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Specification 1, name of invention
Members for audio equipment
3, Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention is a speaker box, a plier cabinet, a
turntable, a turn-tape lengon, a member of this kind, for example, a speaker bow. Describing
about the speaker, the speaker box is formed in a straight cubic box from a pair of top and
bottom plates and a back plate. And the material of each board is muffled board made of natural
wood or plywood, furthermore wood chi 9. Particleboard with synthetic resin bonded is often
used. On the other hand, speaker boxes are generally required to have rigid dogs, to have
moderate internal losses, to be heavy, to be easy to mold, to be economical, and the like. From
this point, if we examine the above conventional material, we found that natural rigidity is low
with the use of wood, internal loss is small, and because it is lightweight, the sound insulation
properties are inferior, vibration from the speaker, And it is forcibly excited by the sound
pressure in the box to easily generate howling, and furthermore, the resonance frequency of each
box increases so that it falls within the reproduction frequency band of the ball beaker. Also in
recent years Tree 4: A trend of H stone cost tends to rise due to the decrease of A resources. In
place of the speaker box using the next month, a mixture of metal powder with synthetic resin,
one made by GuyCasted aluminum, etc. have been devised, but have both sufficient internal loss,
weight and rigidity. Ehime It is difficult and the die cast product has a disadvantage that the
manufacturing cost rises remarkably. Accordingly, the present invention seeks to provide a
speaker box which solves the above-mentioned drawbacks of the conventional example, and has
EndPage: 1, which will be described in detail below. The speaker box of the present invention is a
shirasu nitride "Niri" Sparkle Box, Silas nitride (SiN - Al 08) is a solid solution obtained by
calcining silicon nitride and alumina , Specific gravity, rigidity (both II and internal loss can not
be achieved with conventional materials') It has the advantage that it has a special feature 1/1
and price is extremely cheap. Next, we reduced the present invention to 1 tLi in history with the
method of manufacturing the speaker box. 〔Example! ] Shirasu and 130 to 40% of aluminum
powder are mixed and heated in a nitrogen atmosphere at about 1400 ° C., and this is placed in
a graphite mold of the desired sprinkler box shape. · Hot at about 1700 ° C. Press it and sinter
it. Example 2 A silicon nitride powder and an alumina powder were mixed in an appropriate
amount, blasted in the mold at about 17000 C), and 7 '-limited and sintered. The speaker box
obtained in the above [Example 1] has the property of obtaining Kaza specific gravity: 33,
transverse rupture force 21, surface I high pressure j for 20 t / crA conventionally obtainable.
In other words, since the specific gravity is large, the heavy use increase of the speaker box can
be kept and the resonance frequency can be lowered, sufficient internal loss is obtained by
internal pores peculiar to sintering molding, and the vibration absorbing property of the box
improves . Furthermore, since it has high durability, it is less susceptible to the influence of the
sound pressure inside the box due to the driving of the speaker, the sound insulation property is
improved, howling can be prevented, and so forth. Also, since Shirasu which is an antidiscrimination is extremely low price, the cost of expenses is enough to cause young aluminum
powder price, so the price of the speaker box has extremely low economic and other advantages.
In the sintered molding, it is desirable to mold the sintered compact into a single piece except for
one of the back plate of the speaker box or the powerful board from the viewpoint of forming
more, but only the baffle plate etc. Speaker box The same effect can be obtained even if it is
applied to the one side glue constituting the part d. Moreover, when using the old part as "Glare
Negoti", it is possible to block oscillation due to sound pressure from the speaker, external
vibration, prevent howling, and when using it for a turntable, a motor And the like that shakes
the vibration, the customary force increases due to the heavy weight, and the user can take
pleasure in rotating operation. To use it for turn table tennis, it is a rigid body together with the
above-mentioned vibration interruption effect) to prevent sudden pressure on 1 / cord board]
Prevent 17 Best regeneration possible 1 In case of using it for an acoustic lens, its internal loss, 1
knee prevents the resonance of the acoustic lens itself 1 ~, making it possible to reproduce less
distortion. Although the present invention has been described with reference to the above
examples, it is easy to apply the present invention as another acoustic equipment member
utilizing the characteristics of rigidity, internal loss and weight. EndPage: 2
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