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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a front view showing an example of an electric
stringed instrument according to the present invention, FIG. 2 is a block diagram showing an
electric system mounted in the body of FIG. 1, FIG. 3 is an enlarged sectional view taken along
the line m - rm in FIG. 1, and FIG. 4 is a sectional view showing another embodiment. k1 и и и и и и и и
и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и 25 и и и и ventilation hole, и и и и и и и и и back lid.
An electric stringed instrument characterized by having a detailed description of the invention.
The present invention relates to an electric stringed instrument, and more particularly to an
electric stringed instrument incorporating a speaker. In general, electric stringed instruments
with built-in speakers, for example electric guitars, are used for personal performance, 'or for
practice, all kinds of things are expressed entirely. In this type of electric guitar, from the reason
that the string resonates as a result of being urged by the output sound of a loudspeaker that has
a value to the body, the string vibration of so-called acoustic feedback is -l- "13 items", 11 It has
been said that it is inherently impossible to remove '7 - Xin Xin' wage steen. For this reason,
especially in the case of Shu Shinki or personal danmaku of the music which makes sustain of
string dying unnecessary, with a normal electric guitar. The inconvenience that the amplifying
device and the speaker box attached to it are not separately obstructed have always been
insected. Meanwhile, the inventor questioned the commentary on the t-like feedback system of
the above-mentioned sustain phenomenon, which was generally thought conventionally, and as a
result of investigating the seventh, as a result of the speaker's output sound being transmitted
through the air to each string Instead of letting I torsionally vibrate, 1 L of vibration of the
speaker itself propagates to the body and the primary Kh rocker bridges fixed to the body are
shot, whereby each arc is caused to vibrate Experimentally confirmed the fact that it is being
energized and continuing to vibrate t - si. In addition, speaker itself in electric guitar. In order to
fix the spilling force to the narrow concave S, the output sound is caught in the concave portion
and the faithful enlargement output of the 1st string shooting - 331 и и и ?. Has always been
disadvantageously disadvantaged. SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION It is an object of the present
invention to improve the disadvantages of the prior art and to eliminate acoustic feedback in the
guitar of the string vibration and smoothly move the horn of the speaker smoothly so as to
obtain a sharper coarse expanded output sound To the electric string Q 11 with built-in speaker
capable of obtaining the electric string. In the present invention, a relatively large through hole is
provided in the body and a speaker VTcl is accommodated in the hole. A negative member is
interposed at least between the attachment portion of the speaker and the body main body and a
large number of vent holes are provided in the back cover provided in the through hole so as to
achieve the above object . Hereinafter, one embodiment of the present invention will be
described with reference to FIGS. 1 to 3. In FIGS. 1 and 2, 1 denotes a turbody and now denotes a
neck. A speaker J is attached to the center part of the guitar body.
On the lower side of the speaker 3 in the figure, a pickup B, bridge! And tailpiece 1, each J - 332
? 'f и ?. It is mounted as shown in the above figure. The tone adjustment section is denoted by 2,
and the I 2 for output adjustment is shown. In addition to this, the gyro body 11 contains a DC
voltage 9 of y (v), and a power switch 10 for on-ory is attached to the surface of the guitar body.
This power switch 10. Its II @ KLICD # l1F) lighting tube / (7Al built-in one is used, which allows
the power switch 10 to be turned on or off) can be viewed from the outside. In order to continue
the external power supply to the power switch / ? (the switching jack 11 / co is equipped in the
Confluence of the guitar body 1), the built-in power supply can not be used In cases such as
when it is possible to use JIK external power supply. In addition, the guitar body / is equipped
with a headphone jack s 13 and a jack for output (s) for outputting to the outside without
amplifying the signal detected at the pickup participation), and a pickup Ambition detection
signal - referral - 333 'r' z '; f) ;; amplification envelope for amplifying 1 и and sending it to the
speaker J! Is built in. Compilation 2 is a block garden showing the electrical connection relation
between these parts. FIG. 3 is a detailed sectional view of the brazed portion of the speaker 3. In
this figure KN, the guitar body as the body itself has a large penetrating hole / mu in which the
speaker J is housed. The upper end BK of this one-character joining through hole / A in the same
figure is provided with a spot facing Wlr / B for fixing the collar S3 which is the mounting
portion of the speaker J. The speaker 3 includes a felt, a sponge or other gentle 1111J / AeJ / B
disposed on the upper and lower surfaces of the collar s3m, and a punching board for covering
the curved surface of the speaker 3, Along with. It is secured to the guitar body l so that it can be
restrained from above by a holding plate 3 made of synthetic shelf that combines a big guard.
This ?. The tremor of the loudspeaker 3 is effectively absorbed by the cushioning member co /
A, co / 1, thus significantly reducing the tremor component of the loudspeaker propagating to
the guitar body - '- 13: s 4, l, -1 , A, L, and such point KN, the bridge!
It is difficult to set the vibration energy for excitation from the l side to nearly none, so it is
considered a phenomenon more dominant than the conventional one, and arrives on a nas teen
based on the acoustic feedback phenomenon of the string vibration It can be made small. To the
contrary, on the bottom side of the # hole of the # hole, I @ J 4 with the II number of small holesI, co j, ... was installed, The output sound of the speaker J can smoothly propagate from the both
sides of the guitar body / to the outside. In such a point, the acoustic feedback of the string
vibration can be further reduced because the degree C body (the ti motion is reduced as much).
Also, FIG. 4 shows another embodiment in the embodiment of FIG. 4, which shows ** S material /
B in FIG. 3 disposed on the lower surface side of the flange portion 3A of the 1st century speaker
3 1 (extending as far as a part of the side face of the speaker 3 as shown in FIG. 1 and
surrounding the outer peripheral edges of the collar s 3 m of the speaker 3, the buffer member / p and the punching board - 1) As the impact member c / C formed in this way, laminate this
interruption material i-xtc, the collar s 3m of the speaker J, the loose * S material co / A and the
punching board coco described above, and then bolt and nut , And furthermore a buffering
member such as a sponge is interposed between the restraining slope 3 and the punching plate J
- and is ?. Other configurations are substantially the same as those in the above-described
embodiment. ??????? Even with the same operation and effect as in the above-described
embodiment, even if the pounding board Coco mounted on the front face of the speaker 3 has a
small flying motion, it propagates to the guitar body 4 It is advantageous that the size of the
sustain of the string tremor can be made 1 lill in advance by setting the mounting strength of the
stain beaker 3 appropriately. Although the above embodiments have been described with
reference to (K electric guitar, one contrivance is applied to other electric stringed instruments
with built-in speaker as it is. As described above, according to the present invention, the placing
member is interposed through 7-13; at the river, ''>! Since it was attached to the main body of the
speaker by fG, it is possible to prevent the damage of the speaker from being transmitted to the
body, and% in that point is%, it is impossible to sow out the traditional string tremor It is possible
to remove almost nastine based on the acoustic feedback phenomenon and accordingly it
becomes unnecessary to separately install the device 1 and the speaker box required at the time
of kneading, which was conventionally required, and the back of the body Since the output sound
of the bamboo speaker is propagated to the outside also from the cystspin, the inconvenience of
the prior art that the output sound is caught in the concave portion and the faithful enlarged
output sound of string embellishment can not be obtained is improved Since it can be seen and
output also to the performer Confucius, it can capture its own performance clearly, which makes
it easier to play, and furthermore, it is 1 The energy does not propagate to the body itself - so it is
possible to reduce the tightening torque in the body itself by that much. Electric type string pot
with built-in speaker Can be provided.
4-132 N и ?? Fig. 1 is a front view showing an example of the electric stringed instrument
according to the present invention, Fig. 2 is a block diagram showing the electric system installed
in the body of the first WA, Fig. wisll is an enlarged sectional view along m - m 1 i K in FIG. 1, and
FIG. 4 is a sectional view showing another embodiment. Ha и и guitar body as the body. / A ...
through hole as a speaker housing part. J и и и speaker, co / B, co / C и и и cushioning member. Co S и
и vent hole. Coro ... back cover. Utility model Climb Applicant Chun Shin Buraku Manufacturing
Co., Ltd. Agent Representative Mr. Takashi Mikoto II ? ',, * -' - "lJt jealousy 1F 212 - z - / 33 - -" l7. 586 - 1. "Thousand-Tm ?] -] ,, / 4 ░ 5., I и" 9 ? ? Utility model registration applicant Chukin
Musical Instruments Manufacturing Co., Ltd. 1: <34! Fig. 21 A 3 A 22231 \, 00000. , / 4 \\\\ X ::
17, one> ztBfB / A252j326 Fig. 4 ZIA 22231 / \ 11 11 @ 11 Jun; 1, 21 C 26 / A 33 A 13, il U
Applicant Chukin Instruments Manufacturing Co., Ltd. и 7'11 Isamu Takahashi и '1 / -L
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