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Showa Goku 7 months t 1/1 Japan Patent Office Commissioner Mr. Yo Koo 1, Title of Invention
4, Agent ? Japan Patent Office Open Patent Gazette ? JP-A-49-62027 ░ Specification 1, Name
of Invention II Image Extraction signal light production method 1 and title of the invention II
image extraction signal light production method 2 claims Scope of the horizontal and vertical
four basic signals, respectively, the period is 1 О, and the phase is a half-wave member each
other It generates figure basic signals with reference to ?, switches each figure basic signal at
each synchronization cycle and outputs it, and changes the slice level of the output signal to form
an image extraction signal. Characteristic method of image extraction signal generation ?
Detailed explanation of ? ? ? ? ? ?-The method concerning the generation of # i image
extraction signal which enables clearing of Bojisilon pump in the montage apparatus A. That is,
there was no hindrance to the small-sized screen fitting and its movement, but the conventional
borderliner 1 enlarges the fitting image and completes the wipe operation on the entire surface
(1 / A, 91! (2) when the gate 111 type signal used for inset is insufficient, and the enlargement of
the inset image is stopped and the pace image remains. First, the conventional montage
apparatus will be described with reference to FIG. In order to specify the center point of one
image person, if it is necessary to expand the image circle in the order of phrases, as in II'i FIG.
The horizontal and horizontal synchronization signals are phase-shifted by the HD phase shifter /
"9'l) $ phase shifter. This phase shift is adjusted by Bojishi Cao Nani JK. Here, the horizontal
synchronization signal and the phase-shifted horizontal synchronization signal are shown in FIGS.
2 (b) and (0). Next, each of the horizontal sync signal and the double sync signal whose phase is
shifted is each shown in FIG. A vertical figure basic signal is generated by 4 lines of j, the
horizontal figure basic 411 @. Here, the first figure (и) K is shown for the figure basic waveform
signal in the horizontal direction. The slicer of the figure basic signal is changed by the wipe
lever tK in the 6-wave converter 7 which combines the generator da and the jO output signal
together and leads them to the waveform converter 7 (the waveform is second The waveform
EndPage: 12 converted signal is taken out as an output (this waveform is shown in FIG. 2 (f) K).
In addition, phase shift blanking signals are generated by the horizontal and vertical phase shift
signals in phase shift blanking ? @f generation data. This is an unnecessary figure signal at the
right @ portion of the screen for horizontal. v is for the removal.
The O phase shift silanking signal in the horizontal direction is shown in FIG. Further, in the
pseudo blanking signal generation 10, pseudo blanking false gold (see FIG. 2 (2)) is generated
from the horizontal and vertical synchronization signals. Here, the pseudo blanking signal is
necessary for the measure etc. for the figure basic signal to be only the DC component at the
time of the wipe expansion as shown in the first figure (.). Next, the output signal of the
waveform conversion circuit 7 is conducted to the blanking circuit ii and eliminated by the phase
shift blanking signal and the pseudo buting signal described above, to form a gate signal as
shown in the first figure (G). The gate signal is controlled by this gate signal to form a wipe
signal. As described above, the conventional device removes phase shift blanking and signal
interference, but this causes a margin to be made when the inset image is enlarged and hit. The
purpose is to remove defects and enable clearing. IC is formed by forming a figure basic signal
with a cycle of 1 j times 4 j cycles of synchronization signal, and switching two figure basic
signals having a phase difference of half cycle according to each direction Ft 4 M. It is intended
to be able to completely carry out the case. According to the present invention, in addition to the
small area f) installation for the small area and its movement, the function of taking 11 by the
wipe operation is added, and it is good to improve the rendering effect of the screen change.
DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION One embodiment of the present invention will be described
with reference to FIGS. In FIG. 3, <1) is the horizontal deflection JijQ raw part. [) Is a vertical
direction signal generation part. Since parts (1) and (7) are also JDJII, they will be described here
in cia (details 2 to 1J), and for (1), the same one-minute code is given with a '. The explanation is
omitted. First, the horizontal sync signal (horizontal sync signal @ HDt?, 2HD generating circuit
& ll; 1.2 HD generating circuit U and 2111 generating circuit nvc and jk quasi-horizontal sync
signal shown in FIG. ) And an inverted signal (refer to FIG. (0)) which is phase-shifted by ?
periodically. Next, 2H13 generation @ output of the path 21 ~) co-HD phase shift ? path 2? Lead
to a horizontal reference point of the figure. Adjust iF-jfK. The signal output from the -HD phase
shift circuit n (see (see (see)) and the signal obtained by shifting the signal by the company
generation circuit ? (see (q) in FIG. Then, as shown in FIG. 4 (fJ and (company)), a graphic basic
signal having a phase difference of a cycle is generated.
These figure basic signals are respectively switcher-1 and 291t "lj <. Here, the trigger signals
(these Oats are referred to as m (a shift) are made through the trigger shaping (R) paths X and y
respectively so that the output signals of the above-mentioned co-HI11 generation circuit U and
?HD generation @ ? иииииииии Switching) according to the motion (shown in phantom), and the
switched signal is applied to the mixing circuit 32. Here, the sum signal of both switcher circuits
2yj 12y is referred to FIG. 1). Furthermore, the same processing in the vertical direction is
conducted by the partial circuit also to the mixing circuit 3?, where the sum signal from both
sides is applied. Lead to 1 and change the slice level of the signal here. ????? The slice level
of this signal is adjusted by the wipe lever 31. This state is shown in Fig. (Silk). Fig. 6 (g) "Scutter
change" associated with the change in the level of 2 c and 2 slices are displayed in three states of
?, (b) and (?). The output signal of the waveform conversion 1 path 33 (this signal is shown in
Fig. (Shown in Fig.) Is supplied to the wholesale circuit 35, while the horizontal sync signal and
the drop 1g [1 pseudo blanking signal Jwf button using sync signal The pseudo blanking signal -t
(this signal is shown in the diagram-) taken out from the live circuit is also supplied to the tisva *
circuit B, whereby the waveform INF conversion output output #! Of the drawing (see (1)), 4
parts corresponding to the & generation period of the pseudo blanking signal are erased to form
a gating signal и EndPage: 2 (this gating signal is shown in season). . The C (/ J'Y-) signal 1 is a
pseudo blanking signal (FIG. 7) as shown in FIG. 7 (7) when the wipe operation is made by
lowering the slice level with the wipe lever / j. ?), And a complete screen can be cut off. Does
this gate signal a gate amplifier? 7. Lead to 7 where the picture comparison signal is cut to form
a wipe signal. In this embodiment, the parabolic signal used for inserting the circular figure is
used as the basic figure signal, but it can be deformed extremely, for example, using the
triangular signal for inserting the rhombus figure. In the present invention described above, it
makes sense to use two figure basic signals having a period of co-horizontal scanning period # 2
and having a period of 1,000 cycles, and this makes it possible to use am Even if a maximum
shift (less than% H) is performed, a gate signal covering the entire screen is formed and switching
at every 1 horizontal scanning period in the primary switcher eliminates a fault occurring in an
adjacent line 2 2 и и ?.
As described above, according to the present invention, it is possible to perform 91iv on the basis
of wipe enlargement in the montage apparatus Im! From this point of view, it becomes possible
to create a new montage effect that is conventional in the production of a survey. In addition, the
conventional montage apparatus has an advantage of being able to reduce the burden of the
operation group which has been paid when the wipe is expanded.
BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a plotter line WJ showing the configuration of
a conventional montage apparatus, FIG. ? is a signal waveform diagram thereof, and FIG. 3 is a
diagram of a montage apparatus constructed according to the present invention FIG. 1 is a block
diagram of one embodiment, and FIG. 1 (&) to (5) are signal signal diagrams for explanation
thereof. l и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и
и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и. Phase shift blanking signal generator, 10-pseudo-blanking signal
generator, ti--backout * circuit, 2--gate amplifier 2.2 / ---Wrinkle generator W! 1. p и ?? phase
generation circuit, n иииии HD phase shift circuit, J
ииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииии p и-? phase generation
circuit, n и и и HD phase shift circuit, J и и и и и и и и и и и и и generating the phase shift m. Circuit, ?, l и и и
Figure basic signal generating circuit, I, = 9 и и и Switcher-Mr! '... Trigger forming circuit U /... ?v'
D generation 1! ? IM, 22 '... co-VL) generation circuit, nl, ..., co-vD cherry phase times m, J / ...
positioner-X / ... phase shift co-VD generation circuit,', 27 '...? Figure basic signal generation
circuit, d ', cobb' ... switcher-1 ? II ... trigger molding 1g circuit, 32 ... mixing circuit, 33 ...
waveform conversion circuit, 3 ... wipe lever, 3j ... Return @ erase circuit, X ... Pseudo blanking
signal generation same order! ... gate amplifier. Patent applicant Nian S public representative
patent attorney patent attorney Nobuyuki Sugimura copious attorney patent attorney Atsushi
Sugimura equivalent patent attorney Kosuke Sugimura, Mi QEndPage: 35, list of accompanying
documents (1) one statement (2) one drawing (1) 3) Requests 1 duplicate (4) Proxy Letter 1 (6),
Inventors other than the above, patent applicants or agents (1) Inventors (2) Agents 7 Foshan 7th
floor Telephone (581) 2241 (No. representative). (5925) Name attorney Atsushi Sugimura.
Nowhere in the house [4 Showa Soshi 1 Sword n Japan Patent Office Secretary Blue Alga Hideo 1
Display of the Case II Sum 9 Metropolis Patent 90 J ?l ? 2, 4 ?? Image # 1 Kaori Tori
Deciding decision 3, relationship with the case where the address has been changed Patent
applicant Former address Tokyo Metropolitan area Chiyoda-ku Uchiyukicho 2-chome 2nd No.3
New address Tokyo-ku Tokyo District Jinnan 2-chome No. 1 name (435) Japan Broadcasting
Corporation Association Chairman Ono Yoshibe Procedure Amendment Showa 1st January 1st,
display of case Showa 1st year patent application No. vex z No. 1 z, 11 @ 64 name working l Selfemployment amount 1 l II L method residue 3, correction? ? ??]]] ? ? ? 6
wt ewt-? column.
??? Correction content ? (1) 'llm mtlfll Jft Orll Jtrlll J KntkmEndPage: 6 Warning: Page
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