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January 73, 1972, Title of Invention (1) Description 1 (2) Proxy Letter 1 [Phase] Japan Patent
Office 0 JP 48-75625 Office serial number IC Japan Classification 7 / l / / / / 122 E 2 / □[email protected] side
number the name of the invention according to the name of the invention method of
manufacturing a polyfoam material 2 patent-11 of 11 ■ metal carbonate and / or metal bicarb
base salt and CI) acidic phosphorus 駿The ester and / or acid soot ester is heated to 5 IL at a
ratio indicated by a weight ratio of 12/10 to a normal temperature or higher than -1. How to
make foam material. (3) Detailed & Invention The invention describes a method for producing a
foam material, more specifically, a method for producing a foam material in which foaming is
carried out at pH 3 with a monofunctional carbonate. In the past, structural materials such as
architectural materials requiring heat insulation or soundproofing-foam materials containing a
large number of microvoids have been used as structural materials-especially modern light
weight materials. The trend is promoting the practical use of various foam materials. For
example, urethane foam, expanded styrene, expanded polyethylene and the like are widely used
as a heat-radiating material or a structural part, such as KM ': C ". However, the biggest drawback
of the above-mentioned organic pond body is the shortcoming of the sea resistance in addition to
the lack of heat resistance], the absence of such Ha nature is the present structure One of the
fatal drawbacks to the use as materials O: As one of the main reasons for such combustible
continuum, methods of making inorganic materials into foams have been tried, such as foaming
as an example. There is sex concrete. However, even in the above-described example, although
the deflagration effect can be obtained, the method for forming the foam has a molding Sλ such
as requiring a special pressurized customer service. The inventor of the present invention
eliminates the above-mentioned drawbacks and has flame retardancy as well as heat resistance
and heat insulation, and as a result of intensive research on producing a multi-foam material
having characteristics of heat insulation tendency, gold EndPage: 1 bicarbonate Vortexing and
heating salt and / or metal bicarbonate and acid phosphate and / or acid phosphite in a specific
ratio to produce a very high quality foam material for harmful birds I found what I could get, and
reached the present wA. That is, the present invention (4) metal carbonate and / or metal
bicarbonate and (B'1 acidic acidic rinse ester / or acidic phosphorous acid ester. It is a method of
producing a multi-foam material, which comprises: I & summing at a ratio represented by a
weight ratio of Bm / Bm 0.2 to 10, and heating at normal temperature or higher IK. The metal
carbonate as used in the present invention is a compound represented by the general formula (i)
Mm (OOi) n. It refers to a base metal belonging to Periodic Table Group 1 1MlOa, such as Ba,
Periodic Table Group 2 such as Fe, lli and 'QO.
On the other hand, in the general formula (1), 1 and に よ are IOl according to the valence of the
metal, for example, 31 am'2 in the case of a monovalent metal, 31 am'2 in the case of a 鳳 1, ! It
is 11-turtle -1. As representative examples of such metal carbonates, there may be mentioned
sodium anthracium, potassium carbonate, calcium carbonate, valicum carbonate, magnesium
carbonate and the like, or salts of two metals such as gMB and Go island. In the present
invention, a metal bicarbonate represented by the general formula (1)% formula% () is a
compound represented by the general formula (1)%; It refers to metals such as In the above
general formula (1), n is determined by the valence of gold 11 4 M, and is, for example, ilyi in the
case of a monovalent metal. As representative examples of such metal bicarbonates, sodium
bicarbonate, potassium bicarbonate and the like can be mentioned, and two metal salts such as
xMgH (OOi) t may be used. When using the above-mentioned metal carbonate and / or metal
bicarbonate, it is possible to simultaneously carry out two or more salts simultaneously. The
acidic phosphoric acid ester used in the present invention is represented by the general formula
01) or lead], and the OHQ fl (I) W) acidic phosphoric acid ester is a compound represented by the
general formula bacteria or (2) It may be a monoester, a diester or a mixture thereof. OH, gH (v>
(wQ 冑, general formula @) to (2), R and R 'are'! lH! n +,-(where nm2 to 20), 'll "2m + 1"' town
0 town 1- (where m-2 to 20. Jl-2 to 10) and c4HT (details) represent monovalent organic
residues which were treated. Preferred examples of the acidic phosphoric acid ester and the
acidic decoy ester as described above include phosphoric acid dimethyl ester, phosphoric acid
dibutyl ester, phosphoric acid dioctyl ester, phosphoric acid diisodecyl ester, phosphoric acid
diphenyl ester, phosphoric acid monoester 1 There can be mentioned chill esters, '1) dimethyl
phosphites, phosphorous diethyl esters, phosphodiethyl esters, phosphorous dibutyl esters, 111
dimethyl diphenyl esters, dimethyl diphenyl esters, and glycosyl esters. It is well known that the
reaction of gold lA borate or metal bicarbonate with acidic substances to release carbon dioxide
gas, but also in such a case to keep a uniform, multi-cell-like soot in its open tube stable state. Is
extremely difficult. However, according to the present invention, a metal carbonate such as
calcium carbamoate or magnesium carbonate is treated with a specific ratio of acid phosphate
ester and / or acid phosphite ester and retained in the chamber 11 as necessary. The carbon
dioxide gas generated by heating at <RTIgt; C </ RTI> can be well dispersed and maintain the
shape of the multi-cell foam which is homogeneous at 91 Ikiit.
Moreover, the production of the multi-foam material does not require any special equipment, and
can be carried out safely and easily. (A: metal carbonate and / or metal bicarbonate and (f3. The
usage ratio of the acid phosphate ester EndPage: 2 and / or the acid residue is from 12 to 10 IIS
in weight ratio. In the case where the ratio of the above-mentioned ratio is less than the lower
layer, although the sufficient foaming is carried out 4, the shape of the multi-cellular material is
kept in a stable position due to excessive use of the component (2). Not On the other hand, when
used in a single unit where the ratio of mu / B exceeds the upper limit, uniform mixing of both
the body and the component (B) is difficult, and the resulting foam tends to be dull. Therefore, a
preferred weight ratio of -041 is in the range of 1 / 5-5. In the present invention, [4] is prepared
by mixing (4) metal carbonate salt and / or metal bicarbonate salt and (2) a hydrophobic
phosphate ester and / or acid sulfite at a specific ratio as described above. An acid gas is
generated, and the temperature applied at that time is the ratio of the above group / B, or the
monovalent Isa group constituting the component (B) (R, R in the above general formulas (1) to
(2) Depending on the type of residue shown), etc., it is possible to apply any Kll at room
temperature or higher, but usually it is heated to 50 ° C and tanned at 200 ° C and foamed. Is
desirable. In the present invention, it is possible to use six types of additives together with the
above (A component and φ) components. As an example of such an additive, there can be
mentioned tritiated titanium lumina, water sand # 1 minicum, powdered glass, glass fiber,
asbestos, gypsum, calcium phosphate and the like. j! Can add foamy glass and other
lightweight aggregates (eg, Toho Barite Industries "Toho Pallite") etc., or asbestos paper or board,
gypsum? The surface may be made of metal or film or may be used as a V & frame structure.
Further, according to the present invention Km-, Styrene, a heavy metal, a foam-retaining agent
such as silicone 11 foam, ris (di f-moprovir) phosphate, tris (w W 4 L tarolovir) t, It is possible to
use a combination of S-drying agents for Sufate and each S-material. The invention will be further
described in detail by the following sm example, in which tt or in the examples simply parts and
parts indicate parts by weight. Moreover, evaluation of S flame retardance was based on the
following method. That is, a sample of the shape of 11 × 1 wound × 101 is prepared as in the
multi-foam molded product>, and the inner flame 5 inclined at an angle of 206 from the direct
direction has an extra J110 g flame. (For the burner, [Contact with the tip of the inner flamestraight up-[, in the following in the intermittent test given ignition test.
In the example, 50 parts of calcium oxalate and 50 parts of dioctyl ester are mixed to form a
uniform paste. This paste foams extremely gradually at normal temperature, or when heated to a
temperature of 50'C or more, the paste foams rapidly, and a stable foamed material having a
specific gravity of 0.40 is obtained. Example 2 40 parts of calcium carbonate and 15 parts of
styrene-maleic acid copolymer are thoroughly mixed to form a paste, to which 30 parts of
phosphorus dibutyl ester and glass beads 15 @ are added and uniformly mixed. . When this
mixture was heated to 50 parts or more, it easily foamed to obtain a foam with a specific gravity
of 0.59. Example & Agar: 18 parts of calcium hydroxide, 5 parts of phosphoric acid dibutyl ester,
75 parts of water glass and 2 parts of silicone type foam stabilizer (East silicon rsH-195J) mixed
and heated in a gold layer heated to 135 ° C. Upon injection, it immediately foamed to obtain a
stable foam material having a ratio of 1αo9. According to the above-mentioned 1a blunt tees) K,
the afterglow time of this multi-foam material was 0 seconds in both the first and the 211th.
Incidentally, even when the water glass was heated in the above-mentioned 1 L 1111, the foam
did not occur almost at all, and the "C" foam material was not obtained. EndPage: 3 pieces of
calcium carbonate 15 parts 5 gypsum 45 parts, phosphoric acid monobutyl ester / dibutyl ester
mixture 15 parts, water 15 parts and styrene-maleic acid copolymer 10 parts are mixed to form a
uniform paste 1) This was heated to 50 ° C. or higher, and 1 ° C when cured, to obtain a
foamed material having a specific gravity Q, 86. In addition, according to the combustion test, the
multi-foam material had a first afterflame time of 0 seconds and a second afterflame time of 2
seconds, and the S flame retardancy was good. Example 5 After mixing 50 parts of calcium
carbonate and 40 parts of dioctyl phosphate to form a uniform paste, which is mixed with Toho
Burai 4F. Thickness of asbestos vapor (Asahi Asbestos Industry Asvar v-5soo) set before and after
each one? The mixture was poured into a sheet metal II and heated to 150 to 150 ° C. for 6
hours to foam and harden, thereby obtaining a rod-gold vein foam having a specific gravity of
0.30. This foam is uniformly treated with 15 parts of sodium bicarbonate, 10 parts of phosphoric
acid dioctyl ester and 75 parts of water glass, and is maintained in gold and silver kept at 1150
° C. Pour and foam. A good foamed material having a specific gravity of 0.15 was obtained. As a
result of the combustion test, the multi-foam material had an after-flame time of 0 seconds in
both of the first and second rounds. In addition, even if it heated only the water glass to said m
beast, foaming hardly occurred.
EXAMPLE 7 40 parts of calcium carbonate, 20 parts of phosphorus diisodecyl ester, 20 parts of
glass & # (Asahi Fiberglass CM-04, revelation length 6 *) and tris (chlorobromogrovir) phosphate
(Meritsu Kasei yCk-100) After 20 parts were mixed and uniformly heated, the mixture was
heated to 150 ° C. and foamed to obtain a stable multi-foam material having a specific gravity of
0.63. As a result of the above-mentioned combustion test, this multi-foamed material had an
afterflame time of 5 seconds for the first WA and an afterflame time of 2 times at the room twice.
Example & gt; 60 parts of calcium carbonate, 38 parts of linden II dibutyl ester and 2 parts of
silicone type foam stabilizer (Silicone 8H-195) are mixed to form a uniform paste, and this paste
is maintained at 130 ° C The solution was poured into the above-described gold m to foam and
obtain a foam with a specific gravity of 0.45. Example? . After mixing 12.5 parts of calcium
carbonate, 5 parts of phosphorus II / isodecyl ester, 75 parts of sodium silicate and 7.5 parts of
asbestos, it is filled in a mold maintained at 130 ° C. and heated. The mixture was foamed to
obtain a foamed material having a specific gravity of 0.50. According to the combustion test, the
multi-foam material exhibited excellent flame resistance, with a first afterflame time of 1 second
and a second afterflame time of 2 seconds. Other than the above inventor EndPage: 4
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