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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIGS. 1 and 2 are schematic perspective views of an
acoustic device according to the present invention, wherein FIG. 1 shows a state in which a
player portion is housed in a speaker box main body, FIG. 2 shows a state in which a player
portion Are shown in a state in which they are tilted forward from the speaker box, respectively.
10 · · · · · speaker box body, 12 · · · · speaker for low band (woofer -), 14 · · · · · · squawker - 116 · · ·
· · · writer, 18 ... ..A player housing section, 20 ... player section.
[Detailed Description of the Invention] With respect to sound V apparatus, by storing the player
section in the player storage section where the low-band speaker is located in open and closed
positions, this subordinate proposal increases the nV illusion by tIIJ = We aim to offer the
measured sound # device. Below, we will clarify 6, together with Fig. 1 and Fig. 2 of Toda 1
which was symbolized as a fruitful example. (11511, 7yo 3 B '7' tll is the main body of the
speaker box, Q'IJ is a woofer, which is a low-band speaker arranged at the center of this speaker
box body a 0, + 141 ° OI is this woofer-nz Squawkers and writers on both sides of the door,
Qllli! It is a player's hat portion formed in the center part where the woofer - 11 side is located. 4
is a player portion, which is placed similarly to a known player, a turn table gull arm (2), a
cartridge (2), etc. are provided on a stage, and this player portion (2) can be freely opened and
closed Is stored in the player storage 5 u 19,! As shown in FIG. L- / Since the embodiment of the
present invention is constructed as shown in the upper part 6C, in use, when placing the
mounting table (2) of the player part (2) over ten F + iJ, as shown in FIG. 2 Make a state. In this
state, put a desired record on the turn table (2) and listen to that playing (. After use, remove the
record from the turn and table boat and store the flare part H into the storage part of the main
body OI of the speaker box (if you store it in one bowl, it gets like the one shown in Fig. In this
way, the player (2) 1 tJ part can be freely opened and closed in the speaker box, kept on the front
just before use and listened to the record performance, and the player part can be stored again in
the speaker box after the end of the performance, Compactification is easier than the player
separation type. As explained above, in the audio device according to the present invention, at
least the two speaker system speaker bostame "in the audio device according to the present
invention, the speaker box with the low band speaker in the center is won Since the player is
housed in the player accommodating section as open and closed by himself / herself, it can be
made more compact than the system & C in which the conventional speaker and player are
separated in space. In addition, we deployed a low-frequency speaker that seats tE, in the center,
and a speaker for one luminescent direction with directivity that roughly goes forward is
arranged on the right side of it, so that it has a stereo effect - The effect that it can be raised to is
also superior.
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