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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a perspective view of a conventional cassette
recorder, FIG. 2 is a view showing a portion of the built-in microphone unit shown in FIG. 1, and
FIG. 3 is a cross- FIG. 4 is an enlarged view of a portion of a built-in microphone / unit mounting
of a cassette recorder showing an embodiment of the present invention, in which the built-in
microphone unit is used as an external microphone. 1 Recorder body 2 Internal microphone unit
3 Microphone sensitivity changeover switch 5 Internal microphone unit mounting portion 6 · · · · ·
· · Jack, 12 · · · · switch · lever, 13 · · · · built-in microphone · unit pushing out pawl.
[Detailed description of the invention] Regarding the cassette recorder which can be used as an
external microphone, it can be removed, particularly with respect to the original draft cassette
recorder, and it is particularly easy to remove the built-in microphone. る。 Normally, built-in
microphones are attached to the recorder main body in cassettes and recorders such as microcassette recorder, portable cassette recorder, etc. Also, as shown in Fig. 91, in the cassette
recorder f which can be used as an external microphone, the built-in microphone can be
detached from 11ID, the built-in microphone unit Q that can be removed from the recorder main
unit (1) When weired and used as an external microphone, it has a microphone sensitivity
changeover switch (3) for switching the microphone sensitivity from high sensitivity to low
sensitivity. In addition, Lee Poo Sono) installation for installing the built-in microphone · en route
(1), as shown in X, 9, 1 12 iJ of operation buttons (4) such as recording, (5) is provided and $ P],
the section is excellent), Ini · Jack (6) which has both built-in microphone · 2 hack and external
microphone · jack is provided. #F when using the built-in microphone / unit mortar) as an
external microphone, connection cord -) is used as shown in Fig. 3, -) at both ends of the
connection cord -), 99 is a clip A rounded jack (10) having a built-in microphone unit body
(hereinafter referred to as a built-in microphone unit body), and said mounting is provided with a
round mini plug (b) connected to the mini jack (6) of the section (5) . In addition, the clip (9) is
for attaching clothes and the like to the built-in microphone unit body at the time of recording.
Also, a plug (7) is attached to the built-in microphone unit (2). However, when removing the
built-in microphone unit body from the main body (1) in the cassette recorder shown in FIG. 1,
this must be pulled out with a finger - so it is difficult to remove the tray 9 There are drawbacks.
To eliminate the conventional O defects), the target company of the present invention can
remove jiEjl built-in MyHenn to -K and take it out (when removing it)) and remove it from the
external microphone To provide a cassette recorder capable of performing a conversation bell
sound with a high degree of clarity as KTo. The cassette recorder of the present invention has a
pawl for pushing the 0 e unit into the recorder main body built-in microphone / enemy part,
integrated with the lever of the microphone sensitivity changeover switch, and by switching the
switch / lever , When disconnecting the built-in microphone - unit, installing it, and 4, the
microphone sensitivity switching is also performed at the same time.
present invention will be described. FIG. 4 is an enlarged view of a built-in microphone / antenna
attachment portion of the cassette recorder of the present invention. In Figure 4, in order to have
a function to remove the butterfly, microphone sensitivity changeover function Q and lever
microphone sensitivity changeover switch (3) lever (2), built-in microphone e) (Solstice) is
provided. Therefore, lever ①, microphone switching sweet couch, lever and built-in microphone,
enloaded) Remove the lever 1 doubles as one. Inner jacket Rv Ihaheet (2) shown in Fig. JI 1 is
pushed out of the castle part (5) and jumps out and disengages, simultaneously with the
microphone sensitivity changeover switch (3) tj automatic To the low sensitivity side, making it
possible to record and record as an external microphone. When using it as an external
microphone, the following code -) is used for il shown in Fig. 3, a sense of high II! Kawaragakku
4) 1oi 'If it is round, manually switch the lever (b) to the high sensitive side. Also, when installing
to the 1 (s) installed, the microphone unit (2) searches for the knob (solitaire) and integrates with
the nail and the nine microphone sensitivity changeover switch (3) is automatically set to high
sensitivity Side. that's all! ! According to the present invention, according to the present
invention, since the claw integrated with the microphone sensitivity changeover switch / lever is
provided in the built-in microphone / eyetteking portion, the worker who removed the built-in
microphone unit) By doing so, it is possible to automatically switch the microphone sensitivity
changeover switch, and it is possible to realize a cassette-recorder with good operability. ) 2
work. エエ。 FIG. 1 is a perspective view of a conventional cassette recorder, and FIG. 1 shown in
FIG. 1, jIz diagram I1. FIG. 3 is a diagram showing a connection code when using the built-in
microphone unit shown in FIG. 111 as an external miter, 114 is a cassette recorder showing the
embodiment O of the present invention O Built-in microphone unit -) 10'i Mounting is an
enlarged view of the part. l · · · recorder main unit, 2- · built-in microphone unit, 3 · · · microphone
sensitivity changeover switch, · · · · built-in microphone · unit taking section, 6 - · jack, 12 · ·
switch · lever, 1 m · Built-in microphone · unit for extrusion. Utility model il = People Tokyo
Shibaura Employment Co., Ltd. i Attorney Valve Writer 'Norishige Kuniyoshi - (Dynamic IQ))! -) l
(16481 111A · 2 Biao Color 7 Voice Day)
The second lap! □ '-104,:, 1 m input, l-4 Near Electric (,, 1
1.. 5 txt "= Moko · 'Il 10 Giant
41114' DC / Mey 15 N - m - * 5105 Axis" · "217 115 115, List of attached documents (1) 4
Assigned letter 1 1 (3) 7 drawings 1 (4) request duplicate 1, 6, inventor other than the above,
utility model registration applicant or agent former can 7 - 1 ■ 仝 (1) agent Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Uchisaiwaiicho 1-1-6 Tokyo Σ-Ur electric Co., Ltd. Tokyo office report (7567) Takashi
Kuroboshiro A Aya and 106 □
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