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Ming # Iy 4! 1, continuous plot specification in the name of the figure device in the invention tilll
system 3, detailed description of the invention ░ In the process of operating the figure device
from the processing unit of the electronic calculation ? large amount of repeated data from the
processing device and It is advantageous to use the present invention for graphics devices that
are frequently needed. For example, a computer that operates a plotter device at a temperature
of ░ C. and a plotter device that requires repetitive data from an electronic scale imitation
processor in large quantities and frequently, for example, a 110-bit drawing with a conventional
XY plotter. Every time the drawing data is requested to one processor, the drawing operation is
executed. Therefore, when drawing continuously in the same direction 1-, for example, when
drawing 10 in the + X direction, drawing of 110-ton of the XY 10-tutter device is performed. If it
is Qlmm, the drawing necessary to make it 10cm drawing. The number of plots is 1000, and the
processing unit sends out 1 ooo 10-dots of drawing data to the XY grotter every time there is a
request for drawing data. ???????? Because of this XY XY processing equipment. Every
time there is a drawing data discount $ from the evening equipment, there is another process.
During the process # L7, the drawing data must be sent out to the block device EndPage: 1,
which causes the processing device H to drop the processing power. In the case of continuously
drawing in one direction in the same way in the non-explosion T 3 A, it is an object of the
processing steering power of the processing device to increase as much as reducing the
processing confection & of the processing device. In the present invention, when the drawing
operation is performed from the processing apparatus to the bean plotter, it is detected whether
it is a 110 jt wJ or a continuous 10 jt drawing operation, and any operation is executed 0JFt,
uniformed Oolong and market Assuming that the plotting operation is designated, it is assumed
that the designated number of plots ffl'l = performing the plotting operation without affecting the
processing apparatus for the processing apparatus thereafter. The implementation row of the
invention is celebrated in detail using the drawings. Light up. FIG. 1 shows the configuration of a
continuous plot designation system according to an embodiment of the present invention.
Continuous slot specification circuit 32 and counter circuit 33. And data control circuit 34 and V
configuration. ????? In the case of the conventional device, each time drawing data is
processed, 1 ░ device sends out the drawing code through the entire circuit 66 and the summer
plotter drawing code is moved and fS the polarization circuit 35 rotates into the XY grooving
device. However, by adding the continuous 10-foot control circuit of the present invention, the
construction data from the processing device is composed of 2 bytes, and the 71st byte is the
construction code and the compliance plot foot and the 72th byte. In combination with the
drawing data byte of FIG. 2 which designates the count number to be continuously plotted, the
processing unit designating the continuous plot designation circuit 62 for the drawing data of the
first byte detects a continuous 10-bit slide. Requests drawing data with the number of continuous
plots specified in the second byte.
And the processor. The second byte of drawing data is sent out. After that, the number of
continuous projects is set by the counter circuit 35, and thereafter the data control circuit 34 is
set by the counter circuit 33 to control to rotate the drawing code to the X-Y plotter by 9
consecutive 10-dot numbers. Become. Process like this. The data rotation of the drawing code
can be embodied continuously without requiring any drawing code of the apparatus. Next, the
detailed circuit of the continuous plot designation circuit 62 and the data control circuit 34 will
be described in FIG. 3 and the detailed circuit of the counter circuit will be described in FIG. 4 to
describe the present invention in detail. Here, the first byte in the drawing data details of Fig. 2 is
the designation of the drawing court (man X1 man Y, ▒ X) ', the Ben Ag, the pen down drawing
code, and the counter specification bit! ??? Pt is formed, and the second byte is composed of a
bit that designates a continuous 10-to-all @count number. In the case of the non-embodiment, a
counter Lg circuit is provided which can specify 10 bits by up to 255 plots at maximum by the
bit configuration of the second byte. First of all, the first byte of drawing data from the
processing device. The expression is converted by the drawing code conversion circuit 36 when
being rotated. Set a buffer of any one of Y, 10 ? ? ?, pen-up and pen-down, and set a
designated drawing code signal A. Further, it is decided whether or not the continuous plot
designation detection circuit 2 is to be set by the counter designation bit B of the first byte and
the first byte. Now, if the specification bit B is "0" for cooking, that is, 110 if no continuous 10-bit
fingering is performed. [If only drawing is to be made, gate 5 can not take an AND and it will be
continuous 10 ton. Designated detection circuit 2 is not set. Therefore, the gate 9 is not set and
the data request for the second byte is not requested from the processing device. In this case, the
gate 1 ░ is generated by the signal C'l obtained by delaying the drawing data signal A and the
drawing data strobe signal and the 0 'output side 1d of the continuous grooving designation
circuit 2 for the continuous gro It is gated to set the data control circuit 4 and set the data
control signal E. Also, the gate 12 is gated by the drawing request signal F directly from the XY
plotter gc and the data control 1 100 E, and the gate 13 is gated by the drawing code signal A,
and the drawing code A? Are sent to the XY grotter--the XY grotter performs the drawing
operation. Also one drawing! When the tI signal becomes F, the gate 11 is gated, the data control
time w14 is reset, and the drawing operation of 7110 bits is completed.
Callan a long time. If the evening designation bit B is logically ?1?, then if 2nd EndPage: 2 if
continuous plotting is to be designated, then the gate 5 is a ?10? of the continuous 10-foot
thumb ?memory 3?. ?Side output power G is cooking ░ 1? Because it is gated by the
counter specification pictograph B and the drawing data strobe signal C, the continuous plot
commanding circuit 2 is set, and the continuous 10 bit specification detection circuit No. The
signal C1 which has been set and the drawing data strobe signal delayed is ANDed and the gate 9
is gated to send the second byte data acquisition signal B to the processing device. Also, it is
gated by the response signal I of the data supply signal H sent from the processing device, the
continuous plot specification gd storage circuit 3 is set, and the continuous 10 dot specification
detection circuit 2 is reset. The count data PDO to PD7 of the universal 2 byte second eye are
gated by the drawing data strobe signal C, and are set to the number 21 of chrysanthemums of 1
'. For example, force. The contents of the runt data PDO to PD7 are (00000101). Contents to be
sected to the I / O counter circuits 21 to 24. ??????????????????????
After this. The gate control circuit 4 is gated and set by the signal C1 obtained by delaying the
drawing code signal A and the drawing data strobe signal, and the reference signal of 10 bits
specified detection. When the drawing requirement ylC @ t is incorporated by the XY70 cutter,
the gate 12 is gated to send out the drawing code signal A 'to the XY plotter, and the count set in
the counter circuits 21 to 14 is completed. Count the number one by one. After that, each time
the drawing water supply signal F is sent, the drawing code signal A is sent to the ░ C plotter,
and the counter circuits 21 to 14 are up-counted and the contents of the counter are displayed! !
") Transfer the drawing code signal A to the XY plotter until it reaches" 16 ". When the content of
the counter reaches (FF month 6), gate 31 is gated and gate 8 is gated, continuous plot
designation memory circuit 3 is reset, data request circuit F is reset with drawing request signal
F, and thereafter to XY70 device The transmission of the drawing code signal A is stopped. As
described above, by using the embodiment of the present invention, continuous plotting rF from
the processor to the plotter is possible. As in the XY plotter system, single movement in fX range,
▒ Y direction-or in the XY direction only can be performed frequently, and transfer of 110 bits is
also very easy, with NjJ ? of 0,1 or less. In the prior art, it was necessary to send more than
1000.70t of drawing data from the processing equipment, but by installing the circuit of the
present invention, a maximum of 255 plot designated OJ rudder was required. In the case of a
large counter, the exchange of drawing data with the processing unit takes only a few steps
(when 1 step is made up of 2 bytes of drawing code specification byte continuous 10 bit
specification byte) and the improvement of the processing system is significant. Will be accepted.
4. Brief description of the drawings FIG. 1 is a block diagram showing an embodiment of the
present invention, FIG. 2 is a diagram for explaining the non-invention, FIG. 3 and FIG. 4 are parts
of FIG. FIG. 2 is a logic diagram 'in detail'. 1 ... Drawing code conversion circuit 2 ... Continuous
plot designation detection circuit 6 ... Continuous plot designation storage circuit 4 ... Data
control circuit 5 ... Gate circuit 13 ... ? 14 to 21 ... Counter circuit 22 to 61 иии Gate circuit 32 иии
Continuous 10-bit designation port 36 иии Counter circuit 34 иии Data control circuit 35 иии
Transmission circuit 36 иии Drawing code conversion circuit agent Patent attorney thin 1) ?-Y 'first EndPage: 377 Figure ? ? Z ? 7? Too stomach semibi ;, to e (PDO to PD7) EndPage: ?
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