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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is an explanatory view showing a spherical
cabinet according to the present invention, FIG. 2 is an explanatory view showing an example of
a nondirectional speaker cabinet, and FIG. 3 is a composite board of wood board and gypsum
FIG. 1--... ... plaster part, 2 ... ... speaker, 3 ... ... wood plate.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a speaker cabinet
15 net mainly made of gypsum. Conventional stone is, for example, as an industrial raw material
source, since phosphoric acid gypsum is only a by-product in any case as 1 as a by-product of a
main product of phosphoric acid solution. One-(-1 was not stable on the market and
economically. However, due to the regulation of SOx emissions as -i11 of recent pollution
countermeasures, for example, in a lime slurry method flue gas desulfurization apparatus, lime
slurry is reacted as a absorbing liquid with Box in waste gas to convert calcium sulfate, namely
gypsum Because of the recovery of C as a by-product, the gypsum was produced as a by-product
and was produced in large quantities as a product. On the other hand, it is pointed out that the
demand for gypsum is the lowest among Japan's advanced countries in the world, and
development of the gypsum industry is strongly desired to balance 10 supply and demand of
gypsum. The present inventor has focused on the acoustic department as its ring, and in
particular it has been proposed to use plaster one charge in a still-exhaustive and unremarkable
speaker cabinet. A lot of arguments have been made about how to use the material of the speaker
cabinet until now, but as materials other than wood, iron plate, concrete, synthetic resin, etc. can
be mentioned. However, these materials are difficult for people in general to make, especially in
the case of large specific gravity concretions), which are acoustically superior, and because of
their ability to Used-not. 5 This device is taken! lIl! The purpose is to provide a speaker
cabinet 1) having excellent acoustic characteristics by using gypsum which is easy to use and has
a specific gravity greater than that of wood. The gypsum has the property that it can be freely
dL-shaped by adding water to hemihydrate gypsum (0a8C4, fH Yu O) to make it 10-paste, and it
has the property of becoming 0a 804 ° 2 H Yu 0, and its specific gravity is about 237 is there.
The tighter the speaker cabinet, i.e., the greater the specific gravity, the smaller the distortion of
sound due to the influence of the cabinet. The specific gravity of 15 woods used in ordinary
cabinets is 067 to 1M + 7, and 1.1 plaster is f) 35 to 27 times, so if it is a cabinet of the same
shape, it will be acoustically compared to wood of gypsum's company It can be said that it is
excellent, in other words, it can be thinner than wood (2) O gypsum as described above, can be
made into a paste-like form and it can not be controlled by conventional concrete because it can
be molded because- For example, it is possible to make a spherical ball frame with a suitable
thickness and apply a suitable thickness to a hemispherical plaster frame such as a vinyl ball.
Spherical cabinets can be easily made through air.
Whereas a regular box-shaped cabinet suddenly spreads the sound 10 at the edge of the speaker
and changes the characteristics of the mid-range, the spherical cabinet has less adverse effects in
either direction and is ideal It becomes a form. Spherical cabinets are also used as
omnidirectional speakers. Gypsum, after drying, has the property of being weathered and falling
off from the surface as shown in Table 15. Therefore, when dissolving hemihydrate gypsum in
water, it will be excellent in fixability by adding a water-soluble plastic coating only with water. It
is possible to obtain one plaster for workability. This water-soluble plastic paint and company,-· ·
·-such as methyl cellulose, such as the company Hydroquine propyl ether, by adding it, the water
retention, viscosity, slippery six rich You can get it. (5) The whole cabinet is made up of plaster
only (also, plaster is put between wood planks to make one composite board, the apparent weight
of the cabinet plank is raised the specific gravity above and the acoustic property is improved
Since the appearance is wood in the case of pea, it has an effect of making it look good. As
mentioned above, according to the present invention, the speaker cabinet can be easily
manufactured according to the present invention, and in particular, the operation of the spherical
cabinet, which is considered as non-uJ in conventional concrete materials, can be easily
performed by utilizing the characteristics of gypsum, 15 It is much easier and easier to work with
a cabinet tee than with a contail, and it has the advantage that it has an acoustical advantage
because it has a much higher specific gravity than wood. (5) Since hemihydrate gypsum is watersoluble, it will be easy to color, and you will be able to freely make one of your favorite color
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