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[Industrial Application] The present invention can be used under adverse conditions such as
wind, rain, snow, dust, etc., and can be easily installed on sediment, rock, grass, forest or slope of
mountain, snow, etc. The present invention relates to a boundary sound collecting type allweather microphone device which can be easily detected and which is hard to be detected by
humans and animals, and which is excellent in environmental resistance, installation, and
confidentiality. [Prior Art] FIG. 2 is a schematic view showing an example of a conventional
boundary sound collecting type all-weather microphone device. In the figure, (1) is a microphone,
(3o) is a windproof screen made of polyurethane foam (about 20 cm in diameter) of a spherical
skeleton structure, and a shell made of nylon non-woven rainproof screen (opened downward)
31) A microphone (1) is housed in a weatherproof screen (31), the periphery of which is covered
with a windproof screen (30). The all-weather microphone device configured as described above
is mounted on a mount (33) of a tripod (32) and installed at a desired location. And, the
windproof screen (30) prevents wind noise reduction and the ingress of dust to the microphone
(1), and the rainproof screen (31) 4i water droplets entering from the windproof screen (30)
when it rains, microphone ( There is an effect cut that falls before reaching 1). The all-weather
microphone device reduces the effects of wind, rain, snow, dust and the like by configuring in
this way (as a structure of the all-weather microphone device, for example, Proceedings of the
Acoustical Society of Japan Showa 51 October 2001, pp. 601-602 "Long-term noise
measurement for snowfall areas". [Problems to be Solved by the Invention] The conventional allweather microphone device is configured as described above, and has the following problems.
Since the (1,) tripod (32) is used, the condition of the installation place is relatively flat and a
space sufficient to extend the tripod (32) is required, and hence the installation place is limited.
In addition, installation, withdrawal and movement are bothersome and time-consuming. (2) The
large windproof screen (30) has a large wind resistance, and is therefore prone to overturning
due to wind, and overturning due to contact with people or animals. (3) The windproof screen
(30) force (height is high because it is placed on the tripod (32), and it is easy to be found by
humans and animals, which causes a problem when confidentiality is required. (4) structurally
the windproof screen (30) or easy to deform (\ No need to be careful enough to carry and move,
handling (X force (troublesome.
SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION The present invention has been made to solve the abovementioned problems, and it is an object of the present invention to obtain a small-sized, lightweight and robust all-weather microphone device which can be installed anywhere on the
ground. [Means for Solving the Problems] In the all-weather microphone device according to the
present invention, a microphone is installed in an opening provided in a cylindrical case, and a
partition plate is provided with a slight gap from the upper surface of the case. The upper part of
the case including the partition plate is covered with the upper lid so as to separate a slight gap
from the outer peripheral part of the case, and the cover is closely attached to this upper lid to
arrange the hook (-to cover the outer periphery of the case and further A screen is disposed at
the through hole, the upper portion of the through hole, and the upper portion of the opening of
the case. [Operation] The all-weather microphone according to the present invention is installed
on the ground or any other place as it is. The sound wave enters from between the case and the
cover, and the gap between the case and the upper lid, the gap between the case and the
partition, the screen disposed in the through hole provided in the partition, the screen and the
case disposed above the through hole It is placed on the opening, passes through the screen and
reaches the microphone, and operates the microphone to amplify its output signal, which is
transmitted to the outside through the connector. And for wind, three screens reduce wind noise
and thereby prevent the ingress of dust. Further, since the waterproof structure is completely
sealed except for the sound wave entry path, and the sound wave entrance to the microphone is
provided at the highest position, there is no possibility that rain water or the like may enter the
microphone. Further, since the approach path of the sound wave is provided over the Outer periphery of the microphone, it can be used as long as the snow adhering to
the gap between the case and the upper lid is frozen and the entire periphery of the gap is not
frozen. FIG. 1 is an explanatory view of an embodiment of the present invention partially shown
in cross section. In the figure, (1) is a microphone comprising a vibrating film (2), an electrode (3)
and the like. (5) is a cylindrical case having an opening (6) at the center, and the microphone (1)
is airtightly attached to the opening (6) via the support member (8) and the fixed releg (9) The
inside of the case (5) is completely sealed. (10) is an amplifier mounted and fixed on the support
base 11) provided on the bottom plate (7) of the case (5) and amplifying the output of the
microphone (1), and its driving power source is the connector (12) The signal is supplied from
the outside via the connector, and the output signal is transmitted to the outside via the
connector (12). (13) is a partition plate disposed on the case (5) with a gap (g), (14) is a plurality
of through holes provided concentrically with the opening (6) of the partition plate (13), (14a) is
a cylindrical body attached to the through hole (14).
(15) is an upper lid disposed above the case (5), and the skirt portion (16) provided on the outer
periphery faces the upper outer layer of the case (5) with a gap (gl). The gap (g) between the case
(5) and the partition plate (13) and the gap (gl) between the upper lid (15) and the case (5) were
1 + am in the example. (17) is a raindrop noise preventing cover which is made of, for example,
neobrene rubber or the like which transmits sound waves and which is in close contact with the
upper lid (15) and covers almost the entire case (5) including the upper lid (15). The directional
characteristics of the microphone unit (all parts except for the amplifier (10)) are nondirectional.
(21) is a first screen having a waterproof and windproof effect, filled in a cylindrical body (14) of
a partition plate (13), and in the embodiment, it is coated with silicon and has a water-repellent
treatment thickness of 5 mm The non-woven fabric of (22) is a second screen having a windproof
effect attached so as to close the opening of the cylindrical body (14), and (23) a windproof effect
attached to the opening (6) of the case (5) In the third screen of the present invention, the second
screen For the third screen (22), (23), a felt of thickness 2 dragon was used. In the present
invention configured as described above, the base plate (7) is placed on the ground or any other
place with the bottom plate (7) facing down. Then, the sound wave enters from between the case
(5) and the cover (17), and the gap (gl) between the case (5) and the upper lid (15) and the gap
(g) between the case (5) and the partition plate (13) ), Through the first screen (21), the second
screen (22L, the third screen (23), to reach the microphone (1), operate the microphone (1) and
amplify its output signal by the amplifier (10) And transmitted to the outside through the
connector (12). Next, means for reducing the influence on wind, rain, snow, dust and the like,
simplification of installation, measures for measures against the problems at the time of
installation and the like will be described. [1] Means for reducing the influence on the wind First,
second and third 1. Since the third screens (21), (22) and (23) are provided in triples, this can
reduce wind noise. In the example, the wind noise reduction effect was about 25 dB in total of
the three screens (21), (22) and (23). [2] Means to reduce the influence on rain All but the sound
wave entry path has a completely sealed waterproof structure, and the sound wave enters
through the gap (g) formed between the case (5) and the upper lid (13) As a means for
preventing rainwater and the like from infiltrating the microphone (1), the following
configuration is adopted.
(A) A three-step height difference is provided in the sound wave approach path, and the entrance
to the microphone (1) is provided at the highest position. (B) The first screen (21) was treated to
be water repellent. (C) A gap (gl) through which sound waves enter is provided at the top of the
case (5). [Means to reduce the influence on snow: In addition to the means to reduce the
influence on rain described above, since the sound wave invading gaps (g) and (gl) are provided
on the entire circumference 360 ′ of the microphone (1), Gap (g). (Gl), in particular, the snow
attached to the gap (gl) between the case (5) and the upper lid (15) is frozen, and the structure is
usable as long as the entire circumference of the gap (gl) is not blocked. [4] Means for reducing
the influence on dust As described in the means for reducing the influence on wind described
above, since the screens (21) to (23) are provided in triples, dust can be infiltrated into the
microphone (1) It can be prevented. [Improvement of installation of the microphones] All
external mechanisms of the microphone (1) such as the first to third screens (21), (22), (23), etc.
are accommodated in the microphone device, and a simple structure is provided. Also, as a small
flat disc shape stable against external force, it can be installed simply by placing it on the ground
or the like. In addition, it is possible to give a secrecy by applying a camouflage by painting.
Although the case where a partition plate (13) was provided separately from case (5) was shown
in said description, you may form partition plate (13) integrally with case (5). In addition,
although the case where a plurality of small through holes (14) are provided in the partition plate
(13) is shown, for example, two or more circular through holes concentrically with the opening
(6) of the case (5) May be provided. [Effects of the Invention] As is apparent from the above
description, since the present invention incorporates the functions required as an all-weather
microphone device in the main body of the device and is set on the ground, it can be installed
alone at any place. can do. After installation, there is no fear of falling, it is hard to be found, and
it is possible to realize an all-weather microphone device excellent in environmental resistance,
installation, maneuverability, and confidentiality. From the above, according to the present
invention, a sensor for a portable detector which performs volcano monitoring and explosives
explosion monitoring using propagation of a low-frequency sound wave having a long
wavelength from a generation source to a relatively long distance, or It can also be implemented
as a sensor for portable low frequency pollution measuring instruments.
Brief description of the drawings
FIG. 1 is a partial sectional view of the embodiment of the present invention, and FIG. 2 is an
explanatory view of an example of a conventional all-weather microphone device.
(1) Two microphones, (5): case, (6) two-opening part, (io): amplifier, (12): connector, (13):
partition plate, (14): through hole, (15): Top cover, (17) + cover (21), (22), (23) Two screen.
Description of conventional 兇 1 Fig. 2
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