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Fujitsuu, Fuji Pass Co., Ltd. Internal name Ando Soo ± (4 persons) Name (522) Fujitsu Ltd.
Address Tokyo, Kijima-ku Minami Nagasaki 2-chome 5-2 5 [Phase] Japan Patent Office ■ JPA 50
-987300 published Nissho 500. (1975) 6.6. -3677 [phase] Application date Akin J ', (1973) /-, -g,
request for examination not yet filed (total 4 pages) Office serial number 7 °, 354 specification
1, title of the invention Elimination of gas discharge panel Method of erasing a cascading
discharge panel in which erasing is performed by applying four or more pulses as an erasing
pulse group at a frequency much higher than the frequency of the sustaining voltage. Is about
the elimination method of In a general gas discharge panel which intersects at least the same
crow substrate or the opposite crow substrate facing the @ chargeable layer facing the ionizable
discharge space such as neon @ As shown in Fig. 1 and 2nd oil, a maintenance voltage V-會 is
applied and l! P, apply one voltage VvO write pulse WPt− higher than the discharge start voltage
vf, the potential difference between the wall voltage VQK generated by it and the sustain voltage
V− thereafter becomes higher than the discharge start voltage and the discharge continues And
the written contents can be stored and displayed. By applying erase pulse IF at voltage v1 which
is about the minimum sustain voltage Van or less, discharge occurs once but wall voltage Va is
not sufficiently formed, and discharge occurs depending on the sustain voltage thereafter. It will
not do. That is, it becomes K to be erased. However, 11 voltage VQ is zero on average, or there
are + and-parts partially at the inner wall of the panel, and it is difficult to make them completely
zero. Therefore, when the sustain voltage V'st-discharge start voltage Vf is set near. Even if the
last pulse 1 Pt-is applied, re-discharge may occur due to the residual wall voltage, and the
operating margin is small. To make sure that the erase operation is performed and to increase
the operation margin. Examples will be described in detail below. 菖 5 kJ is the erase
characteristic curve, and the vertical axis shows the re-discharge start voltage after the erase
once, Vf is complete End Page: 1 discharge start voltage when completely erased, Van is the
minimum of discharge It is maintenance 1 pressure. The horizontal axis is the voltage of the
erase pulse. Line aa corresponds to the case where nine sustaining voltage pulses of the same
frequency as the sustaining voltage pulse of 25 KIk are applied, and the seven vertices are
completely erased as close to the 'Vf level K Indicates that the operating margin is large. As can
be seen from the WJ, the operating margin increases as the number of erase pulses increases, but
even if the number of pulses is five or more, the operating margin can be slightly increased
compared to the case of four pulses.
In the figure, the curve is 50, the curve B is 100 ×, the curve 2 is 200, and the operation margin
is significantly increased by setting it to 20DKH2. FIG. 5 shows an example of the applied voltage
waveform according to the embodiment of the present invention. Ckt-applied, whereby the wall
voltage VQ is completely erased. The 篇 6 package is a inertia curve ls diagram of the discharge
start voltage Vf and the minimum sustaining voltage vmm with respect to the balus frequency.
The discharge start voltage is Vf @, Vfb, Vfa, and the minimum maintenance w pressure hvsmavsmb-Vsmc because of small, medium and large. Therefore, if the sustain voltage [V-1 frequency
is set to fl, the condition of (Vf) Vs) Vs 鳳 related to large, medium, and small of pulse duty can be
established, and memory display can be performed. When the pulse deity is large and the
frequency (-fJ or more is set). Since Vs) vfa, a discharge occurs and writing is performed as% Va
Vsma. Therefore, the discharge can not be maintained and the data is erased. Similarly, Vs
(Vsmb) is to be eliminated and K is eliminated until the frequency is set to f # or more with the
par / dead to be inward. That is, it is possible to perform the erasure until the frequency is
increased as described above. As described above, since the voltage of the erase pulse can be
kept the same as the sustain voltage, the driver should have the same voltage, and apply a pulse
of example Ll; t25Kli in the narrow display period and in the erase period. It is possible to use an
erase pulse group which erases a level as shown by applying a pulse to the selected discharge
cell 200 to erase, or an erase pulse group which changes VC rubel randomly as shown in 8rItJ. .
The gradually decreasing erase pulse f # can be easily obtained by adding a capacitor and a
transistor for δ inching to the driver so that an output whose level gradually decreases
exponentially using the discharge time constant of the capacitor can be obtained. And death.
After the application of the erase pulse, if the sustain voltage of not less than 100 μ8 is applied,
the erase becomes more reliable. That is, a large number of space charges are present in the
discharge 9 cabinet due to the discharge before erasing, and a part of the space charge is
accumulated on the # 1 body layer covered with the electricity to form a wall voltage tube. Also,
due to space charge] Is the firing voltage of the ignition cell usually higher than the firing voltage
of the non-ignition cell? It is decreasing about V. Therefore, there is space charge even after
turning over to the non-ignition cell in the ignition cell tube by the erase pulse, and the discharge
start voltage is lower than that for the ordinary non-ignition cell, It becomes lC to approach
The influence due to the space charge can be reduced by the erase pulse group as described
above, and can be attenuated by recombination and energy loss due to collision due to the high
frequency. As described above, the erase pulse group has a frequency higher than that of the
sustain voltage pulse, and can increase the operating margin by comprising four or more pulsesbecause the frequency is high because the frequency is high. However, the pulse waveform of the
erase pulse group may be not only a rectangular wave but also an arbitrary waveform, for
example, an end page: a sine wave if it is two. If the level is the same as the sustain voltage, the
configuration of the driver is simplified, or if the level or pulse width is changed to form a nine
modulation pulse group, erasing is further facilitated. Alternatively, after applying the erase pulse
group, the sustain voltage may be interrupted for 100 μs to increase the erase operation margin
by seven. 1'- is a waveform chart for explaining the conventional erase operation, FIG. 3 shows an
erase characteristic curve by the number of erase pulses, and 4- is an erase characteristic curve
by an erase pulse frequency! FIG. 5 is an operational waveform diagram of one embodiment of
the present invention, and FIG. 61g is a characteristic of the discharge start voltage and the
minimum sustain voltage with respect to the frequency. FIGS. 7 and 8 are waveform diagrams of
erase pulse groups of different embodiments of the present invention. l1 PG is an erase pulse
group ◆. Patent assignee Fujitsu Ltd. Attorney Attorney Tamaku Ryukyu 5 3 'Fig. 1-2 Fig. 7-Fig.
8 E Section 6 FjAWtt Collection End Page: 3 Inventors and Agents Other Than the Above (1 )
Inventor force 9-dispute wt 愈 ^ 會 I 會 力 力 用 県 小 中 Nakano Ward Nakahara Ward Yoshizaki
Kanagawa Prefecture Address 1015 address same as the address) agent QA-EndPage: 4
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