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Description 1, title of the invention
Windshield net for microphone and method of manufacturing the same
3. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to a windshield net 2
attached to the end of a microphone and a method of manufacturing the same. Conventionally,
the windshield net for microphones generally used is formed by press-forming a so-called knitted
net formed by knitting metal vertical lines and horizontal lines, but for example, it is pressformed into a semi-spherical shape Sometimes, the mesh of the so-called squeezing force V is
deformed and reduced, and the difference in mesh size is significant as compared with the
portion where the squeezing hardly occurs. Therefore, it was not 4 that should be satisfied in
terms of strength as a windshield net and appearance. SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION The
present invention provides a windshield net excellent in strength and appearance and a method
of manufacturing the same by press molding performed while adding a pregnancy movement
after subjecting a combination net described later to a raw material and a rolling roll once.・. The
present invention will be described in detail below with reference to the drawings. M / figure
shows combination net 1 which is a material of windshield net. As shown in the partial enlarged
view, this net consists of nine combinations of a large number of corrugated metal wires, each
consisting of seven metal wires (indicated by black lines) bent into a corrugated shape. And
referred to herein as a combination net. This combination EndPage: 1 net has rigidity in the
extending direction of the unit line (arrow A) and flexibility in the direction of the J angle (arrow
B), but in the press forming process This flexibility is not preferable for the operation, and the
mesh after press molding tends to be uneven. In the production method according to the present
invention, the rolling process is applied to the combined net as a pre-pressing step. And the
above-mentioned flexibility is eliminated and rigidity is provided in the B direction. FIG. 2 shows
one plate-shaped combination net in a state in which rigidity is obtained in both directions (A, B)
by rolling roller processing. In this rolling process, rolling is carried out in such a manner that
rolling is performed such that each unit metal m is slightly crushed and mutual engagement in
the bending portion of each unit line is defined. Net A 1A is press-formed in the following pressforming process to obtain a windshield net. What is shown in FIG. 3 is a hydraulic press of a type
to which vibration is applied at the time of pressing (for example, a hydraulic Norton zo 1 / -Xfi
manufactured by Twoton, UK). A pair of molds 2.3 for forming a desired shape 1, for example, a
hemispherical windshield net is supported by the mold upper base 6 and the mold lower base 7
via the coil springs 4.5.
A combination net mounted on the upper surface 8 of the mold base T) iAid, a mold 2 pressed
and fixed by the lower surface 9 of the falling mold base 6 and subsequently falling against the
coil spring 4 and a metal receiving the mold 2 Vertical vibration of, for example, / so '-/ 60
strokes / minute is generated from the vibrating portion 10 provided in the mold 2 at the time of
deformation. It is given to one person. As a result of this vibration being added, the windshield
net 12il-1, is meshed over the entire area of the so, ie, at the top 12T and bottom 12B of the
hemisphere, and in the middle 12M thereof, as shown in FIG. As shown schematically by the
broken line pitch on the right side of FIG. On the other hand, FIG. S shows a windshield net 13 in
the case where the combination net 1A is formed and shaped by a normal press having no
vibration applying means. □ According to it, the metal wire rod is stretched as shown by the
wavy line in the vicinity 13T of the windshield net 13 as compared with the mesh before
forming, and the wire rod is also stretched in the middle part 13M similarly, Unevenness of the
mesh pitch is remarkable such that the extension of the wire is observed and the mesh is
extremely spread from the top to the bottom 13'D. Oka, when using a conventional knitted net as
a material, no noticeable difference in appearance occurs between the case of press forming with
vibration and the case of not adding vibration. As described above, the windshield net obtained
by the manufacturing method according to the present invention is not only extremely beautiful
in appearance because there is no irregularity in mesh size, but also extremely excellent in
strength. .
4. Brief description of the drawings FIG. 79 is an external view showing a combination net as a
material of the method of the present invention and a partially enlarged view thereof, and FIG. 2
is a combination net obtained by rolling and rolling the material of FIG. FIG. 3: a partial crosssectional view showing a schematic structure of the vibration-added type breath machine, and
FIG. 3 is a side view and a mesh of the windshield net obtained by the method of the present
invention. The wavy line graph which shows a magnitude | size typically, FIG. S is a side view of
the windshield net shape | molded by the press which does not add a vibration, and a wavy line
graph which shows the magnitude | size of a mesh typically. REFERENCE NUMERALS 1 ......
combination net, 1A ...... rolling roller machined polymerization was net, 2.3 ...... press die, 10 ......
Meadow Part 12, ..... Windbreak net. Atsushi Asamura 3 people EndPage: 2 o cause Figure 2
EndPage: 3
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