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A muffled speech mask is provided to reduce ambient speech noise when using a mobile phone.
SOLUTION: A muffled speech mask is directly connected to a mobile phone with a code, and
speech is performed using the muffled speech mask. Due to the soundproofing effect of the
mask, the volume leaking around can be reduced. Speech noise in the presence of people around
you can be reduced, and it is thought that the annoyance to people around you will be reduced
considerably. [Selected figure] Figure 1
Mute conversation mask for mobile phone
The present invention is a mobile phone conversation method using a muffled conversation mask
in order to reduce ambient speech noise when using a mobile phone.
Conventional cell phones directly hear the voices of the conversation, and cause the people to
feel unpleasant.
The present invention is to reduce speech noise when using a mobile phone in the presence of
people around it.
Talk using a muted conversation mask that is corded to the mobile phone.
By using the present invention, when using the conventional mobile phone, the sound generated
by the conversation is directly heard by the people around them, causing a nuisance.
By using this conversation mask, since the microphone attached to the mask picks up the
generated sound directly, the generated sound can be spoken in small voices, and the soundproof
effect of the mask can reduce the volume leaking to the surroundings.
You can also show people around you that you are talking with manners.
Hereinafter, embodiments of the present invention will be described.
In the conventional mobile phone, a speaker of the mobile phone is attached to the ear, a voice is
generated in the mouth, and the sound is picked up by the microphone of the mobile phone.
By connecting this muffled conversation mask to a cell phone with a cord, you can talk the voice
directly with a microphone.
Overall front view of the present invention Overall cross section of the present invention
Explanation of sign
1 mute conversation mask 2 microphone unit 3 cord connecting the mobile phone and the
conversation mask
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