition, when the graphite powder was distributed, elasticity and rigidity
were large, so it was possible to construct it as an inside loss of the island while maintaining
Zhangk. Furthermore, when we measured the heat resistance of each of the above II positions, no
deformation occurred even under heating at about 120 ░ C.
4, Brief Description of the Drawings FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of a crosstalk material used
for molding the acoustic equipment casing of the present invention, and FIG. 2 is a process chart
showing molding 11 of the acoustic equipment casing of the present invention , Fig. 3 a, b. C are
perspective views of a speaker cabinet, a player housing and a radio cassette case according to
one embodiment of the present invention, respectively, and FIG. 4 is a cross-sectional view of a
sheet material oriented graphite powder used for molding the acoustic equipment casing of the
present invention, i FIG. 5 is an exploded perspective view of a speaker cabinet according to an
embodiment of the present invention, and FIG. 7 is a perspective view of one embodiment of the
present invention 1 "in FIG. 1 иии Resin N 2 и и и Scaly graphite powder 3 и и и Cross-wire material 7 и и
и speaker cabinet 8 и и и player housing 9 и и и radio cassette case 10 и и и sheet material Patent
applicant Pioneer Co., Ltd. EndPage: 5 Procedure amendment (spontaneous) November 1968
Showers of Chief Justice of the Patent Office 1) Chunichi Haruki 1, Showing cases Case No.
40267, Showa era 55, Relationship with the case of correction person Applicant's address
Meguro-ku, Tokyo Meguro 1 - chome 4 # r 1 name (sgl) Pioneer Corporation Beat - 4,
Juice # Isolated cup
5, the date of the correction order Date Showa 6, the number of inventions to be increased by the
correction 7, the column of the "Description of the invention" in the specification subject to
amendment ? Contents of amendment ? Japanese Patent Application No. 55-40261 Details on
this application Part of the letter is corrected as follows. 1, page 6, line 11 "Orientation in one
direction", "Orientation in one direction", 2, page 7, page 12, "decreasing internal loss" is reduced
but "internal loss" , Respectively. Patent applicant Pioneer Corporation EndPage: 7 Warning:
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