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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a plan view of the present invention, and FIG.
2N is a side view of the present invention. 1 ... Bedding, 2 ... recording and reproducing
apparatus, 3 ... reproduction output amplification oscillating apparatus, 4 ... speaker, 5 ... electric
... Code, 6 · · · diaphragm.
DESCRIPTION OF THE PREFERRED EMBODIMENTS The present invention relates to a device 1
for reproducing a tape on which a sound of a human body circulatory organ is recorded, a device
for amplifying the reproduction output and vibrating the device, a device relating to one sentence
of an infant having a structure having a purchase . Parenting is a serious thing. With an unknown
night without eye, eyebrows as a place where everyone experiences the example of shrinking life
's feelings. Conventionally, many things that induce restless sleep of infants, such as merry-goround with orcol, mainly due to woven metal Δ. As a dominant theory, infants are strongly
sensitive to the mental strain of mothers, and metallic sounds such as the music box sounds
normally used have negative opinions as they cause fatigue in infants. Compliance is a matter of
medical cooperation, not the main point of this application. The place of children's painting
according to the present invention is to use milk having a device to urge the infant to sleep
concretely, utilizing the natural behavior of the baby's conditional reflex, the natural law of
human behavior, Act as sleeping ■, 55%. −1−/)。 It is to use it. In contact with infants, it is
common opinion to nurse a heart partlessly irrespective of dominant arm and to embrace it, and
the baby listens to the circulatory organ in the mother's uterus and sleeps within a few minutes It
is proved by television reporting (NTV, unknown world). From the above, it can be inferred that
the infant has something to do with the cardiovascular circulatory system. Also, it is easy to think
that the hypnotic state of the species -> seed hypnotic state will be formed due to the smallness
that the infant is in the womb for a long time and given the environment of the same condition
by the sound. I will get rid of it. Since the present invention is a design of bedding having a
device for urging sleep on infants, it is the greatest purpose that the infant sleeps pleasantly - it is
to use the circulation benefit in the body as a yuzu lullaby. With reference to the drawings, the
recording and reproducing apparatus 2 is attached to the bedding 1, and a vibrating device 6 is
attached which obtains by further amplifying the reproduction output. With the above structure,
it will encourage sleep from the ear and body due to sound and vibration. The bedding can take
up the space that can be accommodated by the device to be detached, so that it will not hurt the
device due to washing, sunshine etc, and can be carried separately. -255 / The recording and
reproducing device is generally the same score as the tape recorder which is burned by a radio
cassette etc. An apparatus which amplifies and vibrates the reproduction output means a device
having a structure which is established mainly in a seat such as a theater, audio cafe or the like.
In the case of the present invention, it is an application for infants, there is little reproduction
output, and in l attached to a spring structure bed, if speaker is attached to the inside of the bed
and the vibration of the speaker is transmitted directly to the bet , It can also serve as a device
for oscillating depending on the ratio of vibration>.
Recording and reproducing apparatus is compacting ability by making it endless tape type and
playing specialized to make sound of circulator "on recording tapes recorded with the same
rhythm. Infants are said to have a strong mental response to their parents, especially their
mothers. Except for the difference in constitution, the first child has a tendency to be mentally
and physically weaker than the second child, the second f. If other reasons are excluded, parents'
sense of insecurity from overprotection and lack of experience remains deeply rooted in the
child's subconscious mind, affecting later life · J __ is also a fact that can not be denied. I heard
that personality is formed at childhood, first of all health is the biggest requirement. That you can
sleep well without having to worry about parents' hands. Parents are deeply informed about their
health in Japa- nese children, their children grow up healthily with the feelings of their parents,
and in the sense that parents become more comfortable, they protect children's interests -3-55 d
It becomes i. When myogenic disease is being raised, I would like to raise healthyly in a more
nearly natural state without resorting to hospitals and drugs unnecessarily. The present
invention is devised so that the intention of the nature is to extend the ability of the original
human being by continuing to keep infants from receiving external unnecessary influences by
encouraging infants' sound sleep .
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