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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a sectional view of a conventional ultrasonic
transducer, FIGS. 2 and 3 show an embodiment of the ultrasonic transducer according to the
present invention, and FIG. 2 is a sectional view. , FIG. 3 a, b. c and d show the main parts
respectively, FIG. 4 a and b show resonance characteristics and sensitivity characteristics of the
conventional example, and FIGS. 5 a and b show resonance characteristics and sensitivity
characteristics of this embodiment. . DESCRIPTION OF SYMBOLS 10 иии Composite vibrator, 11 и и и
и и и и и и Bimorph vibrator, и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и Tubes 16 и и и и и и и и и и и
и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и elastic body.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a remote receiver
of a television receiver, a trolling device, an alarm, etc. Regarding improvement, especially,
ultrasonic transmission and reception IJ! The attachment of the net 1 to be arranged on the
frame relates to the structure aK. A conventional ultrasonic wave transducer is a ceramic
bimorph! A junction rotor is provided with an aluminum t> cone-like additional common ball or
resin-made vertical cross-section trapezoidal shape additional coupe in the central part of the Tj
rotor, and the container for storing the junction vibrator is Because it is also 9 inches in the
electromagnetic shielding effect. (1),-1 o Every 5 r-) It is said that it is preferable to adopt a seal
structure. On the other hand, the composite support is supported by a support, and the node
support of the composite oscillator is forcibly made circular by the cylindrical support so that the
m combined vibration oscillator is vibrated in the bending mode. In order to efficiently produce
the work energy due to the bending vibration [41], it is considered preferable to mount a
compound oscillator on a substrate at a time Ql'l. To achieve one goal, vc is to be sealed using the
existing base and case, and it is considered as good as M. 9 ?. An i-wave beater configured in
this way is shown in FIG. As shown in FIG. 1, the self vibration 1-. 2 is an H-electric high morph
protein! An additional resonance 1.4 is a substrate on which an integral 1C scrap is integrated, a
6 is a shield grade, and a 7 is a metal case. In order to release the ultrasonic wave generated by
C1 joint vibration-fl to the outside of the case, or to receive the super # wave energy reception
from @ range, to kC, case / th motion box, The opening 7a is provided, and the opening 7a is
covered with the net-like window member 8 -C. The chamber member 8 is drawn to the I- of the
case open ml end 7b and the lick member 9 in the case 7, and the window member 8 is projected
from the projection W7cK in which the case face is protruded inward using the drawing (2)
processing. 1! The case 7 is fixed together with the ring material 9. In such a conventional
ultrasonic transducer, since the mesh window member 8 is attached to the case 7 by drawing
processing, the production cost is greatly increased by its imprinting and passing, and plating is
also performed. Since the bending mode of the vibrator is used, there is also a drawback that
only narrow band pass characteristics (FIG. 4 (aL (see bl)) can be obtained. The present invention
is E, which is the conventional lack of the problem described above. An object of the present
invention is to provide an ultrasonic transducer in which wide band pass characteristics are
exhibited and attachment of a reticulated window member is very easy, and the purport to that
effect is to provide a base having a cylindrical portion, this base In the above-mentioned
cylindrical part, a rod-shaped movable member is attached via an elastic body, and a wedgeshaped window member is held between the cylindrical part and a metal case to be covered on
the cylindrical part.
Hereinafter, an embodiment of the present invention will be described in detail with reference to
the drawings. (3) In FIGS. 2 and 3, reference numeral 10 denotes a bonding vibrator, in which an
additional resistor 12 made of resin is fixed to the central portion of one side of a rectangular
plate-shaped piezoelectric ceramic piezoelectric transducer 11 with an adhesive. Become.
Bimorph oscillators 11 and 2 piezoelectric ceramic plates are bonded together, and dfl, both
outside electrodes! The leads 11a and 11b are soldered 5 in the vicinity of the drain line. The
main body 12a has a circular cross section with a cross section force of 3 and a trapezoidal cross
section, and a cylindrical projection 12b integrally formed on the main body. The short-side
surface of the trapezoidal main body 12a is in contact with the bimorph oscillator 11C, and the
surface with the protrusion 12b functions as an ultrasonic ex: L ', glC receiving surface together
with the protrusion 12b. A columnar support 16 is formed on the insulating base having the
cylindrical portion 14 so as to extend in the axial direction from the base body 15 in the
simplified portion 14. The end face of the support 16 on the side of the opening a 'is formed with
a protrusion 17 having a diameter smaller than the outer diameter of the support 16 at the M
center. The thickness of the cylindrical portion 14 is narrowed stepwise from the base main body
15 toward the opening on the inner peripheral side thereof, and the cylindrical portion inner
peripheral surface (step 10 of C number) is provided. That is, the inner diameter of the
cylindrical portion 14 is largest at the open end, and is smaller than the base main body 15 <KL.
Therefore, it is configured to be small. These steps give a preferable shadow 1 to the efficient
transmission 4 L of the ultrasonic wave. The cylindrical portion 14 is provided with a groove 1da
on the outer peripheral surface continuous from the opening end. The 18 ░ 19 ij external leadout pin is implanted at the cylindrical portion 14 и, and the tip of the step is provided at a
position where a step is provided. A notch 20.21 is provided in the cylindrical 'Jt + 14 opposite to
the tip projecting into the cylindrical portion of the bottle 18.19. Reference numeral 22 denotes,
for example, a split ring body which is composed of a board 11 ? bar, and is inserted into the
projection 17. The elastic body 22 has a thickness greater than the height of 17 protrusions, and
when fitted into the protrusion 17, the F rod and the protrusions 17. flJ: Form a spit in the dark
with the wolf. In addition, the elastic body 22 may be inserted into the + MIK + h circumferential
groove formed between the circumferential wall and the projecting portion 17 by providing a
one-circumferential C circumferential difference of the support 1602 surface KFi protrusion
?17. The elastic body 22 is preferably filled with (+5) a + M] adhesive agent with the support 16
and the b0 elastic body 22hK composite dipolarizer 10 has a transmission / reception wavefront
at the opening of the portion 14. The vibrator 10 is fixed by means of a silicon adhesive, and the
mounting of the vibrator 10 is performed by positioning the solder 198 portion of the lower
surface side sleeve 11b of the bimorph slider 11 in the elastic body 220 divided portion 22a.
The divided portion 22aK is preferably fully filled with a silicone adhesive to seal the space
between the spacer 1-11 and the support 16 tightly. The leads 11a and 18 are soldered to the I +
-1'11b and 19 respectively, and the semi-circular connection portion is adhered with a silicone
adhesive to form an adhesive G7. In addition, solder the lead VC to each bin of the lead: Set the
tip of the soldering iron to be used by starting the notch 20121 and hitting the bins 19 and 20.Work is carried out, 23 is a shield plate And the outer surface 1 of the base main body 15 is in
contact with one of the contacts 19 and the solder connection L L and the other terminal 18 of
the other end of the contact 19. Cover the opening of the cylinder f section 14 with a metal mesh
window window V, and its peripheral edge is bent at the open [] end of the cylinder section 14
and covered up to the groove 14 a of the sex 1 (6) There is. Reference numeral 25 denotes a
metal case having 112 parts, and a hole 24a is provided at the bottom of the metal case, and the
hole 2da serves as an ultrasound passage chamber. The case 25 is covered from its opening by
the opening 14 and the base 13Vc is fixed by an appropriate means as illustrated in #, and the
window Nu 24 is held and fixed by the case 25 and the base 13 especially the cylinder W14. .
According to the present embodiment, since it is supported via the willow-gear-like moving body
10, the vibration due to the blow-up mode is efficiently generated, as shown in FIG. 5 [bl, A good
transducer with a reward over a wide band combined with the second sensitivity by the car
surface mode which originally has a large level of 1st W &, i, which has a large level of practical
IC in the low frequency range. Is scolded. ! 8a [') fit :, i) AI wave number, latency hRIII! *, = Gs
<tbit C ? C C lC Conventional example 413! It becomes soft and wide compared to what is
shown by B of 1 fbl. -Also, the mesh window member 24? A ?, j ['+ 4 and the metal case 25 hold
by 1-, and the cylindrical portion (7) of the conceptual base 16 that efficiently transmits and
receives a wide band characteristic fr book super j wave. By utilizing 14 effectively, the
attachment of the window member 24 can be easily realized by applying a drawing process to
tin. Furthermore, since it is only necessary to insert the elastic body 22 into the threatening
portion 17, it can be reliably positioned, and thus the bonding vibrator 10 can be easily attached
to a predetermined position or position, and the ring elastic body 22 Since the solder part of the
lead 11b is placed on the part 111 of the part 111 and the lead part 1b is moved by one, it is
possible to obtain predetermined directivity without the inclination of the coupling key 10 due to
the solder part.
Since you are throwing 1 apoplexy 12IC protrusion 12bf to you, if Q of ? 1 collusion becomes
large 4 (and, Q of the second collusion becomes small (Fig. 5 + alK or ?, The broken line shows
the co-imaging diagram of the projection in the case of licking, in fact; the d-projection shows
12b and the resonance and inertia diagram in 9)), 11.1 corresponding to the low-Q s2 resonance.
growing. It should be noted that the sensitivity due to the first common cloth is experimentally
affected by the influence of g ? on Q. It can be estimated that the shooting mode of the first
common quantity Fi is the blowout mode. Furthermore, the F8 compensation can be changed by
changing the shape of the step on the peripheral groove of the support portion 1611111 and the
inner peripheral surface of the buttocks 14 (8). The optimum latency may be set based on the
target calculation. In the present invention, as described below, the base having a cylindrical
flange portion is covered as in a flash, and in this base, a composite vibrator in which a
piezoelectric bimorph vibrator and a resin addition # set are fixed is an elastic body. As it is made
to intervene and store it so that the mesh research member is held and kept firmly between the
knot-set portion and the metal case, the vibration due to the blow-grip acts smoothly to cope with
the 1 to 8 movements. Combined with the sensitivity to progress vIK response by bending mode,
with W3 degree greatly speaking; As a result of E ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ** tmip <b * bgi ?11 lT, lD,
j According to the present invention, a wide WtN transducer is used. Wrinkles also have a
practical advantage that the installation of the reticulated window 4 material required for the
package is extremely 11 iI only. 4. Simple cross-arm first cross-section of the conventional
blurred N + sound wave transmitter and receiver, 2nd and 1st Fig. 3 show an embodiment of the
ultrasonic wave receiver according to the figure #- Fig. 2 shows the Iti figure, Fig. 3 klial, (bl. lc '+
lal assimilates the main extras-1 Beast 4 (1 (81 (9) and Cb)) in the conventional example!
Characteristic Ill and sense M tightness diagram. Fig. 5 I & 1 and 1'b1 are the resonance
characteristic diagram and sensitivity characteristic diagram of this example. ??? 10 ииииии
Multiple @ oscillator, 11 иии Bimorph Turbulator, 12 ииииииии Additional co-imager, 13 и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и
и и и TSURUIBE, 16 ..... Support body, 22 ..... Elastic body. Utility model registration applicant
Murayama Seisakusho Co., Ltd. (Ya No. 1117b177a3 '? Noah C-9127-4 \ 6 Fig. 2 01224 "/ 1t 4
212 22 1414-. 35-5 ... 5Xt Utility model registration applicant Fig. 3 b 12) (a) 2a11a, l '(b)-and
m-1b 72114a (C) 1413181619 (d) 22 to Q \ 22 a 51095 rare utility model registration applicant
Figure 4!
(A) ?41 ?? friend t kA33040! 50 @ ? (k direction (b ') 1 degree [-8] B B-4 soaking 304050
abducting Wl Han, (k garden; gate Toha figure S! (A) S 1 to 6 1 [kf'll ? ? ? ?-? 1 1 и и '3 0408All numbers (k s) (b) 1 ? (dB) 1 ??????? -H: 304,050 'knee. ? ? ... 1 Cabinet P> ?
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