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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a perspective view of a loudspeaker apparatus
according to the present invention, and FIG. 2 is a longitudinal sectional view of the same system.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to the improvement
of a loudspeaker system having a noise radiator. Now, considering the load device t to be used by
placing it on the rear tray portion of a passenger car, due to the restriction from the car side, the
volume of the speaker cabinet is limited to about 3 in terms of the greatest common divisor . And
when small speaker gold is stored in a cabinet of this volume, the sound reproduction frequency
band tends to run short of the low frequency band. Therefore, as a method of improving the
shortage of the low-lying area, there is a nine-seater system. It is also said that the drone cone f1i
y 'y' '-' method, but this diaphragm is not included in the enclosed cabinet, together with the
speaker and the vibration mechanism, ie. Reproduction of the bass region by installing a radiator
and driving this radiator with air intervention to resonate in phase with the speaker at a
frequency lower than that of the speaker under the operation of the driving force; #IR Trying to
spread the However, as described above, even if it is intended to improve the low-pitched range
by using a mother-piece radiator, as described above, in a small-sized speaker apparatus such as
for single-loading, the diameter of the lead-in two-diator should be increased. The effect could
not be expected so much because Therefore, the present ': 4 proposal aims to teach the bass
region as much as possible in a small speaker device by attaching a horn to the speaker device
having a passive radiator. . The concept is described in detail by means of the illustrated example.
In the figure, 1 is a sealed cabinet,% 2 is a speaker, and 2 a is an opening of the speaker.
Reference numeral 4 is a nossive radiator, 5 is its frame, 6 is an opening of the noss radiator 4,
and 7 is a horn attached to the opening 6. As described above, by attaching the horn 7 to the
mass radiator 4, the low-pitched sound generated by the mass rotor posilator 4 is effectively
diffused with a predetermined directivity. Since the horn 7 is attached to the passive radiator 4 in
the speaker device having the nose radiator, as in the case of the present invention, as described
above, the weight of the energy of the frequency region of the reception of the mother radiator is
calculated. And the directivity and sound pressure level of the generated f-wave can be improved.
Father, the installation of horn 7 makes it possible to miniaturize the large size of radiator 4.
Therefore, if there is no restriction on the location of the on-vehicle speaker device, or if the
speaker device 1 should not be miniaturized. If not, it is valid to wait.
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