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Patent application (4) Patent Office Secretary Hideo Saito 1, title of invention stereo microphone
1 ”j Kanagawa Prefecture Wi City 1 City 9 Ku Crystal“ l ”residence 402, agent cloud 160
specification ■ Japan Patent Office ■ Japanese Patent Application Laid-Open No. 51-519220,
published by Japan (1976) 5.7 [Phase] Application Japanese Patent Application 4C1, (197 ()) Jo,
3 / Request for examination not yet filed (total 2 pages) Office serial number This conventional
stereo microphone stomach is the name of the invention of wind noise Stereo microphone p フ オ
ン ー 庁 庁 No. This conventional stereo microphone stomach フ オ ン ン is the name of the wind
noise invention stereo microphone p フ オ ン ー オ ン
3, patent applicant
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a stereo
microphone for binaural f. With conventional microphones, microphones 5-knit are attached to
both ends of the microphone tube, and arc-shaped elastic pipe, and a pair of microphone units
are attached with projections for inserting the external ear canal, respectively, and the center of
the elastic pipe From the department --- De is derived n nine stethoscopes O what is of 90 and
code: i! 8) It is easy to pick up the tactile noise, and there is a drawback that the head (when
mounted in a gradient, has a low stability, and 7 'C book open) We propose a stereo microphone
without such a defect. is there. The invention will be described in detail by way of example with
reference to the following. In the figure, M indicates the stereo microphone as full stop. (1) = (L)
4 '; l: A pair of cup-like windscreens that are shaped and sized to accommodate the auricle, and in
this example a flat cylindrical shape (others, such as an elliptical cylinder shape, a polygonal
cylinder shape, etc. Even good]. This wind screen (11, (1) is formed by wire gold R (in addition,
other plastic chains, plastic porous molding scissors, etc. in this example). And this wind screen
(1) s (") is in this example each made of a metal annular ring (other plastic frame 1 external ear
canal entrance flKaZ & cup-like windows EndPage: 1-Q-> C + λ (15 ing. In this example, the pair
of microphone units (8) M (8) are attached to the frames (2) and (2) through the attachment (4) j
(4) '2. (6) is a code issued to the microphone unit (81 # (8), etc.). (6 is an anti-head mounted
odor, metal, elastic band such as glasstic (7) e (7), metal attached to each end thereof, block such
as glasstic (8) I (8 And the frame (2) to which the block (8) sts) is slidably attached. It consists of
metal balls (9), (9) mounted so as to be planted in (2). The stereo microphone according to the
present invention can be used by being loaded on a human head or a simulated head (a simulated
pinna) t-having a simulated head 0 according to the stereo microphone according to the present
invention described above. A pair of kahi of shape and size to be obtained, A pair of microphone
units, a pair of microphone units, and a pair of cup-shaped windscreens attached to the head
fixing device, and the pair of microphone units are positioned at the entrance of the auricle at the
entrance of the ear canal, respectively. So that they are mounted in a pair of cup-like
windscreens, so they have high stability when picked up from wind noise and cord contact noise
<and also when they are accumulated in the head part. You can get seven effects.
BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a perspective view showing an example of a
stereo microphone of the present invention. M is a stereo microphone # (1)% (1) is a cup-like
windscreen 5 (2), θ is a frame s (8)% (8) is a micro 7 on unit, (6) is a pair m! It is a toy. Patent
applicant Sony Corporation EndPage: 2
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