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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a perspective view of a conventional speaker
cabinet, and FIG. 2 is a perspective view of the speaker cabinet of the present invention. 21 is a
bass reproduction speaker, 22 is a high frequency sound reproduction speaker, 23 is a cabinet,
23a is a baffle plate, and 24 is a concave curve portion.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE PROBLEM The present invention relates to the structure of a
speaker cabinet, aimed at increasing the radiation amount of a coaxial sound by devising the
shape of a baffle plate of a cabinet. I will explain the conventional speaker system with reference
to the diagram of the 2 way speaker cosmos having the woofer - (bass speaker) and the tweeter (high i speaker) in the figure, in the figure 1 is a coover, 2 is a cabinet, and each speaker 32 is
attached to a puff-full plate 3 a having a flat surface at the front of the cabinet 3 such that its
radiation axis faces forward. Also, the speakers 1.2 are inputted with signals divided into a low
frequency band and a high frequency band by a network circuit (not shown). And speaker
characteristics, combination of speaker and network circuit were selected so that the sound
pressure on the axis of the speaker was almost constant regardless of the playback frequency.
However, since such sound pressure / frequency characteristics are measured in an anechoic
chamber, since the user uses it in a general room, direct loup from a speaker, reflection on a wall,
ceiling, etc. And indirect sounds due to it. Therefore, there is no problem if the acoustic energy
including direct sound and indirect sound is constant without asking the reproduction frequency,
but the speaker becomes high paleozoic group 93)) It becomes directional or it becomes sharp,
As a result, it decreases or decreases the liberation volume, giving the listener a feeling of sound
deletion etc. in a specific frequency band. In order to solve such a drawback, the present
invention measures the indirect sound by extremely simple means of devising the shape of the
baffle plate, and the embodiment shown in FIG. 2 will be described in more detail below. 2, the
speaker cabinets 21 and 22 are the cuuno mounted on the front pamphlet plate 28a of the
cabinet 23) and the tweeter. A concave curved portion 24. 24 is formed on both sides of the
baffle plate 28 a close to the attaching portion of the soyer 22. According to the above
configuration, among the sound waves radiated from the tweeter 22, a component traveling in
the horizontal direction is diffracted by the concave curved portion 24, then reflected by the
curved wall, and radiated forward. It reaches the listener directly as an indirect sound and
secondary reflection such as a wall. 94]) · Nozuno 4 Therefore, according to the speaker box of
the present invention, since the indentation amount becomes extremely larger than the cabinet of
the conventional structure by the concave curved portion, compared with the conventional
example, the reproduction sound You can make the field Sumi.
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