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-"Specification 2 of the Invention, Percentage Meter Claim (1) General Formula (1), R, X-OH: 0HCOOY (1) [wherein, R rainbow 1 to 20 carbon atoms Alkyl group having 7t is an alkenyl group,%
XnF 4% 80 or L802, Y is a hydrogen atom, alkali gold 8.. Alkaline earth metal, Null, 1 to 2 carbon
atoms of carbon atom-containing alkyl group or alkenyl group Polyhydric alcohol or acetalization
which may have an ether bond resulting from intramolecular or intermolecular dehydration
Glycerinka Island 1 water IIJl! With the exception of a cross-piece group other than the above, a
C.sub.1-C.sub.20 alkyl group, and a blocked oxyethylene group (1 to 20 units) or an
oxypropylene group (1 to 20 units) sealed with an alkyl group of 1 to 20 carbon atoms] 1 tank or
2 or more tanks effective Koni ~. A disinfectant for IIIII 11 art contained as an ingredient. (2) An
agricultural and horticultural fungicide according to claim 1, which is a compound of the formula
(1) wherein X is represented by 8.
Agricultural and horticultural fungicides
The present invention relates to novel agricultural and horticultural fungicides, more particularly
to the following general formula (1)% formula% (1) [wherein R 扛 1 to 20 carbon atoms. Group or
an alkenyl group, X is 8.80 or 802, Y is a hydrogen atom, an alkali metal, an alkaline earth metal,
an alkyl group having 1414.1 to 20 carbon atoms, or an argenyl EndPage: 1 group Or a
polyhydric alcohol which may be formed by intramolecular or intermolecular dehydration, or a
polyhydric alcohol which may have a hydroxyl group or acetalized glycerin having a hydroxyl
group removed of 11 solid groups, an alkyl group having 1 to 20 carbon atoms and a chain
length of f 'Lfc 181 or two or more kinds of compounds represented by oxyethylene group (1 to
20 units) or oxypropylene group (1 to 20 units)' fr are used as an active ingredient On lIk
horticultural fungicide containing. Recent advances in pesticides? Although many new pesticides
have been split and n1 conventional agricultural and horticultural fungicides have been
considered to be difficult to control sputum, although control measures are gradually being
taken, control agents are still appropriate There are many diseases that cause serious damage
every year. In addition, conventionally used copper agents, mercury agents, heavy metal
compounds such as arsenic side, organic #A elementary drugs, organic phosphoric acid drugs,
antibiotics of antibiotics and the like] A voice soothing agent can be any number of animals and It
is harmful to the human body, remains in soil and animals for a long time, and has the
disadvantage of contaminating the natural environment. In addition, among these agents, the
control effect is excellent, and even if the effect is false, the control effect is remarkable due to
the occurrence of phytotoxicity or appearance of resistant bacteria in the plant body. There is
also something that is falling and happening. In view of such circumstances, there is a strong
demand for the emergence of 5 more stable bactericidal effects t- and η1 safer agricultural and
horticultural fungicides. Therefore, the inventor of the present invention is a complete antihormone bactericidal agent “frsOilll” which is fully equipped under the above conditions [@
Acrylic acid type, alkylsulfinyl acrylic acid type and alkylsulfonyl acrylic acid type compound has
excellent membranous action against the phytopathogenic book, containing a wide range of
target diseases and diseases. Also, because they have excellent ability to spread on the surface of
plants, dripping ability, and dispersibility because they have leaked compounds, they have
excellent ability to spread on the surface of plants, even if they do not use special auxiliaries. For
the purpose of being able to constitute a bactericide for the present invention, the present
invention is completely completed 7t.
In the definition of Y in the general formula (1), [in the molecule or-] is an ether bond resulting
from intermolecular dehydration? and "poly-monohydric alcohol which may have r and b"
include ethylene glycol, propylene glycol, glycerin, erythri, tall, xylitol, pentaerythritol, sorbitol
and sorbitol, and diglycerin, dipentaerythritol, xylitan, nlupitan, Mannidan, a polyoxyalkylene
glycol having 2 to 20 units of an oxyethylene group or an oxypropylene group, is meant. The
compound of the formula 0) which is an active ingredient of the present invention is a novel
compound, and the following compounds are listed as typical ones thereof, but the present
invention is not limited to -rL. ? はな−。 ■ β-alkylsulfenyl acrylic acids n-012) 1257 fl-bent H(T) OH (mp 92-94 ° C.) n-r'ty 'z 5-p-beat y-On, ow (mp 62-d) Season) β-alkylsulfonyl acrylic
acid, β-alkylsulfenyl acrylic acid alkyl ester n-012H 25-8-open-H-nnr) nF f 5 (mp 48 to 51) ° C.
β-alkylsulfinyl alkyl acrylate Esters "12" 25-R-0 water R-noQ OH 3 (mp 55.58 ° C) βalkylsulfonyl acrylic acid alkyl esters C) "-012 2 S 2 -8 H Q H-an ( '1 (' I H 5 (mp 8 B N 25 ° C.)
■ β β alkylsulphenyl acrylic acid methyl carpityl esters n-1 '! 12H25-s-OH HH-oO ('1c) 12 (IH2
(10E120H2 (') cH). (ND 1 115 2 103 EndPage: 2.beta.-alkylsulfinyl acrylic methylated methyl
ethyl ester 1 1 l-CI 2 B 25-8 -n 揉 n ('10 (@ 2 n B 20 CI) T 2 n) 120 n H 5 (n 60 ζ 5 120) methyl
β-alkylsulfonyl acrylic acid carbyl Esters n-0, 2B25-8-open 1-n 000 H 20 H 2 r + ○ H 2 n H 2
('+ 0 B 30 (n 1' 1.5 210)) β-alkylsulphenyl acrylic acid glycerol esters cHn-0, 2B25-8-cH = OB0000) 12-nH-CI) 120H (nDl, 5098) & bgr; -alkylsulfinyl acrylic acid glyceryl triacetate n-t '+,
2H25-9-tap) i-non * H2-nH-OH2011 (nD * 5120) ) @ Β1 al (12) 25-8-cH ((00H 2- ('J 1 → H 2
rlHo (n name 0 ζ 5092) @ I-alkylsulfenyl acrylic acid glyceryl acetals (mp 45 to J added)) β Argylsulfinyl acrylic acid glyceryl acetals (nD1, 5 (16 B) β-alkylsulfonyl acrylic acid 13 seryl
acetals knee, QJ-echo 0 (n00 5214) ■ polyoxyethylene · β-alkylsulfenyl acrylic Acid esters n-0,
2I "25 -R B" C)?
−0(10((! R2CH20) 15B (n is 81, 525 G) o Polyoxyethylene .beta.-alkylsulfinyl acrylic
acid ester 12H 25B + 'H co-n (10 (nH 2 n B 2 (1) 15 "(no 1, S' 2 ') [ Phase] Polyoxyethylene · βalkyl sulfonyl ac, rylic ester 頌 峠 n i 12 ′ ′ 25 → i H i H-000 (+)! B2 n H 2 n), 5 HO (n () ζ
5189) β-alkylsulphenyl acrylic acid sorbityl esters (mp 43-46 ° C) [phase] β-alkylsulbounylac
IJA-acid sorbityl esters (mp 33-55 ° C) @ I-alkylsulfonyl acrylic acid sorbityl esters (n is also
'1.5026) The compound represented by the general formula (1) of the present invention is, for
example, one in the following manner. 3 · “i): 2 +, = j (a) General formula (soda), in the formula
of 8Hc, where R is the same meaning as described above, mercaptan and acetylene
monocarboxylic acid represented by alkaline water #! If it is liquid, it is possible to obtain a
compound represented by the general formula (wherein, in the formula 11, R and Y each
represent a hydrogen atom, an alkali metal, an alkaline earth metal or NH4). (A + ′ ′ r ′ 脂肪
酸 fatty acid or its acid) · ゲ ン ロ ゲ ン 化 物 · 樺 項 ゲ ン 反 応 反 応 X X X X X X, in the general
formula (τ), Is S% Y 1 to 2011 m carbon atom? Polyhydric alcohol which may have an ether
bond generated by intramolecular dehydration within one molecule of an alkyl group or alkenyl
group having one moiety 7t is a residue obtained by removing one hydroxyl group from
acetalized glycerin, A compound represented by an oxyethylene group (1 to 20 units) or an
oxypropylene group (1 to 20 units) blocked with an element #x 1 to 20 alkyl groups is obtained.
In particular, compounds which can be selected from the group consisting of sodium chloride,
sodium hydroxide, sodium hydroxide, sodium hydroxide, sodium hydroxide, sodium hydroxide,
sodium hydroxide, hydrogen chloride, peroxybenzoic acid, and m- If it is oxidized with an
inorganic or organic peroxide such as chloroperbenzoic acid, peracetic acid or the like, then in
the general formula CI, X corresponds to s027 '(the corresponding 1H compound represented by
802). (For details, see Japanese Patent Application Nos. 50-82372, 50-F3524'2 and 50-847 Q7).
(If the compound of formula T1 uses crt for Ik horticultural punishment, another adjuvant 1r (l !!
Although it can be used alone without being used, it can also be dissolved, suspended or mixed in
a commonly used carrier and hydrated @, M agent and any other wholesale agent adopted in
general IIIkIII j 11th line at the time of use of the compound of the formula (1) during
agricultural and horticultural hoarding of the present invention which can also be used as a
conflict form is usually 300 to tooo ppm, preferably 500 ppm.
As a solid carrier, for example, vegetable flour beds such as soybean flour, tobacco flour, flour
and the like: kaolin, bentonite. Acidic white clay etc. V-class, Merck powder such as talc powder,
crushed clay, mineral powder such as silica @ of mica powder No. 'a I powdery wood such as al
sca, silica gel etc. n /). Examples of the liquid carrier include water, alcohols, ketones, benzene,
xylene, toluene, petroleum ether and the like. Moreover, (the compound @ of formula 11 itself
has a surface-active ability, so it is not necessary to add a special surfactant, but if necessary, An
agent? I! All surfactants generally used as agent a, desensitizing agent, solubilizer, etc. are also
added by I! ゐ, as this surfactant% such as stone l1iI @, i # 1 primary alcohol 懺 喰 esters, alkyl
sulfone Ill! Salts, alkyl aryl sulfones 1 ljji, quaternary ammonium salts, polyalkylene oxides,
higher fatty acid esters, etc. have 4 bases. The fungicides for agricultural and horticultural use of
the present invention can be applied to or applied to growing plant bodies to control diseases,
and seeds, bulbs, etc. may be totally soaked or dusted to collect these sounds. It can also be used
as a disinfectant to sterilize. Furthermore, the present invention's agricultural and horticultural
offset,--, 幸 11 削 は は 殺菌 殺菌 殺菌 殺菌 殺菌 殺菌 殺菌 灯 灯 灯 灯 灯 灯 灯 灯 灯 灯 灯 灯 除
草 灯 除草 除草 除草 除草It can also be used in combination with etc. Next, an example is given
and described. Practical Example 1 (mixing agent) n-r: 2H 25 qr '+ H = OH non Na 50 parts,
surfactant (containing alkylbenzene sulfonate and higher alcohol filtrate @ salt) 5 parts and clay
45 parts To obtain a wettable powder t50 bite wettable powder 1r. When used, dilute with water
1000 times before use. East order example 2 (emulsion) nn 12 H 25 R 1 ′! 1) = = H00H 10
parts, acetone 10 parts P and milk eich (higher fatty acid ester) 20S & water 6os all mixed and
dissolved to obtain royal chaff Wit 104 milk shavings. In the case of N, it is used diluted 200
times with water. IM example 3 (control effect test for rice leaf blight disease) Fresh 16 (WIL,
horizontal 10, # is a 5α synthetic resin pot with 20 dead weight rice (variety, Nipponbare)
greenhouse EndPage: 4 During the 4th leaf stage, the pot containing the soothing SOO ppm was
wetted with a wettable powder and the pot was wetted with 9 12 j mist. After leaving in the
greenhouse for 1 day after spraying, the spores of the sesame seed carrier accumulated in the
test tube are suspended in water, and the phase body is uniformly spray-inoculated, temperature
27 '(:, relative humidity (95 It was placed in the above constant temperature and humidity and
At the 58th postinfection, the number of lesions per leaf II-determined, and the total control
value was calculated from the comparison with the non-drug application area. As a result, it is a
retrogression shown in Table 1 of σ. The following margin End Page: 5 Example 4 (control effect
test for licorice encrusted with charcoal) Bot 楢 キ ラ リ 品 四 条 (product volume, 4 lines)%% 1
bot bottling diluted spot test compound '20 @ llf per bot The next day, spray inoculation was
carried out with anthrax spores t microsde V-ya at 27 ° C., a cut-off with the humidity
maintained at 954 or more. Two days later, it was transferred to a greenhouse, and on 7 days f &,
the lesions appearing on the leaf surface were examined to calculate the control value. The
results are as shown in Table 2. The following margin Japanese Patent Application S. No. 533521 C6) End Page: 6 large male case 5 (control effect test against vegetables soft rot) Section of
072 part of commercially available Chinese cabbage leaves (3 cIL weft 2) 2? After cessation of
the compound, the compound was diluted to a predetermined concentration, and after being
exposed to a hammer or a water hammer penis, it was air-dried indoors, and then a suspension of
a spiny bean soft rot disease rabbit was used. I was jealous with the needle of @. One day, at 27
° C., A * # tk held at 954 or more, after being swung to the MIi box, the whole lesion area was
measured, and a control curve was extracted. The debt is as shown in Table 3. Following margin
EndPage: 7
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