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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a front view, a side sectional view, and FIG. 2 is
a side view of a microphone attachment structure according to one embodiment of the present
invention For explanation, a is a front view and b is a side view. In the figure, 1 is a microphone
cartridge, 2 is a weight, 3 is an elastic member, 4 is a support ring, 5 is a body, 6 is a spiral
spring, 61 is an outer end portion, and 62 is a spiral portion.
modification of a mounting structure of a microphone disposed in a body accompanying acoustic
vibration of a speaker box or the like, and particularly relates to a mounting structure of a
microphone supported by a cantilever spiral spring . For example, a microphone used for a
loudspeaker phone or the like for arranging a speaker and a microphone on the same body is
generally small and light, and a microphone with low vibration sensitivity is used, a microphone
of the microphone is provided with an appropriate weight And is fished down by an elastic
member such as rubber, spring or the like. Figure 1 shows the conventional microphone power 1
(! −、:、104. (A) is a front view, (b) is a detailed sectional view, 1 is a microphone
cartridge, 2 is the microphone cartridge 1, an elastic member 8 for supporting the microphone
cartridge 1, 4 a support ring supporting the microphone cartridge 1 via the elastic member 8, 5 a
body on which the support ring 4 is placed . By the way, the microphone cartridge 1 added with
weight f (σ '- weight 2 so that the natural vibration period of the small and light microphone
cartridge 1 attached in this manner becomes larger than the acoustic vibration cycle of the
speaker not shown 441 letters' q positive. The mass of the microphone cartridge 1 which is
fished down by a plurality of elastic body parts 1 composed of rubber, helical springs or the like
in the casing 5 and contains the ninth weight 2: R and the mass of the elastic part 3 and the lunar
material 1 The natural vibration period determined by the nuffiness of 4 was prevented from
sound propagation due to sound by increasing the sound, (the part -4 - day i 5 - vibration period.
However, since the structure of such a microphone mounting structure is vItIa, the number of
components is increased and the cost is high. In addition, the support member 4 has a drawback
that it is difficult to adjust a plurality of the microphones 104, i. 2 Piece 1 'The present invention
was made to solve the above problems, and it is O, which has a degree of freedom of vibration in
2 to 8 directions and acoustic vibration propagating directly to a microphone, and a simple
cantilevered spiral It is focused on stopping with the spring vibration system. Briefly stated,
according to the present invention, in a structure for attaching a microphone in which a speaker
and a microphone are disposed in the same body, in order to prevent mechanical propagation
vibration due to the sound of the speaker, the microphone is connected to a spiral spring It is
Hereinafter, embodiments of the present invention will be described in detail with reference to
the accompanying drawings. FIG. 2 (a) is a front view for explaining an embodiment of the
present invention, Is a flight side view, and the same reference numerals are attached to the same
parts as those of the previous time.
6 is a muddy spring made of an elastic member such as a phosphor bronze plate or the like and
formed with an outer end portion 61 and a spiral portion 62. In the above configuration, one end
portion of a cast winding wheeled car 6 having an elastic member such as a phosphor bronze
plate or the like formed in a pot-like shape is fixed to a predetermined position K of the body 5
by caulking or the like, At the center of spring 60, sound acoustic vibration skin - 104 - - 8! · As a
means to set it larger than the period, it is one with a microphone cartridge 1 with a weight 2
added. As is well known, the spiral spring 6 is supported on one side end portion, that is, one
point, on the body 5 which acoustically vibrates, so that for the & excitation in the X direction,
the spiral spring 6 is identified as the outer end portion 61 And the vibration is absorbed by the
plurality of wound-up portions 62. The vibration in the y direction and in the layer direction is
absorbed by the spiral portion 62, and the feature of the spiral spring 6 can easily absorb the
irregular mock vibration due to the sound by the plurality of vortex portions 62. Although the
spiral spring 6 formed of an elastic member has been described in detail with respect to the
embodiment in which a leaf spring is applied, the spiral spring 6 is not limited to a leaf spring but
may be an elastic circle 41ii or a filament. As apparent from the above explanation, according to
the installation of the microphone according to the present invention, the propagation vibration
of the sound recommendation can be prevented with a relatively simple structure, the economic
effect is extremely large is there.
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