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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a perspective view of the overall external
appearance of a radio cassette according to one embodiment of the present invention, FIG. 2 is a
perspective view of a main part showing a coupling operation between a main body cabinet and a
speaker box, FIG. 5 is an exploded perspective view of a shaft hinge shaft portion, FIG. 6 is an
assembled perspective view thereof, and FIG. 7 is an exploded perspective view of a bearing
hinge portion , And FIG. 8 is a longitudinal sectional view thereof. In the drawings used in the
drawings, 1 ... body cabinet, 2, 3 ... speaker box, 8 ... bearing hinge part, 9 ... shaft hinge Section,
16 ... linear metal elastic body, 22 ... shaft bottle, ... ... fitting concave section.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE PRIORITY The present invention relates to a tug hinge device,
and more particularly to a table hinge wax suitable for use in an audio rack. Cassette tape
recorder with radio (hereinafter referred to as a radio cassette and blind. ), If you put OM (1) 1ck
11 η "-1" on a pair of speakers gracefully, it will depend on whether to perform stereo playback.
Further, the pair of speakers are housed in the main body cabinet and the box which is a tamperevident body, respectively, and when the speaker box is detachably connected to the main body
cabinet, the speaker box is connected to the main body cabinet In addition to being hot in use by
the wire, it is possible to use the speaker box at an arbitrary position away from the main body
cabinet. BRIEF SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION An object of the present invention is to provide a
hinge device suitable for use in audio equipment such as a radio cassette or the like, comprising:
a bearing hinge having a paper meeting concavity attached to the first member and , A shaft
hinge having an insertion shaft which is bottled on the second member), an edge metal elastic
body 8 such that a part thereof is exposed to the fitting concave portion, the 6-th bearing hinge
The first S member and the second member are relatively rotatably connected to each other by
inserting the insertion shaft into the fitting concave portion so as to relatively rotatably connect
the insertion S and the second member, Shaped gold 14 elastic body 12) 2 - Jl In the hinge device
of the present invention, electrical m- is performed between the first member and the second
member is there. Therefore, it is possible to compactly configure a hinge device that rotatably
connects members of a pair of cabinet interrogating members, and it is possible to provide a
preferable hinge device without requiring a means for instantaneous shaking of a song .
which the present invention is applied to a hinge device in a radio cassette will be described with
reference to the drawings. As shown in the first and the twenty-first, the radio cassette of the
present embodiment includes a main body cabinet (11 and a pair of speaker boxes 121 tal). Body
cabinet fil inner fence is capped with cheese, cassette de 苧 etc etc. Inside the speaker box 121
(31, the speaker (4) is stored, and the lll side of the loudspeaker box 121 lies across the circular
speaker grill (5) 1. i) Exposure to ore, speaker horror "/ x12 + t310) Jl - Th # * # * Ye * J) tlloy tel in this radio cassette. -, and the length of the speaker box t 21 (31 in the pressure right
direction is half the length (3) 3 2 1 in the same direction of the main body cabinet ill.
The speaker box 121131 is detachably connected to the main body cabinet (1) by a pair of upper
and lower hinges (6) (7) as shown in stripe 2. Next, the structure of the hinge 16147 will be
described. The hinge S> (61171 is composed of the main body jabinet il + information bearing
hinge part (8) and the speaker box 12) side shaft hinge part (9) . As shown in FIGS. 186 and 114,
the bearing hinge portion (8) is made of an L-shaped metal fitting α υ that is screwed to a pair
of support portions integrally connected to the main cabinet layer 111 made of synthetic rRw
tumor) It is configured. It is made of chrome-plated copper plate, iron plate, copper plate, etc.
made of this metal fittings, chrome-plated or made of stainless steel, and at the end part of it is a
tubular bearing made by scraping tongue cocoon Hinge Zheng (8) is being formed. This bearing
hinge portion (8) passes through a rectangular opening a 4 formed in the IIM - of the main body
cabinet (1) and faces the outside of the middle jabinet 11). In addition, after attaching this metal
fitting silver 1, the opening tta is locked by the locking claws ** a 4 'is made to be closed by a 4
(4) 4 ". In the cylindrical bearing hinge s <8), a vertically elongated opening a 5 is formed at-114
s of the cylindrical bearing hinge s <8, and one end of a linear metal elastic body is inserted in
this opening turn. Jin's elastic body aeFi, for example a chrome-plated piano wire, may be
mourned. Linda atmav is formed at the other end of the elastic body lIe, and the elastic body a 19
hinge fitting (lit! It is fixed. Morning morning gold A (iml, this gold X living υ is connected to the
support 11G via lead 4m - 1 terminal lead [0 υ and Iik. The terminal board υ is also soldered to
the metal fittings. Next, with respect to the shaft hinge part (9) of the above speaker box 12) 13 +
m 1 ll, the whole of # 15 and FIG. 6 will be made clear, and this shaft hinge bolt (9) is composed
of a stainless steel shaft hin (2) In this case, the end of the support plate (2) made of stainless
steel is pressed into the cylinder (mystery) made by mai naming the plate, iron plate, steel plate,
etc. It is caught and supported. This support #i (daughter) daughter - gold (5) made of the same
material as above and made of the same material as above, 1; 3 piece] Once fixed with screws 4 t
on the side wall of the box (2) Jt 迩 開口 開口 開口 開口 開口 開口 開口 開口 開口 の の の の の
The opening (e) at the front of the table is closed by the self-supporting plate (9) with the hinge
(2) after the ninth attachment of the shaft hinge part (9). In addition, the metal fitting (c) is
integrally attached to a box made of synthetic resin + 2), and the support C11li integrally
attached with screws is screwed and secured by screws. Name number ζ This screw ... fixes the
terminal board (2) of the lead - C to the bracket (c) number. The terminal board - is further
attached to Ushita to the metal fitting (c). The other end of the lead-in is drilled to the voice coil
(not shown) of this speaker via the speaker (4) V-Muroto * attached * 9 jacked terminal section ().
In the configuration as shown in FIG. 2, as shown in FIG. 2, a shaft jar (2) which forms the shaft
hinge 5 (9) of a jogger, a speaker box (jal 131) is fixed to the bearing hinge m 1 Inside the
department recess (__) Inside the I recess, the shaft hinge part (9) and the bearing L 郁 ((8) are
mutually beasted and the speaker box 421 t 3) rotates in the main body (1 ). Therefore, in this
case I will be arranged to be connected to Subhu-Kabo (616 d Knox 12143) or main body cabinet
ill, as indicated by one in I & 1111 Cause. しかもむのラジカセにおいては、#! 7 Figure and #!
8 As shown in the figure, when the shaft bin (2) of the shaft hinge (9) is inserted into the fitting
recess in the bearing hinge 5 (8), the shaft bin (2) is inserted into this fitting recess The extended
edge metal elastic body Q 49 is connected to the shaft bin (2), the output end of the @ road
inside the main body cabinet (1) and the speaker (4) inside the speakerphone 121131 are warm
As shown in FIG. Here, the upper hinge (6) forms the ground line and the lower hinge (7) forms
the remark line. Therefore, in the case of connecting the main body cabinet il + and the speaker
box 12 + 13) with the hinge (6) 171 in this radio cassette, it is not necessary to link these with a
cord having the bladder. (9) At all angles of rotation, arrange the speaker box 12 + 431 to the
main body cabinet H1) and the C moth to the preferred angular position so that the club shaft
bin (2) is in contact with the metal elastic body It turns right. (7) 7 "□□ Also in this radio
cassette, the body cabinet) 111 toss beaker box t 2) 13) is simply connected to the shaft pin of
the shaft hinge (9)) via the bearing hinge, part (8) Since the speaker box 121t31 is simply
inserted into the fitting recess 2, it is possible to separate the speaker box 21131 from the main
body cabinet Ill by moving the speaker box 121t31 upward with respect to the main body
cabinet (1) , Which makes it possible to place the speaker mix 121 t 3) in an excessive position
with respect to the main body cabinet (1).
Therefore it is possible to listen to music etc. more than usual = bonbon stereo. In this case, the
speaker (4) in the speaker box 12113) and the output end of the circuit inside the main body in
the main body is connected in a dignified manner by means of a = It is. In this radio cassette, in
the case of this radio cassette, the speaker box (2143) is made to lie at the center of the hinge ζ
6147), as shown by a mule in 41, so that the screen of 1 speaker box 121131 and the wIJthl of
the main body cabinet 111 collide with each other I can rub it more than it is done. In such a
state (8) 8, the poet (9) in the recessed part (solstice) (ud) formed behind the pair of speaker
boxes t 21 t 31 and the antilock S (solstice) are mutually paid , The pair of speaker boxes t 21
(31 is locked in the state shown in the east of wk 1). In this case, therefore, the stock and the
radio cassette will be short p1 compact between the left and right sides of the main body cabinet
(1). Thus, in a state in which the speaker box 12 + 133 is compactly enclosed in this way, the
turtle becomes easy to handle due to transportation with the handle attached to the upper part of
the main salon cabinet (1) in a state of being enclosed. As described above, according to the
present invention, since the hinge device is constituted by the bearing hinge portion having the
fitting concave portion and the shaft hinge portion sounding the insertion shaft inserted into the
fitting concave portion , 7W 11111 Kawasa total, as well as providing a compact hinge pleasure
turtle. In addition, it is made to combine warm air deduction by naming Pa with the forest-like
metallic elastic body and the seven matchmen's shaft which is out of the & Just add wL, it is hot
weather to be able to combine wishes 9 and 9. Moreover, because the metal elastic body Fi is
frozen in shape, the hinge apparatus does not become large by this.
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