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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS Fig. 1 is a view showing the structure of a speaker
device according to the present invention. la and lb are high-pitched speakers.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a speaker device
with a sense of reality. Conventionally, a speaker device having a plurality of high-pitched
speakers has an odd, high-pitched range (in which the polarity of each speaker is connected in
the same phase (( was there. The present invention is an improvement of such a conventional
defect, and will be described in the following drawings. (Example 1) In a speaker apparatus
having two high-pitch speakers (1a) and (1b), two high-pitch speakers (1a) and (1b) are
connected such that the polarities thereof are opposite to each other. It is a structure. In the
figure, (2) is a mid-tone speaker and (3) is a bass speaker. (Treasure Example 2) In Example 1,
the distance β between the two high-pitched speakers (la) and (1b) is set to a half wavelength
(input / 2) or more of the lower limit frequency of the operating frequency band. . The lower
limit frequency of the use wave number of the Nao and high-tone speaker is preferably 5 KH, a
frequency before and after, in view of the increase in the low frequency 11 and the reverse phase
of the discomfort. If there are three or more high-tone speakers, it is sufficient to connect at least
a pair of high-tone speakers so that they have the polarity or reverse phase. As in the case of 3 or
more, the present invention is connected so that the high-pitched speakers (1a) and (1b) have the
polarity or the opposite phase to each other, so that the sense of flickering of the sound is felt to
be present Since the feeling is obtained and the high-pitched range hardly senses the opposite
phase, an excellent sound field effect can be obtained. In addition, since the distance e between
the high-tone speakers (1a) and (1b) is set to the half wave length person-L of the lower limit
harmonics of the use frequency band, the canceling action of the sound waves radiated from
both speakers is reduced. The bill has the 11th for which a sense of reality can be obtained
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