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September, 1975] Yuh Saitoh Secretary General of Japan Patent Office Yu 4, Saito 160 [Fa]
Japanese Patent Office Open Patent Gazette ■ JP 52-382130 Open Japanese Patent 52. (1977)
3.24 持 fl-//, flf-Name of the invention stereo microphone device A pair of bowl-shaped main
body having a paraboloid surface and a pair of microphones, the inner surface of the bowlshaped main body A cylindrical holder is provided which is conducted to the outer surface 1 and
the microphone is disposed on the holder to enable parabolic sound collection, and the pinaural
sound pickup is performed via the holder in the opposing state of the bowl-like main body A
stereo microphone device characterized in that
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a stereo
microphone device capable of parabolic sound pickup and binaural sound pickup (binaural sound
pickup). Conventionally, in order to perform parabolic sound collection, a so-called pseudo head
is used in which microphones are attached at positions corresponding to both sides of a human
condylar-shaped object, ie, l [l, both ears]. The pseudo head is inconvenient for rounding and
carrying, which is the size of the applicant for that purpose, and has a human head shape, which
causes a strange feeling to others. Therefore, the present invention proposes a stereo
microphone device which can perform binaural sound collection together with parabolic sound
collection without using a pseudo head. Embodiments of the present invention will be described
below with reference to the drawings. First, the first embodiment will be described with reference
to FIGS. 1 and 2. In FIG. 1, (1) and (1) 'are a pair of bowl-like main bodies having paraboloidal
surfaces, both arm-like main bodies thereof (1) A cylindrical holding body (3) so that the
microphone (2 bar 2) / is attached to the respective paraboloidal inner surface (la) (la) 'of (1)' at a
position near its focal point ) <3 Y is provided. The microphones (2) (2) 'are opened on one side
(2!) So that sound is collected only from one direction. I) (2 (L) is provided, and the inner hole
(3a) (3a) 'of the holder 3 (3f) is opened on the outer surface side of the both arms (1) (1)' The
outer surface of the one-arm main body (1) (1) 'is communicated with the through hole (4) (4)'
and approaches the rear of the through hole (4) (4) ' 5) 'is protrusively installed. The arm-like
main body (IHI) 'configured in this way is releasably connected via the hinge-like end page: 1
part (6) at the rear edge so as to be opened in the opposite direction. A support rod (7) is
integrally connected to the lower part of the shaft (6 heat) of the connection portion (6) and is
planted with a base (8) K, and both arm-like main bodies (1) (1) / It is rotatably supported. The
stereo microphone device of this example according to the above configuration opens the
paraboloid inner surface (la) (la) 'at the appropriate angle by opening both arms with the arms
(1) (D' as the fulcrum (6)) as the fulcrum The parabola-like stereo if the microphone (2) (2) 'is
fitted to the tip opening of the holder (3) (3F) with the opening (2a) (2a)' facing forward. It can be
used as a sound collection device, and can be operated as a parabolic sound collection device for
separation and separation sound by separating both arm-like main bodies (1) and (1) 'into
individual states. On the other hand, the microphones (2) and (2) 'at the tip end of the holder (3)
and (3)' have openings (2a) and (2a) / inwards, and in When the one-sided wedge-shaped main
body (1) (1) 'is closed and made to face to be fitted and held facing, the acoustic diffraction
pieces (5) (5)' Inside hole (3 m) (3 麿) / is the external ear canal or microphone (2) ('AV position
corresponds to the position of tympanic membrane and assumes a pseudo head shape, sound
from the outside is an acoustic diffraction piece (5 ) (5) I is focused at the through holes (4) and
(4) 'to the inner holes (3a) and (3a)' of the holder (3) (3) 'and collected by the microphones (2)
and (2Y) The same stereo sound pickup operation as the pinaural sound pickup by the pseudo
head is performed.
FIG. 3 shows another embodiment of the microphone used in the present example, in which the
microphone element a is disposed at the center of the case (9) of a size that can be fitted in the
pinna of a real shooting, and the case (9) And a through hole (9b) is formed on the peripheral
side surface, and the tip of the holding body (3) (3) 'of the both arms main body (1) (1)' When
fitted in the end opening, the through hole (9b) of the case (9) is closed by the inner surface of
the opening of the holder (3) (3) ', and the sound is in the case (9) only from the opening (9a) In
order to reach the four micro-hots elements 4 and change the fitting direction for the holding
body (3) K as described above (Fig. 3 A, B), it is possible to perform the stereophonic sound
pickup and the pinaural sound pickup from k. The opening (9a) and the opening (9a) reach the
4th 3rd α1 which is fitted with the opening (9a) facing the ear canal in the heat of the ear Luo
ear canal microphone element while listening since fall within to Ql those capable of performing
Painoraru sound pickup by Shu sound collection can Stock. Next, the second embodiment of the
present invention will be described with reference to FIG. 4, but the description of the parts
corresponding to those of the first embodiment described above will be omitted, and the wedgeshaped main body is constructed symmetrically. Only one main part will be described. In this
example, an i microphone a corresponding to the microphone (2) of the first embodiment has its
tip end closed at the opening C12m of the case α2 in which the microphone element (11m) is
built in, and the cylindrical portion 03 is integrally formed. A through hole a4 is bored on the
circumferential side surface of the cylindrical portion a3 and a weir .alpha.9 is provided at the
front end. In addition, the cylindrical support (the inner hole (16a) of Le corresponding to the
support (3) of the first embodiment has an outer diameter greater than the outer diameter of the
cylindrical portion α マ イ ク ロ ホ ン of the microphone case a and a tip end opening 杜The
tubular portion 0 漕 is formed to be 0 narrow so as to slide in a contact state, and the wedge (19
is engaged in the projecting state at the time of the tubular portion. In this example configured as
described above, when the microphone 01) is pulled out with respect to the holding body tm and
the through-hole screen of the cylindrical portion a3 of the case housing is displayed on the
outside, reflection on the inner surface of the bowl-like main body (1) Sound is collected through
the through hole a4, and when the microphone a phone 6D is pushed into the holding body-the
cylindrical portion a'3 is inserted into the holding body (161 and held in the through hole (14) a)
The sound which is opened in the body (the inner hole (16g) of lQ) and focused and guided by
the acoustic diffraction piece (5) from the outer surface side of the inner hole (16a) of the
holding body Oe The through holes (14 are collected through the holes. Therefore, when
performing parabolic sound collection, the tube portion 0 of the microphone case a2 is pulled
out from the holding body ae, and when performing pinaural sound collection, the microphone
case (1z tube portion (11 is inserted into the holding body (Le From k, it is possible to perform
selective sound collection with parabolic sound collection and no (inaural sound collection).
In both of the above-described embodiments, the microphones (from K) are provided with the
support bodies (3), (3) ', and (18 having a wedge-shaped main body (1) (1F) 2) (2) ′, αυ is
positioned near the focal point of the inner surface (la) (11) I of the bowl-like main body (1) (1)
′ and the inner hole (3a) of the holder (3) (3F, Ql) (3a) 'and (16a) communicate with the through
hole (4) (4)' is located behind the parabola EndPage: 2 rain center line, both arm-like main body
(1) (1) ' When facing each other, the position of the through hole (4) (4) 'is almost the same
position as the overhang in the human head, and the focusing action of the acoustic diffraction
piece (5) (5 y) Sound can be collected in a state very close to sound collection. It is effective to
use many microphones (2), (2Y, and (1 は as a uni-directional microphone), since they are formed
of synthetic resin or light metal in many cases. As described above, according to the present
invention, a cylindrical holding body for attaching the microphone to the pair of bowl-shaped
main paraboloidal inner surfaces is provided, and is provided in the inner hole of the holding
body and the outer surface of the bowl-shaped main body. It can be used as a parabolic sound
collector and it can also be used as a parabolic sound collector by attaching 取 付 け る in
communication with the hole so that the microphone can be selectively picked up from the inner
hole of the front holder at the tip of the holder. In the case of sound collection, the sound focused
by the acoustic diffraction piece in the microphone reaches the microphone through the hole in
the holding body, and the sound focused in the pinna of the ear also leads to the ear canal and
the drum 1flK It will be picked up, and the pinotole sound collection effect is remarkably
improved, and since it can be used in two ways, such as parabola and pinotole collection with the
same equipment, the collection of sound in various states can be performed easily. In addition,
since the shape is also a parabolic sound collector, it has effects such as being easy to carry
without giving strange feeling to others, being convenient for various kinds of sound collection
outdoors, and expanding the range of use.
BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 shows an embodiment of the present invention,
with a bowl-like main body open and a parabolic sound-pickup state, and FIG. Figure. FIG. 3 is an
operation state diagram of an example 0 microphone p-phone used in one embodiment of the
present invention, where A is a parabolic sound pickup, B is a pinotole sound collection, and C is
a pinot sound collection by an end ear It is. FIG. 4 is a cross-sectional view of the main part of
another embodiment of the present invention. In the case where a person is a parabolic sound
pickup, B is the case of a pink sound pickup. In the figure, (1) (1) 'is a bowl-like main body, 42)
(2)', tJυ is a microphone, (3) (3F, (16i is a holder, (3m) (3g +) ', (16m) is The inner hole, (5) (5Y)
is an acoustic diffraction piece. Patent applicant Sony Corporation, Inc. <G>, ・ ・ ・ Fig. 1 Fig. 2
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