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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a front view of a panel, FIG. 2 is a crosssectional view taken along the line B--B in FIG. 1, and FIG. 4 is a cross-sectional view taken along
the line A-A in FIG. 3, FIG. 5 is a front view of the conventional front panel, and FIG. 6 is a rear
view of the same. B Fig. 1-55-real opening so-42724 (2) Fig. 2-Fig. 5-real opening 50-42724 (3)
Fig. 4-6-real opening 50-42724 ( 4) FIG. 3A twenty-58-
Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention is a stereo, radio station O high
frequency sound-used on the front panel of a speaker box used for radio. The front panel of the
conventional O-speaker box is attached to the surface of the cloth (2) which has a bite from the
outer edge of the outer ring and the tail end of the rattle (2) as shown in FIG. The attachment i of
this cloth C is made by rubbing the cloth in the shape of the front panel, applying it to the
surface of the whole panel, breaking it in jll Ilstl-coffin and tacking it with a tack or the like. (1)
Whether it was fixed or all of them are done in 10 tsubo business, it takes a lot of time and effort
to build 8 and it is not an undecided balance, it's a thick bowl of Nokunell Depending on the
shape of the lid-there is a lot of loss on the right side because you have to cloth each other, when
the cloth of the hole and the outline of the panel of the weaving machine building do not match
There is also a thread that may or may not be caught in the S rim, and the wj1. Because there is a
missing corner R that there is a loss of jealousy, and further because it is a hole, it can not be said
that it is a 9-kv suspension rod that is attached to a ll-circle shape that fits to the b convex shape
foreshocking, and it has an ugly appearance shape It will be flat and it will be poor for
assimilation. Fengxiang East is a book with the front panel of the front or the back of the
Qianqiao rice-the looming speaker hook front panel t & -tFB. About the attached sheet-direction
One example of 12 賽 light in this paper, l is a panel made of go & tree To, a rise frame 2t * L in
the brick bowl, a blind shadow in the crotch part in the central speaker With a cocoon that forms
three, there are a large number of ridges 4 in a row with a gap of over 1 in a cocoon The front
panel of the speaker hox is constructed by carefully observing the strain 1- stock by means of the
hair-moisture treatment. In other words, spray a contact 蛸 on the surface of panel 10 in the
table <47 first, and then blow a fiber such as coloration on the surface of panel 111-III b 1111 t I
+-1 to make the surface shatter and dry it. It is Scaker Mktie and 7rL scaker which were
projected in a bowl shape to the flesh 1 of the panel 1 in the figure, and 7rL scaker are shown,
and 8 is a screw insertion relief hole for a slider installation. In this study, the panel's ス 虻 ー カ
ー 虻 惟 ((一 會 一 芦 芦 芦 芦 で で で で へ へ へ へ へ へ へ へ 歓 歓 歓 歓 歓 歓 歓 電 気 電 気
電 気↓ can be diluted into one strain and, unlike conventional upholstery, it is possible to use
am, such as synthetic fiber, for 1 flocking treatment rather than using 4 cans for 1 panel face up,
so it is flocked In the case of eyeballs, it is possible to reduce the cost by reducing the same as
the + 5 = -a ratio in Figure 1. You can change it.
Since it is not necessary to move the cloth according to the thickness and shape of the panel like
primary primary rice, there is no loss of the material, and 8 others ((the texture of the cloth to
Ilyc 5 ) It is not possible that the outline of the object and the panel circumference is not signed,
or that the edge of the fabric is frayed or frayed at the same time, and at the same time, the
surface appearance of the panel is FJ. Momo: Al Raji, I can be filled with # 1 food surely, so the
decorative effect due to a line is smoothed appearance cedar V-reminiscent change sound is
brought about by one front panel O 訳Because it made the bite state in the above-mentioned 111
<panel slider arrangement (6) setting sK s 孔 ブ ラ イ ン ド ブ ラ イ ン ド ブ ラ イ ン ド ブ ラ イ
イ ン ド ブ ラ イ ン ド か ら か ら か ら か ら か ら か ら か らIs in a state of perforation or in a
state of shaking F, and this voice is also good on the outer ring of the front panel.
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