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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a perspective view showing a conventional
acoustic device. 2 is a front view and a side view showing a conventional microphone mounting
structure. FIG. 3 is a front view, a side view, and a rear view of the microphone attachment
structure showing one embodiment of the present invention. In the figure, reference numeral 1
denotes a casing, reference numeral 2 denotes a speaker, reference numeral 4 denotes a
telephone with a loudspeaker, reference numeral 5 denotes an additional mass, reference
numeral 6 denotes a support ring, reference numeral 7 denotes a suspension spring, reference
numeral 8 denotes a lead wire, reference numeral 9 denotes a microphone output terminal, Is a
springy substrate, 11 is a printed board, and 12 is an insulating tube.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE PROBLEM The unexpected idea is that Amamo is concerned
with the microphone attachment structure in a loudspeaker telephone etc. which is housed in a
single cabinet in which the speaker and the microphone are separately separated. For example,
there are loudspeakers such as those not shown in Fig. 1, for example, as a sound replacement
weight for accommodating conventional speakers and microphones in a single enclosure. A
speaker 3 and a microphone 2 are attached to the front face of the housing 10 and are mutually
connected to an unspecified number of telephones by means of @ -. Meanwhile it it stands
independent 9 Telephone functions, Between the Ministry of Education and Cantonese calling
call - Called command ♦ is for sending and receiving machines yS, 5-1-1? J5 r done 2. This ↓
expansion 7-1 - talk i + ik: Temple t (The flight microphone is direct 10 φ, blood pressure school
12 information exhibits a low felt sensitivity of the electret consansa - microphone temple 6. In
Figure 2, 02 (b) badly, the conventional vibration-proof type microphone mounting flywheel is
not provided. (B) The figure is suspended in the support plane 6 - (- / ikefone 2 beam / gutter (- J
7 Jll Factory i 5 suspended) lk Support ring 6 is attached to housing 1 1) Take i. Naka) Figure (a)
Jingu enclosure of microphone 2 with Ji Ji's enclosure blowjob and J & J rich in mouth J flexible
J & J is published. In the case of tIk vibrations propagating to a mora like this with a stubborn
crown, speaker output car, motor tacho sound of a telecoil, vibration frequency of a transformer
Compared to the cycle of the 1 ajJt temple, microphone 2. And the addition 3i I cord 5 pendant is
L17, so that the cycle of the vibrating yarn of the vibrating yarn is sufficiently long, ti - JJ 1 can
obtain sufficient vibration - proof young rice, but it becomes constitutional or miscellaneous , The
number of parts count is large, it is bad. As a disadvantage of the upper cab, it is assumed that
the provision of the 916 structure is nothing more than a microphone that gathers at the Kaneda
temple, which is also considered as an idea, and is equipped with a southern tip. To aim for the
above purpose, the present invention proposes to acquire a microphone for industrializing huts
from the outside in a cabinet that is 1 J "3 - Leet bowl and ice cream z: 3-type tatami mat body
Supported by splash and tilted by printed board Towards 'JE' s gathering - C, below 2 + Take an
example to the ii + phase. No. 31i! ! , 1 (a) (mouth piece J Figure 1 Node N (a), side view 1111 (b)
showing the embodiment of the microphone attachment structure of this clamshell, in the back
layer). (A) As shown in the cut view of a bad guy, the microphone 2 is attached to the ring-shaped
phrase added negative electric power 5 and is supported by the spine salient 10 attached to the
microphone output terminal 9 and attached to the flint board 11 .
Hold pillar part 9 + IO Hold the role of trout trout as well as all the functions of the suspended
spring shown in 7 in Fig. 2, and its material is a floor part of the stave fuselage which can
respond to acoustic vibration For example, we use the kode of Rin ★ Tin etc. Also, its engraving
is bent at Zf: mold as shown by (b) bad mind, - Air my 3 - ne 917 output - 9 e fix at one spot
welded at Sukhot or Ushita Temple attach one end to printed board 11 . Minoro phone 2 and 1 ·
"Since the mike cartridge which is made from the sword mouth fresh 5 is necessarily in the @
storm of ridge guhumu, it is supported with a two-letter flexible spring material and is supported
and heart. In addition to this Z-shaped spring, the surface of the insulation Nayuun 12 which
makes the uncomfortable to insulate the Yakuhin seven-toothed movement is delayed by loosely
fitting. In this case, it is also effective to use the one in which short insulators 712 Fi are
connected in a beaded form. (C) Fig. E, Mike output - Child 9 is in a state where all the resilient
ladders are attached. Compared with the German structure, the supporting mass (6) shown in Fig.
2, bad scratches (7). Since the lead * <S + is unnecessary, the number of parts is reduced and
there is an advantage that bribery for taking anti-shake measures like tatami can be simplified.
As described above, the mounting structure that supports the tatami mat that also serves as a
lead at the microphone output terminal of the microphone is supported and supported, the
number of parts is reduced, and the microphone fi 1n degree of grade station small young rice
kelly employee Young rice for her husband is a nurse. Duck 4i! 3918
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